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  1. Well intel cpu's have always been the best way to go until recently with AMD ryzen being released. but I'm still gonna say go with intel maybe a i5 6600k or a i7 6 or 7 ,700k . But the more pricy cpu u buy the less u can spend on a gpu so depends on budget if it's the same as the laptop u linked. I would say to the i5 is the one to go with and then look into a 1060/70 or a rx480 /580 for the gpu
  2. welcome lads
  3. I agree it is heartwarming. We all need to work together to eliminate Islamic extremists and any other extremist who wish to harm innocent people
  4. @Randle your sorta minute silence
  5. Corry

    RIP lad you was pretty Superior then us all 

  6. so far may i say jinder is one of the best champions in a while love his celebration
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    MOSLEY what a man 

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  7. for one i wouldn't go with a laptop to play dayz but i understand people want small and be able to travel with it. i don't see a reason from the specs that it couldn't run dayz on it since the new renderer its been alot better running the game on lower end systems. im not gonna say it will be smooth cuz the game isnt smooth, i get issues and i have a decent PC. so yeah i say go with that one unless you want to put in a extra $100 and have alook at the Dell insperon probs the cheapest and best gaming laptop on the market atm +gaming +laptops&dgc=ST&cid=41142&lid=1069631&acd=239715600720560&ven1=sYJGqyuLQ&ven2=b
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      stop posting videos of my burd, creep 

  8. here we go
  9. the last few ppl i met havnt robbed me but who robs a "racist" Chernarussian
  10. *VÍt at the campsite with the rest of his bratři hears the message, a smile comes to his face. he quickley grabs his radio, presses down the PTT button* ahoy i am VÍt former Kapitan of the national re.... *VÍt pauses before saying more* the CDF yes. me and my Bratři are in South Zagoria this place is fucked to many foreigners completely fucked the place. but i hear you want fuel ano? well there are a couple of airstrips hear in South Zagoria they might have the fuel you need ano? *VÍt pauses as he hears one of the other men speak* look i have to go, i wish i can help more but im very busy at the moment. good luck. *Puts down radio*
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    fake but good 

  12. welcome back lad