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"Feet first into hell."

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  1. Corry

    @Jetwells calling you in for a POV 

  2. Corry

    so what next @DeeBlack @Donwe got to drop diss tracks 

  3. Corry

     this is legit some team 10 beef 

    1. Corry


      England is my city 


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  5. Corry


    ROH invasion BayBay

  6. I don't think an azov style group has been done before
  7. Nice work guys looks great. But like spartan said it looks like we need a fascist group to go against ya chernarussian AZOV inbound jk jk. Good luck guys nice to see a red star group again
  8. Corry


    this would be amazing 

  9. Corry

    guess you are a lad now shame 

  10. Corry

    well when you loose friends and it wasn't even your fault. 


    1. Species


      Issa internet

    2. Boston


      I mean, we can be friends. :)

    3. Mexi


      If it wasn't your fault I'm sure they're not lost.

  11. Corry


  12. Branislav Bradac

    Branislav was born to a large family, in the coastal city of Zelernogorsk. Branislav was a troubled kid growing up always getting into trouble and fights many of times he was brought back home by the police. when he hit 15 he started hearing about people supporting communist values, which he did not like. He started going around picking fights with random people and then saying they was communist thugs. after his 18th Birthday his family decided to go for a drive up to Novodimitrosk to visit family up there, Branislav made the wise decision not to go as he was to busy working at a construction site just north of Zelernogorsk. i say wise decision because on the trip his family was involved in an explosion via a road side bomb. shocked by the news of this Branislav grew angry and turned to drink to solve his problems he spent nearly all of his weekly earnings on getting pissed. it was during a night at the bar he had a chat with a Ukrainian nationalist who was on holiday, this is where Branislav learned about AZOV a group of Civilians banding together to fight Pro Russian insurgents fascinated by the mans words against Russians, Branislav developed a hate to wards them, so when the Civil war came Branislav quickly signed up to the CDF he was put in the 66th mechanised infantry "Chernobog" this is where he made his stand during the civili war building up a bond with ,his comrades, his bratry. after the civil war tensions was still high in South Zagoria so Branislav stayed with the CDF and his new family. but those tensions only grew with the infected coming into the picture, Branisalv sure that the infected was a weapon created by the west. Branislav had his orders and carry's them out even to this day
  13. Corry

    RIP chester


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    Corry Burkowitz! Is that you maaaane? 

    1. Corry


      yes it is I Corry "praise the maker" kek, its been a while how you doing?

    2. Nocheluz


      I been peachy! It's so good to hear from you man :D

      Praise the maker! :ph34r:

    3. Corry


      ooh peachy noice choice of word i like it