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  1. TylerMelton


    add servers to favorites and just refresh then when someone leaves type in the pass
  2. I've been having the same issue with the zeds. I find that they like to walk through closed doors if not walls all together. That and having to watch them gummby around as I try to hit em with an ax *Edit* Also on S4 Yea sounds about right, it only happened after the server went down for me, my character wasnt desyncing and it wasnt the lag you normally encounter after joining a server as it lasted for quite some time.
  3. TylerMelton

    Nice Animations

    hes waiting for you ohh thats where all the guns went
  4. Well i decided to kill off my current character and start a new one being a civilian with little knowledge to survival, weapons and whatnot. I've been sticking to the coast and oh my it has been a struggle for survival. for the first hour or two finding food and drink was really difficult, im still not that well off. Then the server crashed and i started getting this really weird lag dont know if anyone else encountered it but zombies kept desyncing and caused me to take a lot of damage. This was on S4 and after dealing with the zombies finally I hopped to S1 and didnt have any problems with lag there so i stayed. I moved out of elecktro and went to kami where i camped out for a bit managed to find a couple cans of peaches and was able to beat the new hunger mechanics and get to healing without throwing up. All in all i liked the struggle of finding food made me feel like I was actually surviving but dislike how quickly you become stuffed its to much micromanaging for me and I find myself passing up things like fruits and tactical bacon even more now despite food being harder to find.
  5. Thanks for the replies, for the most part i would probably be able to RP the situations out and in the event of a hostage situation or something similar i will probably try to speed up the scenario (probably resulting in my character being executed) but i was just looking for the general feel of the community on this.
  6. So as of lately I've been pretty busy with college and work so my time to play has been limited and I may have to leave at a moments notice. Because of this I've been a bit hesitant to play on the DayZRP servers because i don't want to ruin any ones experience so I thought I would ask here how most people feel about stuff such as suddenly saying something like "I have to go take a nap" or another RP excuse for me having to leave. If people don't enjoy those things because it ruins their experience I don't mind not playing until I'm sure that I have a good amount of time to play. For example a situation I'm worried about getting into would be something like I'm taken hostage and have to leave before the situation is finished. Luckily I have ran into any scenario like this yet but I'm worried that eventually it will happen. Thank you in advanced for your advice.
  7. Seems unfair to me, he should have made more of an effort to clearly express his intentions to you.