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  1. Blue screened...

    Okay thank you.
  2. Blue screened...

    Okay so, my computer bluescreened and is unusable, this happened before my white-list was accepted.i am posting this now, it is accepted and if my computer was useable i would be playing on the dayzrp servers. My main question is if i stay active on the fourms, but not the servers will my account be deleted? I'll be on the servers as soon as i get a new computer, shouldent be too long.
  3. Blue screened...

    into DayZRP, sorry
  4. Blue screened...

    yes, before i was accepted my computer blue screened and i an unable to use it. this happened right before i was accepted
  5. Blue screened...

    So right before i was accepted my computer bluescreened, if i stay active on the fourms will i still get my account deleted?