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    My POV me talon and Able walked in to Vybor and ran in to Elliot Batok and Jane Batok ran up to me asking about charcoal tabs. I gave Jane the tabs to help her out we talked about the reason she needed the tabs Elliot told me they gave her raw cow meat. She ate the cow meat and got sick. We talked a little bit more and i heard the Lafter/Crying of kuru from 2 people Elliot and Jane i noticed she did it beyond her will Elliot was trying to leave so I initiated on Elliot to ask him a few more questions about the situation to make sure he didnt feed her human meat but he aimed at Able and opened fired so we shot him down. i wasnt accusing him of being a cannibal. But the way i worded it might have come across the wrong way. If you have any more questions i will be in TS under the Black Sky tab.
  2. Me and my girlfriend are living in the same house so our ip address is the same for our internet we both want to get in to the RP Servers been watching streams of Dayz RP and it looks fun. Any help would be appreciated.