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  1. can we make the game about being against zeds? rather than bullshit clan warfare? i have no idea what dynamic will produce this outcome but i think we need one or this community will die
  2. fweedom

    Real Apocalypse

    i thought it has already happened? oh wait that was just firefly getting cancelled...my bad
  3. as usual the point is missed...in reality if a group attacked a settlement and failed...they would be dead....this dynamic would change the nature of a settlement being viable....open to being educated...but given the calibre of the conversation i find it unlikely. go hard captain ltsa people that got dad to do your application in the guise of a school project...quick one...she is never going to touch your naughty bits....best you study hard and become successful....then well do whatever you want. the pursuit of ultimate authenticity is by definition unauthentic. also kids are funny...ohhh you guys....that is all
  4. fweedom

    An awesome read (community created content)

    I got the last post in the story...thats some sort of dayzrp cred or something isn't it?
  5. After tonight being called steve erwine etc because i was calling my contacts and asking if i can open up rather than just opening up at sanctuary...iam over it...if it was racism towards any other race it wouldn't be tolerated but because iam just another convict its okay...its really crap RP and its racism...yeah i am being touchy this community seems to be going down hill...iam trying to think of reasons why i want to be a part of it.....maybe its because iam an older gamer...or maybe i just have a low threshold for wankers...either way it was really disappointing to have what could have been a great rp opportunity turn into random crap thrown around...take a look at yourselves for christ sake.
  6. I actually have training in crisis management and counselling. I love my dayzrp when not at work as a teacher. If anyone wants to have a chat about depression issues i'm more than available. I have had depression issues as well which made me get qualified in an attempt to understand it. Its like the modern day black plague. Anyways just making myself available to anyone that wants to chat. When you learn the secret handshake all counsellors learn they say you have to be available to help. Its important to remember the one thing you have complete control over is how you choose to view things. Don't just go with whatever emotion hits you first with any given situation. Intellectualise it and define it. And another trick is an aussie trait...just laugh at it and focus on something simple and attainable...like sports or well Dayzrp. after looking at the post i wanted to say the last sentence is an attempt to bring some light heartedness to the situation. I am not trivialising the issue at all. and my offer stands
  7. Ahoy hoy Random idea...could we have a pool competition at ravens nest?...as in work out some third party pool game we can run alongside arma, iam thinking some decent web based game that can be monitored by spectators and have people buy in to the comp with a fee...i dunno what stakes we want to make it. And then we have a pool competition with a first place prize and a runner up...id be happy to investigate options and get back to you if you think its something we want to do...i don't really know if its worth it but i like pool so thought i would see what sort of response the idea gets and go from there. that is all
  8. Code: Personal information __________________________________________________________________________ Name:Luke Age(IRL):34 Nationality:Australian What kind of person are you?:Patient, thoughtful and utterly without remorse when required. I tend to assume people are doing the right thing whilst preparing for them doing the wrong thing. Time Zone:GMT+10 In game information __________________________________________________________________________ IGN:Mick Fweedom Character Background Story:Mick was working a security detail for some Russian mining CEO's that had come over for some meeting about dwindling workers or something. I was in a crew of 4. Everyone else in the team was Russian. I had been in the private sector in Moscow for some 6 years now. After I was discharged I wasn't exactly qualified for child care or being a life coach so I just went back to what I was trained to do. I have been trying to stay inland living off the land but have noticed a semblance of civilisation from the small amount of recon I do closer to the coast. Thinking I might go try and remember what a human voice sounds like and maybe be a part of something other than getting my next meal. DayZ Experience:Since pretty much the start. How familiar are you with the rules of the server?Very, I have studied them at length and feel I know both the explicitly stated rules but furthermore the "spirit" and general goal of the rules allowing me to make informed judgement calls on those moments most people say "errr, not sure" with some level of confidence. How much role play experience have you had on the server? And for how long have you actively been playing on DayZRP?registered 01-05-2013 and played most days unless real life gets in the way. I have role play experience with other things like AD&D etc so my roleplay is well developed. This experience was easily transferred to DAYZRP when i started. On what times are you usually online?Iam an insomniac and work odd hours so any time really. Due to my timezone I would be an RSM asset when a lot of the group is asleep and iam not againt guard duty as well as often online when you are due to insomnia. So win win Do you have any trouble following orders? No...No i do not Do you have any hostilities towards any of our allied or trusted clans?No I have no hostilities to any organised groups just the rabbits....I hate the rabbits. What made you interested in R.S.M?I have spoken to Mr Riggs some time ago and enjoyed the conversation, I have noticed a generally positive rp experience when I have encountered RSM. And I would like to work with a larger group for a change. The fact a lot of the activities happening seem to be a product of RSM serves to illustrate how active the group is and this has motivated me to apply. What role suits you better? Sniper, Rifleman or Machine-gunner?I have about as much experience in all three. Having worked with smaller teams I am used to carrying a main Close quarters gun and a scoped gun of some sort in my back pack. I would like to further specialise in medium range combat (PSO stuff etc) but frankly I will do what I am told. How would your role play story fit into the R.S.M background?As stated above i don't see why not. I have experience with private military work. It was security not all out mercenary work but I also had military experience before that. This coupled with my experience here I think makes me a good candidate. How is your overall experience of navigating. Locating towns, cities, landmarks etc, in Chernarus?Not bad and getting better all the time. As Long as we refer to building or landmarks as the same thing i.e. we both call the school the school etc then I am usually fine getting around. How is your patience with other people? (Trolls, hostiles, etc)I am a very patient person. However if hostiles are testing that patience I can hold it for as long as I need or I see a possible way out. be that physical or mental. When you see someone, do you avoid them or do you initiate role play?I do some recon and watch them from a secure hidden place if possible until I am confident I have a vague idea of what their situation is. If I think its safe i will approach and say hello. Ask if they need any help, food etc and if they want to tell me ask what they are doing...if it isn't contradictory to my current goal and I can help i do, if it is not then I say good luck after whatever conversation evolves. If they are doing something I am opposed too like "hey i,am gonna go shoot some kittens then eat them" then depending on the situation I may try to persuade them "hey man dont kill kittens... kill zeds its way cooler" and hope that works. If it does ill leave it at that and pick up any kittens I see along the way just in case. If they really want to kill the kittens....well it might be the apocalypse but thats no reason to kill kittens. So i would stop them. however I needed too. Using exactly as much force as I needed too no more no less. When you are alone/bored, what do you do? I tend to stock up on materials and goods and recon areas i haven't spent a lot of time in before whilst keeping a lookout for people I can help/be wary off. Do you understand that when you're under the banner of R.S.M, you are not allowed under any circumstances to perform any types robberies or other bandit actions unless provoked or dealing with contracts? I dont rob or do bandit actions unprovoked anyway so that would not be a hard rule to follow. By unprovoked I was trying to illustrate if I was ordered too I would.
  9. the past, present and future walk into a bar...it was tense
  10. I was wondering if any australian army skins exist and what's the possibility of them being available?
  11. ------------------------------------------- What is your in game name:Mick Fweedom Forum Name:fweedom What is your age?:34 What is your experience with DayZRP?:Been whitelisted for a about 2 months..was running with TAS...lone wolf now What role would you like to be and why? (hunter, scavenger, medical, merchant, ferry operator, guard, diplomatic adviser for clan, ect.: I could do guard work, hunter..or even ferry driver if you need it. Just want a safe place for everyone and willing to put in the hard yards What clan do you represent?:N/A What alliance do you wish to form?: N/A -------------------------------------------
  12. Boat is on mainland side near the island right now...needs fuel
  13. As the admins have so much to handle already could the idea of a select group of volunteers that with server admin support will brainstorm and run events that fit with the Chernaraus narrative as it stands. The sighting of the US soldiers in hazmat suits at Prud is an example of what i have in mind aswell as scheduled larger events? or non or some of the above suggestion. I just think the basic idea of a group that is charged with organising this could be fun. just an idea.
  14. It appears TAS has disbanded..any fellow aussies want to start another great southern land based group? i'm happy to organise it i guess i just want peoples input as to what direction you want to go?