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  1. Malet


    @MouseWBYou let you back in? Welcome back and best of luck, my dude.
  2. Malet

    Staff Feedback: Baron

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: After a questionable RP experience, Baron listened to my ranting in the help desk and supported me in making contact with said person I had a problem with so this situation could hopefully be resolved without unnecessary actions and bad blood. I greatly appreciate his help at this late time of the day (at least for me ) and quickly found the help I required through him. Suggestions for improvement: Nothing really. Calm and competent help very fast.
  3. Malet

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    Used it, loved it and if there is a way to make writing on paper IG a thing again it would be great to be back.
  4. Malet

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    Controversial characters disappearing due to shelfing just in the moment the story gets interesting because negative consequences for own actions are just too much to handle for them.
  5. Malet

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Love it - best of luck
  6. Malet


    Should more people PK as a result for their own actions to further storylines? Yes. Should there be a rule to force people to PK under certain circumstances? No. Why? Simple, perspectives differ. One might think to perm someone is justified while the permed person sees it differently. Thats all you need to create drama and salt, things that this community currently already has way to much. And who is to decide if a perm was justified? I think staff has already enough to do. *shrugs* While I like the ideas of more PK's, a rule simply wouldnt work and a change in the mindset of many people so they face the results of their IC actions realisticly isnt to be expected anytime soon.
  7. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Hardest rollercoaster of RP I've ever had in my years here, but absolutely hilarious Mad probs to everyone involved. @Ducky (Stefanov) & @Franny (Ivanov): Amazing RP and some serious story telling today. Wasnt expecting you guys to play along and improvise so well. @RoCKiE: Alex was today on point and Jona will never forget this. Respect barely describes how much he appreciates it. @Scarlett: Amazing character, amazing roleplayer. You are the hero we need right now, but dont deserve @RedSky: RP didnt go as I expected at all but this today was legit hilarious. I was sure we would shoot each other at some point. @StagsviewRB: Me and @Revie came for some background infos about Kirovograd and got the most exciting storyline ever. You are truely a god
  8. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Top notch RP from @Scarlett (you Chedaki spy ), @RoCKiE and @Revie Quality Comfort RP
  9. Malet

    We all are the DayZRP community

    Asking people to report less even If rules are broken? Nah dude, breaking less rules is the way to go
  10. Revie

    • Revie
    • Malet


    Jona in a cup :3
    Can't wait till you are here again ❤️

    1. Malet


      Where do you even find this stuff? 😄

    2. Revie


      Mostly by accident? xD

  11. Malet

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    The 10 slot hotbar is amazing and the tear gas grenade will make sieges and standoffs way more dynamic I can imagine. Time to find a gasmask, I guess
  12. Malet

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    Hell yeah - Congrats on the approval Make South Zagoria Chernarussian again.
  13. Malet

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    I see a certain lack in chernarussian flags and foxes - Jokes aside, congrats on the approval. Cant wait see meet Kuba again.
  14. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    IC actions have IC consequences - A lecture to learn, Husky puppy
  15. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Seriously fun RP today with @Revie, @Scarlett, @derNils, @Isaiah CortezPVE, @RoCKiE. Also props to Gabreta Fenix and Dalsi Stranka. Fun people to be around. Special shoutout to @RedSky - When you confronted Emily about that encounter I was preparing myself to gun you down
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