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  1. Malet

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    I hate queues so I play on whatever server has none. If everyone goes to S2 and I have to wait 30 minutes out of the 2 hours I can RP every day, I will just go to S1 again. Simple as that.
  2. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Quick shoutout to the Liquidators - Would get my meat shot in exchange for zuccinis every day Cheers to @Ducky and the rest of the CDF. I love what you guys are doing there. Most immersive military encampment I've seen in a long time. Pleasure meeting @Wolffe. I will put the cheese I got from Jaro into a great Risotto Roaming around and talking nonsense with @Brayces, @Dino, @Ouromov, @DrMax, @Pepper is why I love RP
  3. Malet


    Free Steam Keys

    (So I'm cleaning up my Humble Bundle. If someone sees a game key they want, just comment below and I will PM you.)

    • Saints Row 2
    • Risen 3 Complete Edition

    • The Shrouded Isle

    • Seasons After Fall

    • Scanner Sombre

    • Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

    • Furi

    • The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

    • Screencheat

    • Satellite Reign

    • Hurtworld

    • Hand of Fate

    • Crawl

    • World to the West

    • Silence

    • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

    • Resident Evil 6

    • Emily is Away Too

    1. Crim


      Saints Row 2 plz 😎

    2. JackZRP


      Resident evil 6 please ❤️

    3. Mademoiselle


      Silence plz ❤️

    4. Kunkka


      Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun thx 😄

  4. Malet

    Add Grenades to DayZRP

    Wait - does throwing items even work again yet? Everytime I press "G" I just drop stuff on my feet, a pretty suicidal action with a grenade ...
  5. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Call us russians IG once and we will make sure the party will really take off
  6. Malet

    S1 S2 Seperate Hives and S2 Lore Wipe.

    Oh boy, where to start? 1. Different servers with different lores and characters would be confusing as hell. I often just join the friends I want to play with via steam because I dont care what server they are on. Having different lores would mean I'm always up for a surprise what storyline I enter. 2. Fresh Lore RP? I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the past has clearly shown that a lot of the RP returns rather quickly to what it was before the lore wipe with even same groups and characters making the appearance. The "Fresh RP" you are hoping for will not last long before both servers and lore are pretty similar again. 3. If a lore wipe in any kind or form happens soon (and I sincerely hope it doesnt!), why replay the past? UN, VDV, CDF was all great for but it was all already there. Go for a fresh setting if you want a fresh start and maybe, just maybe you get the "Fresh RP" you are looking for. Long story short: Big No from my side.
  7. Malet

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    Should the annexation be successful, I expect nothing less than this from you guys - from Vybor all the way to Cherno Best of luck and welcome back.
  8. Malet

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    Looks like some of the finest are once again banding together. App soon maybe
  9. Malet

    • Malet
    • MajooRB

    Yo, I will drive through your country tomorrow. I will wave at you, okay? 😘

    1. MajooRB


      You should stop through, im off free from everything! 

  10. Malet

    Long queues

    Due to limited possible playtime I always join S2 and so far had a lot of good RP there - No hubs or official groups needed. *Shrugs*
  11. Malet

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Is this still becoming a thing or will this thread no matter the overwhelming support of the community majority silently disappear into the night?
  12. Malet

    Metagaming changes

    Question @Roland: Lets say @Dino shoots me via Steam an IC radio call "Hey man, where are you?" and I respond via Steam as an IC information "Hey, we are in Gorka" --> Would I then need to read out loud my reply I sent him via Steam also In-Game so people on the server could hear it? And would I need to use the exact words via voice that I used via Steam?
  13. Malet

    Metagaming changes

    Having an actual radio in the inventory to be able to speak with people via Teamspeak goes a bit to far in my mind as it might create new RP by forcing someone to ask people for their radio after they got theirs taken, but could also lead to a lot frustration when people take your radio just to annoy you OOC'ly. If it would be possible to make the radio an item you can spawn via the shop, but with a (lets say) 6 hour cooldown - I would support the rule.
  14. Malet

    Searching for Khandra!

    *Completely exhausted Jona places the AK on the shelf and quickly checks on Nikolai and Ellie before he picks up his radio.* "The search is off. The prisoners were liberated through the swift action of a group of brave people. Thanks to everyone who helped with information, keeping the eyes open or direct actions. Stay safe out there, especially along the southern coast. Over and out or whatever they say on the radio." *He lets go off the PTT and falls on the chair to immediately fall asleep.*
  15. Malet

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    Its been there a long time. Hard to see from the ground but actually visible from the large radio tower north east of the airstrip.
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