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  1. Malet

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    Looks like some of the finest are once again banding together. App soon maybe
  2. Malet

    • Malet
    • MajooRB

    Yo, I will drive through your country tomorrow. I will wave at you, okay? 😘

    1. MajooRB


      You should stop through, im off free from everything! 

  3. Malet

    Long queues

    Due to limited possible playtime I always join S2 and so far had a lot of good RP there - No hubs or official groups needed. *Shrugs*
  4. Malet

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Is this still becoming a thing or will this thread no matter the overwhelming support of the community majority silently disappear into the night?
  5. Malet

    Metagaming changes

    Question @Roland: Lets say @Dino shoots me via Steam an IC radio call "Hey man, where are you?" and I respond via Steam as an IC information "Hey, we are in Gorka" --> Would I then need to read out loud my reply I sent him via Steam also In-Game so people on the server could hear it? And would I need to use the exact words via voice that I used via Steam?
  6. Malet

    Metagaming changes

    Having an actual radio in the inventory to be able to speak with people via Teamspeak goes a bit to far in my mind as it might create new RP by forcing someone to ask people for their radio after they got theirs taken, but could also lead to a lot frustration when people take your radio just to annoy you OOC'ly. If it would be possible to make the radio an item you can spawn via the shop, but with a (lets say) 6 hour cooldown - I would support the rule.
  7. Malet

    Searching for Khandra!

    *Completely exhausted Jona places the AK on the shelf and quickly checks on Nikolai and Ellie before he picks up his radio.* "The search is off. The prisoners were liberated through the swift action of a group of brave people. Thanks to everyone who helped with information, keeping the eyes open or direct actions. Stay safe out there, especially along the southern coast. Over and out or whatever they say on the radio." *He lets go off the PTT and falls on the chair to immediately fall asleep.*
  8. Malet

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    Its been there a long time. Hard to see from the ground but actually visible from the large radio tower north east of the airstrip.
  9. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Husky would be @Franny And "Saving Private Khandra" really was great fun so far
  10. Malet

    Searching for Khandra!

    *Jona replies by pressing the PTT.* "Father, hm? Okay, whatever. Can you tell us what George looks like? Khandra wanted us to meet him but disappeared before we had the chance. We only know his name and that he likes her cookies." *He lets go off a deep sigh before he continues.* "Appreciate the help, Murdock. And good that you took care of that criminal scum. The info that she was heading towards Balota confirms at least that she was going in the direction we thought she would. Narrows down where to look for her. And to the Doctor, Khandra was in a halfway decent mood. Exhausted, but lets say ... hopeful for the future. Thats why we think she wouldnt just suddenly go dark without a notice."
  11. Malet

    Searching for Khandra!

    *Surprised by the fast response Jona hurries to search for his radio before finding it still in his hand.* "Ah hallo? Yeah, that could be her. Hot pants and mainly black clothing? Was she in the company of someone or traveling alone? And can you remember how long ago that was, Murdock?"
  12. Malet

    Searching for Khandra!

    *While scanning the coast line for any kind of movement, Jona pulls his radio out of his pocket and presses the PTT.* "Dobre den, name is Jona. This is a message to anyone who traveled along the southern coast in the last two days or is a friend of a young chernarussian woman by the name of Khandra. She hasnt answered her radio in two days now and her friends are getting a bit concerned as this is rather unusual for her when she wants to meet up. So if you are a friend of Khandra and know of her whereabout or you have seen her in the last two days, please contact me on this frequency." *He checks on the map in his other hand before he continues.* "Khandra was last seen west of Kamenka traveling eastbound towards Kamenka and Komarovo to meet up with a man called George. She wears mainly black clothing and sometimes stutters when she speaks. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for listening. Jona out." *He lets go of the PTT and climbs down from the radio tower.*
  13. Malet

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    You guys are by far the most intimidating group on the server - And I say that as someone playing a chernarussian character that is not on your shitlist. Keep up the good work, fellas. 10/10 Would get swarmed and talk for my life again.
  14. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Shoutout to @Revie, @Dino, @Lyca & @Hellspawn for the little RP session along the coast. Pleasure traveling with you
  15. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • Malet


    1. Malet


      Hello, Harvey-San 😘 

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