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  1. Shoutout to the chaps from the Hounds for the RP, the armband and some very entertaining hours. Also props to @sandvich and @snfsylva. It was a blast!
  2. The Last Light

    That moment when your screenshots were used for the photo banner, but you cant find your name on the roaster
  3. Malet

    ... that moment when you become homeless in two weeks, but still takes the time to drive 300km in 5 hours with a train so you can attend to the main-event of your faction - And then end up being stuck in the queue after a random restart. I'm just f***ing done!

    1. Mercy


      Fuck man, that's rough :( 

  4. @jason hunter That moment when the server gets restarted and from the 10 peacekeepers previously online only 4 get back in.
  5. Greetings from Norway!

    Welcome, seeing the amount of people from scandinavia you should feel quite home here
  6. Noone is forced to perma for the simple fact that the evacuation is heading for miroslavl. See it more as an opportunity for characters to either find an end for their char that doesnt involve death or even better, a chance to change to a different character for some time without the need to perma. Everyone who escaped and ends up in miroslavl can for example return weeks or months later, saying that the safezone failed or the rest of the world is equally fucked or even that they just forgot their house keys (What do I know) - That really depends on the progress of the lore.
  7. Free Games

    Dont mean to necro this Thread but I thought it would be nice to share this: The Walking Dead Season 1 (A Telltale Games Series) is for Free on Humble Bundle for another 2 hours 24 minutes. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-walking-dead-season-1 (I hope its not region-locked. If not, have fun with it. )
  8. UN/WHO - Media Thread

    Damn, the Picture of @Slash and me is Badass.
  9. Do people still care?

    Hi there, dont mind me - I'm just passing through to leave a link behind. Seeing that there is apparently "dissatisfaction" (to put it politely) regarding the U.N., their roleplay and behavior: Please feel always free to leave critical feedback, constructive suggestions and creative ideas on the group page of the U.N. or send it via PM to @Skinner or @Chief. This of course is no attempt to silence this thread, but maybe bring it back to the topic that @The Traveler had intended to be discussed (as far as I understood him). https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/85527-the-unwho-south-zagorian 1st-response-unit-un-lore-faction/?page=4
  10. DayZRP Community Memes

    When you see something shiny IG. Sorry for the bad meme.
  11. Depends, at least here in germany pharmacies, firefighter stations and special destribution offices in the proximity of nuclear powerplants have usually a storage of these pills in case off a catastrophe. Not sure how it is in other countries, but seeing the relative distance to Chernobyl I can imagine that SZ has similar preparations. @Chief @Major
  12. As far as RP goes - Decontamination would be your best bet and (just a suggestion) why not use the complete useless vitamin bottles as Iodine tablets? High-dosage iodine tablets - the scientifically correct name is potassium iodide tablets - saturate the thyroid with non-radioactive iodine. If taken in time, they prevent the accumulation of radioactive iodine in the thyroid. Should radioactive iodine be released into the environment as a consequence of a severe nuclear accident the authorities will distribute iodine tablets free of charge to the population in the affected areas.
  13. Riley's Rangers {Open Recruitment!}

    Reminds me off Reilly's Rangers from Fallout 3 Good luck with this group.
  14. Glad I could help. Good luck with the event