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  3. Find me instead Looking mighty fine. Best of luck with the group.
  4. A small suggestion in case you plan on staying on the Chernarus map: I doubt the player numbers on that server will rise up anytime soon, but there are still things one can do to increase the chance to meet some of the people that are still playing on S1. Set up f.e. a small home somewhere central and offer hospitality via the radio section. This way the few remaining souls in Chernarus know where at least technically they have a chance to meet other people and get some roleplay. Otherwise persons like yourself, who travel for days without meeting anyone, get even more frustrated and the number drops further. Sure, this could also bring trouble but hey, every kind of RP is better than no RP, right? Tl:dr Set up camp and make it known. You cant increase the player numbers, but the chance to meet those still playing
  5. Its one of those "Case-by-Case"-RP-situations. There are times when throwing a punch is justified, understandable and might even progress roleplay by escalating a tense situation without the need for a firefight. But this requires a certain amount of maturity of those involved in such an action to ensure that the person starting the brawl does so within reasonable borders and with a purpose further than just provoking someone to a lethal escalation, while the punched person also reacts realistically and within borders to avoid a punch just turning into a neverending knock-out battle. This maturity to use punching in a reasonable, RP-advancing way is something that I simply dont see enough to make this a general rule, so I personally stick with Yes.
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  7. Good stuff on the combat logging rule. That complying victims were forced to wait out the timer after release was really silly.
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  9. I think the more appropriate way is to simply ignore them or walking away. //OOC is more for emergencies, timestamps, etc. I doubt not talking to someone because you have something better to do or IG reasons to not speak with them is considered BadRP.
  10. I'm rather critical towards a lore wipe for a variety of reasons, but also have to say that some of the suggestions Hofer made allow me to not be as pessimistic towards the idea than usually in topics such this. The Pros: Even the possibility that the new lore would start not with the original outbreak but is somewhere set in the future is a big plus. Lets be real, people. Acting like the outbreak just did happen recently at the start of the lore was immersion breaking as hell. Way too little zombies and people to make this feel realistic, the game world of Chernarus and Livonia simply dont look like shit is going down since just two weeks but more 5 years. A setting in the future would allow for new and creative group and character ideas and allow typical "Lorefactions" like the UN, VDV or CDF that suffered from huge issues in the past to not be needed to be played. Preventing groups of the current lore from just restarting seems to me a great idea and I would go even further and say that everyone also has to make unique, new characters to prevent from people just transferring this lores chars to the new one. The Cons: Words like "Roadmap" make me scratch my head. I was in a lore faction at the start of this lore and was told that there are great plans for the lore factions from the side of the LM's. Plenty of those things never happened and the majority of the lore factions quickly disappeared as staff left, groups lost interest and other unpredictable but very likely events unfolded. When people make plans for the next 2-3 years, I simply doubt that this will actually happen, seeing how much this community, staff and roleplay in the last couple years has already changed. The idea of preventing same groups from just getting restarted is great and all, but this will barely attack the fact that the same people often play with the same people, be it for timezones, friendships or rivalrys. Sure, the names of the groups would be different and there might be an increase in dynamics, but it would still be the same groups of people. Not that this is wrong, but the idea that a lore wipe brings automatically fresh roleplay is simply wrong. Summary: I voted No, because I've seen how the last lore wipe unfolded and how everything went ridicolously fast back to the same RP. Sure, Hofer mentioned some great ideas to prevent this from happening again, but my doubts are higher. I hope sincerely though to be proofen wrong.
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  12. Hello Staffers, While recently checking out some character profiles I noticed that some people play characters with a pretty impressive collection of languages that they speak, most likely also including some that the player behind said char himself doesnt or only limited speaks. This brought up several question regarding the handling of languages in DayZRP, that might be interesting to be answered. Disclaimer: I think this goes mainly towards the GM and Admin team as this also concerns rule and report handling, but every opinion is appreciated. 1. Scenario A: Person A is spanish and plays a spanish character. So does Person B with his char. They talk to each other in spanish IG about the weather. Now Person C, who doesnt speak spanish IRL, appears and plays also for whatever reason a spanish character. Q1: Can Person C, whose character would technically understand the conversation now demand f.e. via //OOC that the conversation is being held in english so he gets the content or that it is translated via Text for him to read? Q2: If yes, how would he do so and how would Person A & B have to react? Q3: Is it considered BadRP to speak in ones native tongue when others who are not speaking the same language are around? Q4: If yes, how far does this go? Is it limited to conversations or is it f.e. also counting speaking to yourself in your mother language? 2. Scenario B: Person A creates a new character who is f.e. a interpretor or translator for the United Nations. Is there a limitation of languages that one character can claim to speak? Asking especially as many european languages are very similar and can understand each other without speaking the language itself.
  13. This group and its roster are looking mighty fine - Cant wait to steal @DrMax from you
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