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  1. Come to the US server people!

    Well, to be fair - The UN, CDF and Nato already met yesterday on S2. Now, where the 60-Slot-Server is back and the demand is high I'm pretty sure its gonna spread out anyway.
  2. Sweet, it's live. Cheers to Chief, Matt, Mercy and who ever else was involved in creating this thread and the group in general. Really enjoyed the last couple of days
  3. Stranger Things (spoiler alert)

    I think I need to rewatch the first season. Already forgot most of the story anc characters
  4. Survivors of the Southern Moana (W.I.P)

    Damn, look at those graphics. This is seriously impressive. Best of luck to you guys
  5. Markus Letter

    Markus Letter grew up in Berlin-Kreuzberg as the second son of a kurdish family, who migrated to germany in 1985. Fleeing from the surpression of the turkish goverment and the poor economic situation in the mainly by kurds populated eastern part of the country, they arrived in their new home with the strong will leave the hate and fear of the past behind them. As a sign of integration Markus father even changed the family name from "Aslan". Unfortunaly the first thing he saw after arriving at the airport was a mailbox with a multilingual describtion, so he change the family name to "Letter". Furthermore he and his wife decided to give their sons typical german names. so they dont suffer from disadvantages from prejudices in school and the job life like many of the other migrant kids with foreign sounding names had. Even though he was a clever kid, Markus was always in the shadow of his older brother Eric, who followed the wishes of his parents, was an excellent student and even became a doctor of medicine. Not being able to follow the steps of his brother, Markus struggled especially when he was a teenager to find his own identity. Being unhappy not to belong to any kind of community in germany (neither the german nor the kurdish one), be began to be interested in the cultural roots of his family and ethnicity his parents tried to with such great effort. Markus joined several kurdish youth organisations who specificly demand the independence of the autonomous region of kurdistan, a landscape between iraq, syria and turkey. With the rise of the islamic state in the aftermath of the arabic spring and the several civil wars in the middle east, Markus thought to have finally found a purpose in life. Seeing the brave, but desperate resistance of the kurdish peshmerga-fighter all he wanted was to join his fellow countrymen in their struggle to hold and push back the "Daesh". Being to young to book a flight to istanbul on his own, he "gathered" as much money as he could from his parents to sneak out of the house one night ... just to be discovered by his father. The stick he got and the grounding teached him to plan his steps smarter next time. So Markus decided to finish school, join the german army "Bundeswehr" so he could earn some money and get the necessary military excercise to survive the harsh reality of the war in syria and iraq. What he expected the least was the camaraderie and friendships he found in the guys he spent the months of training with. Even if they all had different backgrounds and came from all over the country, the differences disappeared with the camo color on their faces and the mud covering their uniforms. The longer the training lasted, the more his wish to travel to kurdistan disappeared and was replaced with the certainty that his place in life was next to his comrades. At the end of their basic training, they received the offer to join a new UN-Lead Mission, going into some kind of far away, mostly unknown country. Being excited to test their new learned skills, half of their unit volunteered. A couple weeks later they were on their way to a country called "Chernarus"...
  6. Im Back

    Hm, I remember your name somehow. Welcome back, friend.
  7. Ban Amnesty

    Wouldnt it be possible to categorize the banned users regarding their offence and that dictates the possibility to appeal to an amnesty? For example: People with 50+ collected points during their time here or those whose actions done severe damage (Mass KOS, Harassment) have caused more trouble than someone who stepped over the line once in an outburst of anger or rage.
  8. Technical Questions

    Much appreciated, guys. Special thanks to @Galaxy //solved/answered
  9. Technical Questions

    Hello everyone, As the title tells I got some technical questions I couldnt figure out so far. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance 1. Does the lifespan of a battery (the one for flashlights and walkie talkies) depend on the quality of the battery (Pristine, damaged, etc.)? 2. Is taking notes on paper and saving it possible again or stil broken? 3. I remember that you could place marker on the map you could find IG. Is this still possible and does it save the markers on the specific map I got on me after logging off? 4. Does a silencer make a gunshot completely silent for zombies close by or does it only decrease the area zombies can hear it from? (f.e. Shoting a sporter doesnt seem to bother the infected no matter how close they are) 5. Do bullets you put into a fireplace/other heatsource still make them go off and can this be used to attract/fool zombies? 6. Is the flare gun still IG and if yes, where can one find them? Thanks again.
  10. Gear that gets you in trouble

    Clothes: Armbands, Military Gear, sometimes even Cargo Pants or Rain Clothing, vests Weapons: Everything automatic or semi-militaristic, long weapons with scopes Backpacks: Everything above 20 slots And regarding the UN: It's either "bad" experience in the past (there were several UN-Groups in the last couple of years) or just a general distaste for soldiers, especially from foreign countries.
  11. Thanks to @King and his norwegian "carrier", to @TheMatt924 and to "Victor" (American) and "Vasily" (Russian) from the NWAF for the chicken-discussion and almost killing me
  12. Current Issues

    Reading this thread I saw a lot of issues and topics I agree on and many problems have been listed, so I'm gonna keep my thoughts short and seeing that I only recently came back would like to address just one topic: the stale RP. I had the pleasure to encounter many interesting characters in the last couple of days from various groups, mentalities (hostile/friendly/crazy) and IG-Backgrounds - most of them played by proper RP'ers. I actually expected way worse by reading some of the forum before logging in tbh. But one thing I immediately noticed and kinda made me sad was the absence of certain types of groups or characters. Maybe I just havent met them (Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, for real - please do!) but I miss unique groups like Alcyone with their campus, persons like "Acorn" who dont fit a category but are hilariously inspired or mentalities like fanatical religious prayers (I mean, we basically have judgement day still, right). Am I blind or have many great ideas disappeared? P.S.: Sorry it became longer than expected
  13. *raises hand* Sign me up for the UN. Would love to play a character without changing my voice for once
  14. The first days of the Colony and the Caravan, the war against the Reapers and the first generation of Ouroboros to name my personal highlights. (Long time ago, I know)
  15. Cheers to @OFA-Faux, @DinoCasino, @Darra, Tom, Michael, "Kiddo" and all the other people we met today on the road and at the Bastion. It was a lot of fun