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  1. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    God dammit, I knew that voice was familiar but couldnt really pin point from where You got me on my tired day, well played and nicely done.
  2. Malet

    Upcoming new mods

    @Roland Short follow-up question: I presume it will be possible to sell things spawned in from the item shop at the NPC trader? Isnt there a risk people abuse this to basically farm rubles and with this gear without ever leaving the Trade Zone?
  3. Malet

    Upcoming new mods

    @Roland Can a person be robbed or their corpse looted for their rubels in a way that they are actually items on a person?
  4. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Ducky - Realtalk hour. Really enjoyed that long overdue conversation. Sorry you will never have children though. Chernarus is thankful for your sacrifice in the war @Franny - My favorite chernarussian @ToeZies - I'm looking forward to be thrown over a fence @Revie & @RoCKiE - Best teammates EU. To whoever Jacob and Xavier from the logging camp were - Pleasure meeting you two
  5. Malet

    Vehicles as attacking tools

    This recently closed report brought up a question I couldnt find clarified in the rule section or any other report before. In this situation a truck was used as a ram to forcefully stop another vehicle before an actual initiation via voice or text was dropped. This truck wasnt used as a road block so that the party in the car could have stopped and avoided crashing into said truck, but was actively driven into them and by this risking without valid kill rights harm or even death to the people inside the car. In other reports mainly the problem "Car vs pedestrians" was debated so here are my questions that were left unanswered in the report: 1. Is it allowed to ram other vehicles of the road without an initiation and if not, what rule violation would this count as? Attempted KOS/Invalid Kill? 2. If Car A gets initiated on by Car B during a car chase, what options do the inhabitants of Car A have if they would like to comply and surrender but the driver of Car A continues speeding? Jumping out of the driving car could potentially be lethal and be seen as NVFL. 3. How can the inhabitants of Car A from the previous mentioned point signal their surrender to the chasing party in the best possible way as voices can be difficult to hear in two speeding cars and Text isnt reliable due to varying distances between the parties during a chase?
  6. Malet

    Declaration of War

    While I see where you are coming from by wanting to implement a system to make war finally matter and firefights have actual consequences, the idea you proposed straight up brings up a lot of question like f.e.: 1. How would you know who won a firefight? Logs? Or do both parties have to talk OOC with each other and what if they then dont agree? 2. How would you rescue someone when the hostage taker has permanent execution rights? The moment the first bullet flies, the hostage will get shot. 3. Would you suggest that the losing party also has to archive because when not, there are plenty of cases where people just rejoin their old group with a new, nearly identical character and continue the war? Just to name a few questions. I get it, this is just a rough idea and the goal behind it, is very honorable but I simply think that a system like this would turn very fast very complicated and might only create more disagreements and salt than we already have as good sportmanship is a rare attribute nowadays sadly.
  7. Malet


    Is this topic really that much off an issue for so many? Its not like there are busloads of 10 year olds roaming in south zagoria. I dont think I've ever met a 10 year old on the server ever, even less played by an cringy, old dude. A "No" to the ban from me for the following reasons: 1. Child chars are a vast minority and even when seen as cringy by some, barely a problem worth a ban by rules. 2. Most child RPers like the ones tagged do an excellent job by playing that role with skill and dignity, adding to other peoples and groups storyline and RP. In hundreds of hours of RP I can maybe recall one child char that gave me a headache due to the voice. Other char groups so that way more often. 3. The Realism argument "They wouldnt survive" is a slippery slope and can be, depending on personal feelings be expanded onto other groups that would have reduced chances of survival based on personal view: pacifists, vegetarians or even people that dont know how to shoot. Where do we draw the line here? Fact is children throughout history have survived in some of the most hostile environments possible and survived. Why wouldnt some survive this Apocalypse here? 4. Last but not least is the question for a ban way to less specific. I see people talk about all different ages but what is even meant with child RP? 16? 18? 21? I agree a six year old would have a bad time but the phrasing of the thread title is really vague.
  8. Malet

    Kirovograd Lore Post

    Lovely thread - The graphics are legit amazing
  9. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Shoutout to the usual suspects @RoCKiE @derNils and @Revie for some rollercoaster of RP once again. Props also to our fellow chernarussians from Dalsi Stranka for the infos and escort to safety. Slava! And @silvermoongaming - First I wanted to kill you, then I wanted to hug you. That was some fine RP and I'm impressed how you turned that around. Respect to you and I sincerely hope that this story will be continues
  10. Malet

    New Hope Federation [Open Recruitment]

    Not sure if its still a group requirement but the name "Haven" was used in the past by @derNils as seen here You might want to consider reaching out to him for rights to the name. If the name is free to take, ignore this post and have a lot of fun with this group
  11. Malet

    Remove text initiation on moving cars

    As far as I remember, text initiation on cars were made necessary, because initiating only via voice always led to the argument in reports: Accused: "But I initiated" Victim: "But I couldnt hear you over the loud car." Staff: "Any evidence?" Both: "Nah." - Problem - Text initiations are the only way to ensure that cars dont become mobile safezones, because initiating via voice on them doesnt work.
  12. Malet

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Feedback time: Todays RP was nothing less than amazing. All of the characters encountered today felt individual, relevant and realistic. The story developing can barely get more interesting and the general vibe this group is sending reminds me of good ol' times. Keep up the good work and I'm really curious where the story that began today might go.
  13. Malet


    The Stalker vibes are real.
  14. Malet

    New DayZ Map

    @Duquesne I think that might be a bit difficult, especially when a lot of the game world uses cyrilic letters and everything is written in czech
  15. Malet

    Deer Isle is dope

    Is there a date when the new map will be released and will we keep deer island until then?
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