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  1. The new trailer to "Train to Busan 2 - Peninsula" looks mighty fine. Wish Dayz was more like this from the atmosphere. 


  2. And the religious part is what now? Believing in chaos gods? Can you elaborate a bit?
  3. Do you mean Warhammer 40K or actually 30k like during the Horus Heresy? And if you say that what exactly do you mean with that? Believing in an mighty god emporer and chaos gods?
  4. PSA: World War Z is currently for free in the Epic Store (usually 35$).

  5. Absolutely - its a beautiful and plentiful weapon that is great fun shooting with it.
  6. Didnt even notice really it was gone Sure, bring it back. And add the G36 straight with it.
  7. I always liked that one could use all parts of the hunted animals for various purposes. If possible, I think reintroducing such a Mod could add another layer to the wildlife feeling of Livonia.
  8. Lars was born as the son of a fisherman and the grandson of a fisherman and lived all his rather uneventful life at the coast of the german northern sea where he learned from a young age the craftmanship of his ancestors. Folk from the coast are hard working, grumpy and superstitious people and often dont seem very inviting to strangers but as cold as the weather on their shorelines are, as warm are the hearts of them. Lars never expected much from his life and was quite okay with how it was until one day a couple years ago he was about to return with his crew and fisherboat from a trip when his sister Marina warned him over the radio not to return to the harbor as strange things are happening at land. Riots, chaos, masses of refugees trying to get to every ship possible to escape some kind of disease that caused mayhem and carnage in the cities and was spreading fast. Obviously Lars didnt gave much of those silly reports but when he came into range of using his binoculars he could see the fires consuming the city of his birth and with it his family and home. W.I.P: Turned the ship around and sailed off. Followed wherever the wind brought him, often sailing along the coast line and witnesses how europe felt into darkness. Recently had to give up his ship after it finally was worn down by the weather and now travels the land on foot.
  9. Hope you have a great day ❤️


  10. If you perm a character of yours should always be only one persons decision and that is the person who created it. Yes, the "Conflicts are stale" argument is correct and the statement that "Your character is not your property" has some truth to it but a rule to force people into permakilling a character would most definitively result in: 1. Way more reports to either perm or not-perm characters. 2. Appeals to save a beloved character. 3. More copy+paste chars that instant hang around with the same group/people again or worst: A flood of distant uncles, cousins etc. appearing to take revenge. TL;dr A rule to enforce perms would create frustration, un-original characters, a ton of work for staff to decide what was justified/unjustified and finally a whole kongoline of further rules that would need to be put in place regarding executions, group affiliation and NLR's. Encourage people to take the life and death of their chars serious and lead by example what great impact a deserved end of a storyline can have instead of looking for easy solutions for complicated problems.
  11. PSA: Crusader Kings II - The Reaper's Due (Expansion) is for free only today on Steam.

    1. Inferno


      CK3 when? 👀

    2. Malet


      Right after Stellaris 2 😄

    3. Inferno


      Meanwhile Stellaris 2 comes out after Victoria 3 😎

    4. Malet


      Call me when they release another good Hearts of Iron. Not that pleb shit they call Hoi4 😉 

  12. As stated before, certain awards were funny or honored people for their commitment and work but certain others were mainly popularity contests so No from me.
  13. Release the krak ... I mean the tools. We have a dedicated & creative team of loremasters with great ideas on how to great interesting story lines that have more with quests in common than ordinary "events" and that is in my books a great step forward. It brings way more effective people of different directions together and allows them to participate in a way they might have not even considered exists. Better than asking why they should have them is the question: Why shouldnt they?
  14. Thats a nice group you got there But maybe its a good idea to look for more goals that arent achieved yet to provide more long term efforts.
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