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  1. Far from Home: Petr was born in an poor outskirt district of Kiev in the years following the aftermath of the collapse of the soviet system. His father, a major in the armed forces lost his job and with that every sense of selfrespect when the army was drasticly reduced in size and his service wasnt required anymore. Blaming everyone and everything but him, Petr's father was most of the time home - and always drunk. To escape the atmosphere of beatings, a crying mother and stagnant air filled with the smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke Petr spent most of his time roaming around the streets of the ukrainian capital, looking for trouble to cause and here and there something to "re-distribute" into his pocket. The only glimmer of hope in his otherwise often boring days was when his grandfather took him weekend for weekend into the stadium to watch Dynamo Kiev play football. The tension of the game, the feeling to belong to the excited crowd and the bright colours of the floodlights washed away the sadness of his everyday life. When his grandfather died, the excitement turned into anger - anger about losing the only person in his life that was of importance for him. This anger made him throw his first stone at the police outside of the stadium, break the first jaw of a fan from Zorya Luhansk and finally join the hooligan scene from Dynamo Kiev where he not just found a new family that showed him a way of dealing with his frustration by using violence, but also took him in as one of their own. Early 2017, after Dynamo Kiev lost a game against Odessa Petr and his friends attacked a bus filled with enemy fans. With the adrenaline in his blood and in the heat of the attack he made he tossed a stone - Hitting a police officer who rushed with his colleges to the aid of the besieged vehicle. Shocked by his action, Petr fled the country to the only place he knew outside Kiev and that he connects positive thoughts with - South Zagoria, place where he spent two beautiful sommers in holiday camps for children when his family still had the money for such luxury. After arriving in the countryside he soon discovered that the utopia of his childhood memory didnt only consist of cabines near the lake and BBQ on the open fire, but also a land devastated by economic & political problems that deeply devided the people of Chernarus. After living for weeks on the street of Chernogorsk, barely getting along with smaller jobs and stealing, like he used to do when he was younger, an unknown infection spread across the fields and forests, cities and villages. A catastrophy for many - an opportunity for some others. When suddenly everyone became homeless like Petr, the rich business guy previously looking down at him from one day to the next also just tries to find something to eat - Thats when Petr realized that life gave him a second chance; that finally the cards are being reshuffled.
  2. Malet

    Battlefield V

    What the hell have I just watched?
  3. Malet

    Iron Harvest 1920

    Watched some of the Demo-Footage a couple of weeks back. I love the setting and Steampunk is just amazing. Kinda hope this goes in the direction of CoH2.
  4. Malet

    From SA to Arma 3

    Arma is what it is - A military simulation, no matter that mod with great features you use. The movement, the design - just everything. Nothing wrong with that but playing a civilian and behaving like a soldier wouldnt feel right. Just my two cents.
  5. Malet

    S1 - Attempted Kos in Outskirts of Green mountain - 05/20/2018 ~1:30am server time

    No offense buddy, dont mean to argue as I'm not the one who was in violation of rules nearly RDM'ed - But what roleplay exactly came out of you sniping @Demaabd? Who gained anything from this? There is no hiding behind rules happening - If anything did your action interrupted on-going roleplay as seen in the video.
  6. Malet

    S1 - Attempted Kos in Outskirts of Green mountain - 05/20/2018 ~1:30am server time

    Just to sum it up before the thread goes in a direction not even suppose to go: 1. Demaadb isnt part of any group. 2. He never even had a gun in his hand (as far as I'm aware!), left alone shot at any of you. 3. He complied with your demands until the hostile situation was over (No further demands or gunshots by the initiators). 4. He isnt Pro-Anarchy (This doesnt exist) and wasnt a threat. 5. He didnt ran to escape from the situation - He left the area after being told that the situation was over, no sign of the initiator was found and to value his life in case the gunfire returns.(not continues!) You literally shot the one person who wasnt guilty by affiliation, non-compliance or hostile actions.
  7. Malet

    S1 - Attempted Kos in Outskirts of Green mountain - 05/20/2018 ~1:30am server time

    POV: We arrive at Green Mountain for the summit and after getting checked by Anarchy enter the compound. Shortly after Louie started his speech an initiation was dropped demanding "Everyone in the compound put your hands up". (Sidenote: I never heard the demand to "Stay in the compound" - Greeny's video might clear this point up) We lay down on the floor and place our hands above our heads in full compliance to the demands stated by the initiating faction. A firefight occurs and seeing that no further demands are stated by the attackers we follow the instruction to go into the barrack building in order so safe our life from the crossfire and value our characters life. We remain in the room to wait for the outcome of the firefight and continue the RP. While doing so we never took out a gun or showed in any way resistance towards the initiators. After some time the firefight stops, the siege of the compound was broken and Anarchy still in control of the place tells us to leave the area towards the barn area northwest of GM again to value our life in case the attackers who at that point retreated and were neither visible nor audible return. We run towards the barns, when suddenly again shots are being fired after a certain time (Not sure how long) none were being heard. We arrive at the barn, have a short talk in the company of Anarchy and the Morettis before they leave. We stay, have a nice conversation about this and that like you can see in my video that I recorded with Shadowplay. Suddenly out of nowhere a shot hits @Strawberry and shortly afterwards @Demaabd. I hit the ground and place my hands above my head to show my surrender. Strawberry laying the the open doesnt get finished and an Anarchist charges the hill so I presume its safe again and try to get Strawberry back on track. He gets back up and we go into cover. Demaadb gets shot at 03:15 in the video. Why this was a rulebreak: Demaadb fully complied to the initial demands of putting our hands up. No further orders were given so we decide after some time to value our life and seek cover from the firefight, waiting for its results. This is no sign of Non-Compliance(!), especially because you were at no point in control of those that surrendered. Demaadb never took his gun out or showed any sign of resistance against you and is not part of any group that did so. There is no rule that states that you have to remain in a complying position for an undefined amount of time, especially when the initiator was clearly not in control and actually being pushed back so far that the gunfire stopped for a considerable amount of time that it indicated that the hostilities stopped. Following your logic once you get initiated on and the initiator leaves the area without any further demands you have to stay there until he returns - whenever that might be, even when there are clear indicators that the initiator left (like in our case). GM wasnt under siege like @Stannis stated, when we left. Otherwise we wouldnt be able to leave in the first place.
  8. Malet


    DJ Blyatman, Bastion and a good Team Defense on Hanamura are one hell of a combo - I might have a heart attack o.O

    @Kain Damn you - Why is this music so damn addictive?

  9. Malet

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I really enjoyed the event - There was story progress, old friends and enemies, action, interesting roleplay at any given moment. Props to everyone present. I'm really curious where this will go.
  10. Malet

    The Riptide Collective

    Glad to be on board Thanks for having us.
  11. Malet

    Coming out of retirement?

    *waves at @SpaceCowboy* Time for a reunion @Dino. Get your smoking ready
  12. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Oh boy, where to start? Props to @Karma, @MasterAralo, @Mohawk & @Queerios. Was a pleasure to roam around with Rose, Bob and "Mister C" Also fun as always with @Malthis, @Lyca, @Ender & @Taryn. Saluting was never so hilarious
  13. Malet

    Anarchy media thread

    Thought you might like the picture - Anarchy through a hostages eyes
  14. Malet

    Animus Media Thread

    "Cold Harbor" with @GreenySmiley & @Lyca "Exploring" "Scout & Sniper" "Into the sunset"
  15. Malet

    Spojené Nové Zagoria

    I like this - best of luck with this