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  1. *Letter sits sideways leaned against the wall dozing half awake, when the radio Faith left him starts broadcasting. He startles, looks around confused before realizing the radio and responding with a weak voice* "Hey, if this isnt Miss Pine. How are you doing, young lady?" *coughs slightly* "Staying away from trouble I hope." "Ella is in the company of Beth who is watching her carefully. Maybe reach out to her so you can meet up." "Stay safe Kiddo." *sighs, leans his head against the wall and falls asleep again*
  2. @RogueSolace - You tricked me and I fucking love you for it @Mademoiselle - Stay awesome. @GreenySmiley - You might be the only persons that gets someone with a plactic tube in his throat to talk for an hour.
  3. Teamspeak and Discord

    Havent been on Discord in ages. Can we...can we not?
  4. Nah, me and my bike without bell and saddle stay here
  5. 70€ for a parking ticket? Where did you park - on the spot of the premier minister? Thats fucking expensive!
    • Malet
    • Harvey

    There was - is - and will always be just one Harvey for me, bb :*

    1. Harvey


      I'm back!

  6. Malet

    That feeling when you need 7 months to figure out that your character is fucking meaningless and little more than
    a sidekick and you suddenly feel like an idiot IRL for getting so much involved in a videogame.


    (I know, egdy much!)

    1. Mass



    2. SgtSmithy


      Your character has meaning bud. I have had some really good interactions with your character a lot of them helped me develop Colt. 

    3. Mademoiselle


      Even though we haven't got a lot of character development, I want to know more about Letter. i feel like I know a lot of personal stuff but I want to know more.

      And I get it, it is real shitty to dedicate your time for someone to show it was a waste of time basically. 

    4. Harvey


      @Malet We have spoken about this a lot recently and I can aknowledge your feelings, if you ever want to drive character development we will all help you hands down..

    5. Mademoiselle


      +1 with Harvey, now your character knows who to rely on more :D 

    6. RogueSolace


      Malet is amazing and is by no means a side character. Your rp has done nothing but strengthen others and help people to grow. You are absolutely amazing. 

  7. Winners of the Screenshot of the Month Contest

    @Razareth Welcome to the list, my dude
  8. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    The entire situation regarding hostile RP and its lack on the server is far more complicated then just "People dont want it and will report you for trying". Like every other form of RP, Hostile Roleplay comes in a large variety of quality, depending on factors like creativity, reason, dedication and space for involvement of the victim. The main issue I see was the lack of inspiration provided by the hostile party and the fact that the victim was often forced to only "react" rather than "act". Sentences like "Show some respect for my group/country/random reason" or "I always wanted to taste human" are not scary but cause a headache by the facepalming. Where I disagree: "The server doesnt want hostile RP". The majority of people I RP with want more hostile RP, that progresses their character development and story line. I myself was recently a hostage and the events of that night pushed my characters story more forward than months of apple picking. Where I agree: People need to chill down with the salt and reports if they receive hostile RP they are not happy with! Talk to the people, give them tipps and a chance to improve rather than push them away from a form of RP that they might be new at and need to practice. Being a hostile character is way more difficult than being the average Joe, especially because you are often the pro-active character whose creativity and passion is asked. The server needs more hostile RP - but! - not only in quantity but quality. A flood of clown masks would be frustrating and cringy; large groups rolling up in Hubs demanding "Respect" is not original. Take @Mademoiselle as an example: She wanted to give hostile RP a try, spent time and effort in making it creative and believeable and the results so far are phenomenal. Not a single complain or shot fired, but dynamic roleplay that progresses not just the stories of those directly involved but everyone around them because the people she took hostage werent just toys, at the mercy of the idea the hostile person had, but had room to bring in their own ideas. Thats good hostile roleplay. To sum it up: We need more (creative!) hostile RP - quality not quantity. Help each other to improve both as being hostile and hostage. Give it a try from both sides. Its most of the time a huge chance for great story telling.
  9. What do you listen to ?

    Party like its Berlin'45
  10. Real life picture Thread

    So, facecam confirmed?
  11. San Valentino Media Thread

  12. Fucking hell, I really didnt realize that it was you. I feel like an idiot now
  13. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    No from my side for multiple reasons: 1. People die all the time to bugs, glitches and desync. Having your character that is involved in an on-going storyline benched due to this would be upsetting and increase the workload for staffers who then have to deal with undoing counted deaths. 2. Many people focus their RP on one specific character and his development. Being forced to bench him/her might keep them away from the server in general. I play multiple characters myself and can asure you that if you play with dedication it takes time to get into the right mindset of this person. 3. I dont think that what you suggest is with the current state of the server even necessary. There is no group war going on and I never have even seen someone with 5 or more deaths within a week. I'm sure they exist, but these cases are so rare that another rule would make little to no difference.
  14. Today was one of those nights where you dont have a voice at the end anymore, but are absolutely happy! @Mademoiselle - You are pushing Letter to his emotional and social limits and I freaking love it @FieJaxon - You take my humor better than most. Cheers for that, mate. @Oisin - Always a pleasure to work with a professional ... and thx for not shooting me this time @RogueSolace - Dont you dare lose the badge, you hear me? You are one of us now @Niccokick - I really enjoyed your character and your RP today, mate. Today was kinda a milestone in my char's story. Thanks for playing along. Keep up the good work