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  1. Malet

    Twitch staff Q&A questions

    Question you'd like to ask: In the past an accusation staff had to face from time to time was that some of them are barely active In-Game so that their only impression of the state of the RP came through community members, stream, reports and so on. Is actual In-Game activity (hours played in the last two weeks) by staffer being promoted within staff or even required?
  2. Malet

    Lo's Diary - Letters to Mom and Dad

    10/10 would get my nose broken for Kiddo again
  3. Malet

    Slava Chedaki!

    *Markus sits outside of his and Rains home, the radio as usual next to him while he patches up an old bicycle. When he hears the familiar voice he narrows his eyes and drops the tools to reach for his radio. He seems to think for the right words for a moment before he responds.* "Sounds to me you Chedaki fellows got the wrong guy. Hughes was actually a good man who never harmed anyone. Guess communism and the liberation of the common people isnt going so well when killing an honourable soldier far away from his home is such a huge victory that you need to share your silly propaganda with the rest of us." *Markus continues to grab the open beer bottle from the table nearby and pours some of it onto the ground while humming the melody of an old bundeswehr song.* "There you go, old friend. See you on the other side one day."
  4. Malet

    • Malet
    • Crim



    1. Crim


      Great end to the story tbh

  5. Malet

    • Malet
    • Dino

    Facebook told me its your birthday - So Happy 18th birthday my favorite norwegian dude. You're a big boy now :trolle:

    1. Dino


      18? I'm back in high school? 😄 

      Thanks Malet! 

  6. Malet

    Tally Your Bans

    5/30 = 0 Guess I'm boring ... or I just am bad at PvP so I never killed someone even when I wanted
  7. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    This will be a long post, but it was a very fun night so here we go: @Dino & @Brayces - My favorite filthy foreigners in Chernarus @Revie - Climbing up a tower turns into an adventure with you @Lyca - Drug buddies 4 ever. @Ouromov - The best chernarussian on the server. And screw english btw. @Ender & @GreenySmiley - About damn time to see you two again. @ShepBlue, @Vinjonker "Hawk" and whoever "Smartass" Max is - You caught me completely off guard but provided some of the most pleasant and chill RP I had in some time. I sincerly hope our neighborhood continues (I hope I tagged the right people.)
  8. Malet

    • Malet
    • derNils

    Saw this and thought of you 😘


    1. derNils


      I approve @Malet

    2. Malet


      I raise you this 😎


  9. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Logged on to find a pistol magazine, found some of the finest RP I had in a long time by @Craig, @Elmo & @Stagsview instead. Cheers gentleman, that was a solid 10/10.
  10. Malet

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Cool, as someone playing an average chernarussian worker I appreciate the hell out of this Hope to See you soon IG, my brothers.
  11. Malet

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Hiding: What exactly is meant by that? Me and the people I know and play with currently travel a lot all over the map, including places like the east coast and more rural areas that are classified as "Low Pop". It has nothing to do with hiding or avoiding certain groups/people but more with the desire to explore the full potential of the game world given. Yes, this usually means to meet less people than in, lets say the triangle for example, but these rare encounters are then often of way higher quality than the clusterfuck one can easily encounter in hubs. A lot of changes have been made to the map and the lack of people in the usual hotspots doesnt mean they are hiding at the edge of the map, but maybe simply that they are roaming around somewhere else. Realism: One of the most common arguments for hostilities is "Its the apocalypse, not a safeplace. IRL people would be mean when civilization collapses." This is absolutely correct. But this argument means also that people realisticly who cant stand up to hostile persons/groups would avoid them if they can. Sure, this is a roleplay server so if you want to avoid RP this is the wrong place for you, but in the name of fairness the "Realism vs Roleplay" argument shouldnt be twisted to only benefit one side. Be evil because it makes sense IG, but then dont be surprised if people you harmed in the past dont run up to you with open arms in areas known for being trouble hotspots. Thats also just realism. Quality vs Quantity: People are currently spread out all over the map. I wouldnt call it hiding, but thats my view. This obviously means you meet less people on an average base. But at least from my experience of the last weeks meeting less people doesnt mean less or worse RP. Actually I really enjoyed the different types of RP I received at different locations, be it Hostile RP from the Jackals near Cherno to the tour through Albion by the Chavaliers to the random encounter with @Xehara in the middle of nowhere. Centralized areas like the Triangle or Hubs often give something I call "Fast Food RP" because you have a high chance of getting RP but often its of mediocre quality (Non-Hostile & HostileRP) while meeting small groups or single individuals somewhere on the map often results in stellar RP as the other person is as happy to see you as you are to see them. Tl;dr: The RP is spread out, but that doesnt mean people are actively avoiding RP with others. They just dont cluster in certain areas anymore, what is actually way more realistic and not necessary bad for the quality of the roleplay.
  12. Malet

    DayZ Update Thread

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt the only really "new" thing besides the night lighting a scope on the shotgun? Everything else is just reintroduced old stuff o.O
  13. Malet

    Staff Feedback: DaRsnn

    Link to the situation: N/A - We talked in Discord. Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I joined the "Waiting for Staff Help" Channel for clearing out some questions regarding rules and a recently closed report. I quickly found help by @DaRsnn and got my questions answered fast and competent. Suggestions for improvement: Nothing really. Cheers for the help, mate.
  14. Malet

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @DrMax - That was @Revie Was a pleasure to meet and annoy the hell out of you. @Dino & @Brayces - FINALLY!!! God, I missed you so much. @Ouromov - Wario, my chernarussian brother. Loved your RP, my dude. Hope to see you again IG @Lyca & @GreenySmiley - Long time no see. Shame you had to leave so early. @Isaiah Cortez - I hope you like your nickname, "White Death". Didnt thought I would ever see you again.
  15. Malet


    I just became a Twitch Affiliate - Not a big deal, but kind of exciting 😄 

    In case anyone is into Strategy & Survival Games --> Malets Twitch Channel


    1. Eddie


      Good job my friend! Congrats!

    2. DrMax


      Congratulations honey ❤️❤️

    3. Major


      Congrats man!

    4. Roland


      One can become affiliate with 2000 views and 100 follows? Can't be that arranged on fiverr for like 10 bucks?

    5. Malet


      @Eddie @DrMax @Major Thank you 🙂

      @Roland They changed the system. Becoming an affiliate isnt that difficult anymore. Becoming a partner still has very high requirements that I will never be able to meet. Thats why the affilations is something quite big for me 😄 

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