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  1. Here is an another guide made by me, but not with the performance (FPS) boost for dayz that i made. I have some tips for this guide! Here are the most useful tips for new players: -You can carry two weapons at a time. However, one of them must be held in your hands and you will drop it every time you put something else in your hands. -You can keep both weapons even if you log out. Put both weapons on your hotbar and when you log back in use the hotbar to take out the weapon in your hands. -When your Field of View is lower, your scopes and sights zoom in further. The reverse also applies for you quake-style players. -Eating an entire can of food at once every time you get hungry will keep you fed for much longer. -You can use the gun scope ( without gun ) as a binoculars. -Exiting a server while unconscious will kill your character, always ಠ_ಠ . -When you first spawn, find the nearest water pump and drink until your stomach is full. This will keep you from getting thirsty for at least for 20-30 minutes of playtime (if you will always run it will decrease faster). -You can get up on top of the tallest high-rises in the commie blocks. Climb the ladder, go up a few flights of stairs, vault over the stairway rubble, up a few more flights, then on the ladder and up to the roof. -A punch to the head will knock down (but not kill) players and zombies in one hit with the exception of players wearing Motorcycle Helmets. -You can empty M4 magazines and keep the ammo separate. By doing this, you can use an ammo box to hold up to 150 rounds in only 4 inventory slots. -Pristine Ballistic Helmets, Tactical Vests, and UK Assault vests will stop 1 pistol round but will be ruined or damaged afterwards and wont protect you anymore. -Axes hit slightly to the right of the crosshair. A good rule of thumb is to aim slightly above someone’s left shoulder for a headshot. Here are other tips : -Melee is buggy, so melee against a zombie is risky. However, if you circle them while swinging they turn slow and can’t even try to hit you, while you can keep swinging until you kill them. Fireaxe is best choice, one hit kill anywhere. -Medkits are really useful. 6 medical slots and only take up 4 in inventory, plus they come with water purification tablets to keep you from getting sick from drinking. Recommend carrying several filled with various medical supplies, not just what they spawn with. -The biggest threat currently in the game is the other players. Don’t trust anyone unless you know them, definitely not those you just met. If they are well geared, they may kill you out of paranoia, assuming it is you or them. Until there are No PvP servers up, trust no one (except really good people that you've met). -Don’t over eat or drink, it can make you sick. Spam the water only so much, and 1 can of food at a time is plenty. -Power lines always lead to Elektrozavodsk ( always remember this ) . -Are you tired? Keep hydrated and eat. If you are in need of rest sitting on the floor for a short while will also help. -Pay attention to which style of house you find stuff in, some spawn nothing consistently and are a waste of time. That may change later, but don’t count on it. -And remember that you can search for berries in the bushes or apples in the trees! I hope i helped with these tips, maybe another day i'll make an expanded guide for the best gaming experience in dayz... Ideas and tips from : http://dayzintel.com/dayz-guides/advanced-tips-advanced-operators ███۞███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃ ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ I███████████████████]. ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤...
  2. As a fresh spawn, attacking a player this way can more often than not be considered NVFL. You should eat until you are stuffed, always. There's no reason to stop after 1 can of food, it's never wasted and always fills your stomach which in turn delays being hungry. There is a reason to stop eating after 1 can of food, if you don't have much food, daah...
  3. Nice tips, good job! Very useful for people who don't actively try to do new stuff or do not watch streams. I learned most of these tricks either by accident on watching stream. Just a few things I wanted to discuss: In my opinion the Mosin inaccuracy at longer ranges to the left and down was removed long time ago. I remember testing it myself before and after. Not that it matters anymore because Mosin bipods were removed from the game and sway is bigger nowadays (meaning that shots to 600-800m are really hard now with or without this inaccuracy). Creating bigger ammo stacks with magazines should not be working. I think this was removed a long time ago too. Also ammo boxes do not spawn. If someone has found one I'd like to know where and when. Maybe helicrashes still spawn them. Rotten fruits were taken out because having those lying around would ruin the whole persistence loot system. We can use scopes in hand instead of binoculars. Nowadays we can even freelook with it (as it was stuck to X-axis only in one patch). You can even zoom with the long range scopes making it my choice over binoculars. About the rotten fruit I didn't knew ( were taken out ) tho, but ammo boxes does spawn, at helicopter crashes... And I'll need to update this guide to the newest patch tips and tricks! Also thank you about the mosin, that the left and down aiming was removed, didn't knew that ( wasn't using mosin for a long time ) .
  4. Here is a another quick guide of how to boost your Dayz FPS: 1.First of all you'll need to download Gefoce Experience ( somebody already should have that program who uses Nvidia drivers ). This program is 100% legal. Click here to download: http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience 2.After you download it, install it. If it didn't install properly, it shows that it couldn't, try installing it again ( for me it worked ). 3.After that, you start the program, when it launches you can see 5 tabs in top left. Press ,,Games" tab and then press the big twisted-arrow in the middle of the application screen ,,Refresh game list''. Games which support Nvidia will appear on the screen. 4.Now it's your choice what game to choose to boost. Click the green button ,,Boost'' and that's all ! Here is an example how it should look: 5.This program also has other features, like game filming program ,,ShadowPlay"( I should say it's very good ). If you didn't understand it clearly or something gone wrong, write me. Also remember to update your Nvidia drivers and to change your resolution manually ( You can also change the resolution by not being in the game, just press the grey wrench near the boost button and select your resolution, you may have to change it many times, don't know why it doesn't save )! Oh and the program ,,ShadowPlay" can record in 1440p which is very awesome! This program has also other features, go, look for them
  5. Fromdaheavens

    [GUIDE] Setting up your Mic Properly!

    Awesome guide, thanks for creating it!
  6. There was said that I will need to wait hours or even days to be accepted in the whitelist, but now I am waiting for a week. Why is this taking so long ( I know about the donors in the queue ), I m waiting so long, why?
  7. I m going from like 120/400 to 345/400 and then 250/400, and then.... Well i was doing my whitelist acceptation for like 50 mins, almost an hour.
  8. You don't get what I mean, I mean that it's too long... I know there is a huge amount of people, but not so huge that I have to wait for a week. I'll be patient I joined since last Friday
  9. Rewand, Milos, Jetwells thank you! And Jetwells, most of the tips are wrote by me ( from my experience )
  10. Yes, they've updated the Geforce experience. When i saw the update, I immediately made this post to help people out with the bad Dayz performance ( we all know that Dayz is optimized poorly ). And yes, the fps drops to 45-50, but it's not too bad...
  11. I m going to add some new tips, maybe on Saturday, so stay tuned!
  12. Sorry man, i can't find any boosters that support AMD
  13. For me it didn't happen, maybe it's your video card or something else... Sorry, try re-installing this program (for many people it worked)