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  1. As a fresh spawn, attacking a player this way can more often than not be considered NVFL. You should eat until you are stuffed, always. There's no reason to stop after 1 can of food, it's never wasted and always fills your stomach which in turn delays being hungry. There is a reason to stop eating after 1 can of food, if you don't have much food, daah...
  2. Nice tips, good job! Very useful for people who don't actively try to do new stuff or do not watch streams. I learned most of these tricks either by accident on watching stream. Just a few things I wanted to discuss: In my opinion the Mosin inaccuracy at longer ranges to the left and down was removed long time ago. I remember testing it myself before and after. Not that it matters anymore because Mosin bipods were removed from the game and sway is bigger nowadays (meaning that shots to 600-800m are really hard now with or without this inaccuracy). Creating bigger ammo stacks with magazines should not be working. I think this was removed a long time ago too. Also ammo boxes do not spawn. If someone has found one I'd like to know where and when. Maybe helicrashes still spawn them. Rotten fruits were taken out because having those lying around would ruin the whole persistence loot system. We can use scopes in hand instead of binoculars. Nowadays we can even freelook with it (as it was stuck to X-axis only in one patch). You can even zoom with the long range scopes making it my choice over binoculars. About the rotten fruit I didn't knew ( were taken out ) tho, but ammo boxes does spawn, at helicopter crashes... And I'll need to update this guide to the newest patch tips and tricks! Also thank you about the mosin, that the left and down aiming was removed, didn't knew that ( wasn't using mosin for a long time ) .
  3. Fromdaheavens

    [GUIDE] Setting up your Mic Properly!

    Awesome guide, thanks for creating it!
  4. I m going from like 120/400 to 345/400 and then 250/400, and then.... Well i was doing my whitelist acceptation for like 50 mins, almost an hour.
  5. You don't get what I mean, I mean that it's too long... I know there is a huge amount of people, but not so huge that I have to wait for a week. I'll be patient I joined since last Friday
  6. There was said that I will need to wait hours or even days to be accepted in the whitelist, but now I am waiting for a week. Why is this taking so long ( I know about the donors in the queue ), I m waiting so long, why?
  7. Rewand, Milos, Jetwells thank you! And Jetwells, most of the tips are wrote by me ( from my experience )