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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):http://www.dayzrp.com/profile/8965-krischev/banned Why the verdict is not fair: Banned perm Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was on vacca for about a day when i saw on my phone that my steam was on and i knew that my cosin was on my account gaming he played on the server by hitting the connect bottum and auto logging in and the password was on my left moniter. So my guess is he put to togather and figured it out. i logged in after vaction about 2 days after i guess to find out i was banned and came into ts to figure out the reasonbehind the Ban. The admin told me to report Pov when i tried the Browser are Website would not let me post i went to the admin to try and get help and he left me to my own Demize. so i said fuck it and logged and here i am know trying again What would you like to achieve with this appeal: unbanned so i can play on server's and stream and to get this issue sloved What could you have done better?: Not let people game on my cant AND THIS IS ALL I KNOW
  2. Krischev/Kris white -POV- we came to the airfield to loot noticed that someone shot a zombie and then went to find that person. They found him i was told to take a over watch spot in the middle of the air field so i did that i went to the middle found some bushes and took up a sniper spot in them from there i got hungry and ate beans while he was being robbed. during this i was to far out as i was over watch to hear anything.
  3. Krischev

    RP2: BadRP in Novy Summer Camp - 02/19/2016 00:30:00

    we told him to put his hands up and strip all gear down that he was being robed and we talked back and forth on radio and in 'game' and after we told him that we where quiet for like 20 sec's and told him to shut up cause he was yelling and i took " .357 ammo mosin and mosin ammo" other then the knife we left him with clothes food and drink . we have no video
  4. Krischev

    RP2: BadRP in Novy Summer Camp - 02/19/2016 00:30:00

    i as in kris white never said shut up are i shoot i said shut up i dont want other people hearing u and i asked for mosin ammo to we where talking on radio and to u i just want to put this up so everyone see's this "The reason I created the report is because you did nothing whilst robbing me. Just silently going through my gear and telling me to shut the fuck up." that is from DATBLUEWOLF on his post after my friend's post so there for he went back on what he said and even said that we talked to him saying "shut the fuck up".
  5. Krischev

    RP2: BadRP in Novy Summer Camp - 02/19/2016 00:30:00

    Krischev/kris white -POV- my name is Krischev Player name is Kris white --- I was runing down to the coast coming from novy with Devin Gibbs and we where talking over radio and we where coming up on the camp and saw a guy and i wanted him to trade for .357 ammo and mosin ammo and he only gave me .357 ammo and also only gave me 11 rounds i had to say something for him to notice that he gave me the wrong amount 11 rounds and that he need to give me the right amount he said oh my bad cant count and gave the extra round and still failed to give me mosin ammo so be a my friend decide to rob him for his mosin and the ammo we only handcuffed him and the uncuffed him after but due to the fact that he got are names from me cuffing him and my friend uncuffing him i fail to see how we got pulled in but other then that we went a head and where leaving when we noticed that there was a guy coming up the road so we left in a hurry.
  6. had the great time on NW last night was very cool ran in to some Russian's and had a great meal and had a the best time thanks for the RP Everyone