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  1. LeWildz

    Broadcast to every radio in the area of Zelenogorsk)

    *radio comes to life* We all know your objective, UN DOGS you soldiers are nothing but idiots and bandits, you are not gonna make it far in chernraus *Jarno drops the dead mans radio and continues to search his backpack*
  2. Buddy, keep calm. It wasnt you. even if it was you, i would tell it in public. I already pmed higher member/leader -snip- nvm Alright thanks man (:
  3. o: i didnt know i was accepted. This is amazing, thanks so much blackwoods I hope it wasnt me. Jarno. Im the newest. What went wrong. Was it me? Please do tell EDIT: I dont think it was me. My characters accent is not forced and i dont remember being by Bob Siggs. (: i get so worried
  4. Thanks Viktor, i got there safe, maybe it was your gods? I am now waiting beside the tower. I am finally joining the group i wanted.
  5. LeWildz

    Blackwood Milita 89.5

    [static] [you hear a voice whispering urgently] hey, blackwoods, this is jarno blackburn. [loud winds of green mountain can be heard] im in green mountain, its full of monroes, they dont know my relation with you. i dont know if you are hostile agaisnt them, please tell me what to do. if you answer please be short [you hear voices in the backround] i have to go [silence]
  6. Great time with you guys tonight. Shame i had to leave. And its hard being a rookie, had a bottle of pure vodka, you then made me shoot. The push ups and then you made me do laps around the base. All while i was still vomiting (: hope i get accepted. Keep being awesome blackwoods
  7. *static is heard for a few minutes and then a cheerful voice comes on* Hello? well my name is Felix and im leaving for green mountain. And as my dear father used to say company, if good, is one of the best things you can have. *more anoying static* fuck you picece of shit. Oh im still pressing the button. Well ill wait for a response.
  8. *Marco sighs, gets up and starts to pack up* I guess ill have to keep looking. //ok thanks man (:
  9. My name is Marco blackburn. Im looking to join you but i cant find you. I know you are out there. Just give me a clue *Marco puts his radio down. and enjoys some bacon*
  10. yeah (: THANKS all of you
  11. hi mates, yesterday afternoon i was in 200 something place and now i am accepted. How did this happen. Did the admins actually read that many whitelists? Im loving the experience btw (:
  12. LeWildz

    To those who hunt

    *Marco frowns as he hears the message*. listen you sick bastard. The world is already fucked up. i dont need you to remind me.
  13. S3. thats all your getting. Good luck Thanks man. I wont keep you waiting. i will find you and i will try to join you
  14. hi mates. id love to join the militia. fits perfectly with my character. were can i find you??
  15. i played found lots of guns held up a dude made friends and headed to prison island.Dayzrp is awesome man