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  1. Gerby

    S1 - RDM/Invalid execution X2 30-10-2016 03:50ish

    Nonetheless, I will leave this up to the staff now, back and forth is not enjoyable for anyone especially the staff team.
  2. Gerby

    S1 - RDM/Invalid execution X2 30-10-2016 03:50ish

    As for this, I apologize for not allowing you to drink -- that was my bad as I was confronted by quite a few situations during our run up to GM, and cholera is extremely rare if you're healthy or nearly-full blood As for the latter paragraph, "pretty sure" is not a rule. I'd like to put emphasis on the part about "approaching GM" that you said, and I'd also like to ask whether or not there is an actual, visible rule around this or if it is a grey area. I definitely did admit that I re-initiated on that man after making the demands, he returned shots upon my initiating -- however, your claims that there even is a rule surrounding this surprises me as I've never heard or read about this. Also, refer to the part about "not approaching GM". Not to mention that Tequan has had upwards of 6 hostile interactions with the horsemen, 5 of which were instigated by the opposing party.
  3. Gerby

    S1 - RDM/Invalid execution X2 30-10-2016 03:50ish

    Alexis James POV: I'm chilling with Tequan outside of Kabanino, and I'm alerted to people claiming to be the horsemen inside of Kabanino that just robbed one of Luna's friends so we join their comms. Shortly after this, they initiate on Luna and her friend by pointing their guns at them and stating that they need to leave before counting down. They comply, and shortly after I push up to the piano house and confirm the IDs of the 2 people that initiated on them. I drop one of them, and the other one runs. At this point, a member of our dynamic (Gerald Claymore) is killed. We start searching for him, and upon finding him I drop him as well. Though, we've been told these weren't the horsemen after the situation, they did claim to be so we expected more horsemen to approach the town and they did (whether this was a coincidence or whatever) I'm sitting back and holding overwatch, and then I see Grisha Petrov running around the hill behind me. I initiate on him, instantly get him to drop his guns, and then start running him backwards towards Rigovo. We get through Rigovo and I stop around 200-250m away from GM. I then take Grisha's radio and hold it up to his mouth, asking that he say "If we take shots, Grisha dies." he proceeds to say something along the lines of "If we take shots, or if anyone approaches Green Mountain, I will die." I take the radio away, and before I move Grisha I see someone approaching who I have assumed at this point is one of them. I say "I see your friend hiding in the bush, by the way..." to Grisha and instantly he runs away from the bush. I leave Grisha for a short moment and initiate on the man that I saw hiding in the bush, he does not comply and takes shots at me. I drop him. We continue on and stop at GM Summer Camp, where Grisha somehow manages to run while I'm tying him (Swear to god this man is a ninja, literally ran through like 4 people and none of us saw him. Someone give him beans) and then I hear them execute the 2 other hostages. Somebody shows up at the gate, and I initiate on him. He runs, I take shots and continue chasing him. We see like ~3-4 people further along the hill and I drop 1 of them before going down myself. I'd like to ask a few questions here: 1st of all, is there any specific rule that states initiating voids any radio commands (I apologize if I've overlooked something, but I'm confident there isn't and it might be a grey area.) 2nd of all, because Grisha said that anyone approaching Green Mountain would grant me KOS rights on Grisha + his dynamic (I didn't tell him to say it, he did of his own accord) then we would have had KOS rights granted prior to me initiating on the man that approached and therefore they would be carried over?
  4. Halloween event was amazing, and genuinely terrifying. Thanks so much for the extremely fun night <3
  5. Katie Manning POV: We met up with Nikolay inside VMC, and spoke to him for a little while. We eventually decided that we'd head on up to Prud/Flint/Etc. Lake and make a fire due to it getting dark, not to mention his RP was pretty tight and we wanted to prolong it. Upon arriving, we made the fire, all sat down, played some music, talked for a while etc. A little while after starting the fire, we decided to initiate. We were all pretty tired so comms were cluttered and it was a bit rough in terms of knowing exactly what was happening and when, so instead of involving myself I just chose to sit at the fire and let them do their thing. Jericho started to walk away in a sort of "Gonna go get firewood" kind of way. He spun around and hit him with the "Don't turn around or you die." This resulted in him turning around (Whether he turned around as the initiation was dropped, before, or afterwards I don't really know.) -- however, after this, he spun 180 degrees in the other direction and started running forwards. It also looked like he raised his gun, which could've been the reload animation or lag, I'm unsure. He was then gunned down, though it might've been a little bit early, both parties were a little bit jumpy, and I can understand both sides.
  6. ROFL, nah that was me. I thought you guys were with Boston and Lyca, and considering I just murdered Larry I was so fucking scared. I love you guys, that was amazing. I ran past GM and then pulled a full 180 around GM to run inside and hold camo building, I was hoping you would just keep running to Zeleno but if you found me I'd just init on anyone that came in lmfao.
  7. Gerby

    Open Bounty {Open Freq}

    *Veronika looked towards Johnny Denver's vest, her eyes wandering between the bullet holes laced throughout it and the hundreds of 5.56 rounds she'd liberated from it, finally believing he'd actually be able to pay up for that hefty bounty* "I'll quote the man himself one more time..." *She clears her throat, doing a bad impersonation of his voice* "Stay mad, bitches." *Her voice was trailed off by giggling, flicking her radio off and lying back -- using her backpack as a pillow and shutting her eyes, eventually drifting off to sleep.*
  8. Gerby

    Open Bounty {Open Freq}

    *She stared blankly at her radio, furrowing her eyebrows for a moment before retrieving it and holding the push to talk* "Oh yeah, and Laurel just happened to still be there with your captive? Of course. Don't flex in public, all of us know what happened today. One of those bullets must've fucked up your memory or some shit. What was it that one of your men said to us that day in Kabanino? Hm... trying to remember, think his exact words were "Stay mad, bitches." *She could be heard capping a pharmaseutical bottle, before standing and letting go of her push to talk*
  9. Gerby

    Open Bounty {Open Freq}

    *Veronika maintained an utterly blank face, chewing on her lip and debating whether or not to speak. After a while, she seemed to finally convince herself to speak up -- holding the radio to her lips, pushing down the push to talk button, and speaking in a voice that mimics her monotone expression* "My good friends, the Savages, is it?" *She paused, doing her best to keep up her monotone voice as it broke slightly. The hand she clutched the radio in was audibly shaking, petrified, though she did her best to hide it.* "We never fucked with you, until you fucked with us. We co-existed peacefully, and it was wonderful. And then you had to rob us in fucking Kabanino. I wasn't there for the events that took place afterwards, and I do not take responsibility for them. However, if you leave us alone, there will not be a problem. I do not want what happened in Novy Sobor today to happen again. I do not want another 7 of your men to lay in the streets lifeless. I really, really don't want that." *She released the push to talk button, trembling quite heavily. She ran her hands down her face, a few tears dripping down her face as she mumbled softly to herself. She clicked the button on a small, battery-operated mp3 player that sat on a small tree trunk next to her -- a tune beginning to echo through the radio afterwards.* [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/57d8ce9f18605.mp3[/mp3]
  10. Hello, this is kind of long so I decided it would be better to post on the forums where I have actual control of formatting rather than just pasting it directly on my char page. Wrote this in like ~1 hour so don't expect all that much, pretty rushed and generally garbage, not to mention super edgy but I hope someone enjoys it nonetheless. An unfortunate series of events coincided with Veronika's birth -- Her father's suicide. Her mother's relapse. Her brother's disappearance. First came her father's suicide; a single, 9mm round, discharged directly into his skull. Simple, effective, quick. There was no note. This event lead directly into the next one: her mother's relapse. Her mother, a recovering xanax addict -- spiraled right back into the drug due to her husband's suicide. And, finally, her mother's relapse lead to her neglectfulness towards her son, which in turn lead to his running away, never to show up again and presumed to be dead. Though, you're not here to learn about those, are you? Of course not. You're here to learn about Veronika. Roughly 2 months after her brother's disappearance came Veronika herself, born into the wonderfully boring country of Chernarus -- more specifically, a little town known as Lopatino. Despite her clearly fucked up mismatch of family history, her single mother did her absolute best to raise her traditionally. This, obviously, did not work out very well for either of them. Her mother's addiction in turn lead to the same neglectfulness that had pushed her brother into having run away. She might as well have been born into the physical manifestation of depression. She knew the feeling from birth, and she'd live with it for the rest of her life. Though it was hard to notice in her very early years, there were still bits and pieces that didn't make sense to Veronika. Her mother's panic attacks, her weeping at night that she did her absolute best to hide but no matter what Veronika could hear, her smiles -- or rather lack thereof. It was all Veronika knew. She had a hard time getting along with the other kids at school, partially because of the constant ridicule of her family history, partially because of the inability to enjoy anything due to her mind constantly wandering to her mother, father, and brother. This stuck for quite a while. She spent her time through gradeschool alone, for the most part -- every now and then speaking when she was spoken too, hanging out in attempts to have a social life but failing over and over again. Slowly, she managed to find an escape in art. More specifically, music -- and drawing. As the boredom grew worse, and the loneliness became even easier for her to comprehend, she began her recluse into art. She sketched everything and everyone she possibly could to pass the time, and scrounged up money to spend on albums and CDs. Her mother's frequent panic attacks never stopped, though at least now Veronika had some sort of way to shift her attention from the screams and cries. She turned up her music and hummed along, knowing full well that there was no way she could help her mother. She was too far gone. As Veronika entered highschool, her social life began to slowly, and I mean fucking agonizingly slowly, improve. She went by Viktoria now. Maybe because it made her feel better to dissacoiate from her family, maybe because she just liked the name more. Probably both. And as her social life slowly recovered, she'd set her sights on a new project: English. She'd always wanted to learn another language, and wanting to understand English music had pushed her even further to enroll in classes and learn. She picked it up fast, becoming nearly fluent in less than a year. All of this served as a great distraction from the family history that was quickly catching up to her, though it would never stop. Her mother had gotten consistently worse, having OD'd on whatever the fuck she was on this time on a multitude of occasions in just the last few months. Whatever was left of the Aminev family was quickly deteriorating. Viktoria was running out of distractions, with her few friends becoming busy with school, family, work. She fell back into the cycle, and at age 15 she broke one of the few promises she'd upheld for herself: She wouldn't abuse the drug that put her and her mother in this position, no matter how tempting it was. In highschool, it wasn't all that hard to get her hands on a bar. And so she did. And then 2, and then 3, and then 4. Finally, she had another distraction -- the high. Fortunately, her mother was too preoccupied with her own continuously unravelling mind to notice what was happening to her daughter; she spent nearly all day every day in her room with the radio on and the curtains drawn. Even school became a pointless act to her, and so she slipped away from her friends and her life. It was on her 16th birthday that she attempted suicide. One quick slice across her wrist, and it was finally over. She was so high, the pain was more than bearable. She closed her eyes and relaxed as the blood came to cloud the water she lay in; slowly drifting away from consciousness and into nothingness. It was finally over, what had she even been waiting for all this time? If only it actually was. She would awake 3 hours later in the hospital, an IV in her arm and tight bandages wrapped around her wrist. It took her a while to figure out what was happening, though as she did, she'd exploded into sobbing. Her mother rushed into the room to accompany her with more crying, hugging her and whispering to her. "Please, I couldn't take it if you left me too." She whispered to her. She'd never heard her mother speak like that about her before, nor' even show actual care for her. It was a warm feeling, one she wasn't used to. One she hadn't felt before. Real care. She'd spent the next 6 months in the hospital recovering, talking to therapist after therapist, trying medication after medication. And finally, she'd be released back into her broken household. She'd re-enroll into school, and come pretty fucking close to graduating if only it wasn't for the infection. Though, a depressed teen with little to know life experience wouldn't get very far in the end of the world, she tried her best. In fact, she'd never been this motivated to survive in her life -- an ironic change of pace, considering not even a year ago she was dead-set on wanting to die. She'd spend the next 2 years making friends, losing friends. It was hard at first, though, at least there was no past chasing her now. She finally felt like she was free from her family, from all the shit that constantly stood atop her shoulders in her old life. She wasn't Veronika Aminev And then she met new people. But, these weren't the same kind of new people. Over the last couple years, she'd learned that people are disposable. You couldn't get too attached. She didn't mean for it to happen, but of course it fucking did. And then she met one more new person. And it was in talking to this new person that she'd feel that warm feeling she felt all those months ago when her mother had spoken to her at the hospital. What was it? Love? Comfort? Affection? Who even cares, she was happy. For the first time in her life, she was really happy
  11. Avoided RP? where exactly? oh right when your partner never even said a thing and came running up the stairs and stuck their SVD in my mouth, rather than defuse the situation. OKAY! you said you had no friends outside the house when in fact you did so YOU decided that the situation was going one way mate. Why didn't you negotiate? Also, why would i succumb to you harassing me and my friend for an apology, dragging other people into our TS to again demand apologies although our side was never asked for? saying we're gonna get "super reported" as your opening statement when you come into our TS isn't very mature either. That's borderline bullying your way to a conclusion. Please can we just wait for an admins decision rather than go back and forth with this? i don't have any form of OOC hate towards yourselves, or IC (due to NLR but mostly because we're hero types and don't really look for trouble) I'm just here to give my POV and evidence as requested by staff. The only thing that confuses me is what you're saying is that the only way i could have defended my self was if i was shot first. As we all know with an SVD in my face that would have been impossible if i was fired upon (which she admitted she had every intention to do so and from the evidence i provided you can clearly see that was the goal) it's a 1 hit kill nearly. So i should have just died? so as not to rule break? GearRP? at which point did i take your gear? i grabbed the SVD off the person who rushed me as a trophy i guess and got out of there! we weren't interested in your gear! I mean you guys were better armed than us, are you soldiers? because my character doesn't know how to use an SVD effectively because he wasn't a super soldier before the outbreak. The worst part of this process for me is that unfortunately i kinda want to avoid RP with you guys now, because you came off VERY hostile, and if we were to counter it again, i feel that we'll be straight back here. Either that or next time i'll just let you guys kill me. Which i apparently should have done, because i had ZERO kill rights on a person with their weapon raised at me running into my face with the intention of killing me. Confusing huh. Please calm down, no one is currently talking to you -- we're simply here, waiting for a verdict as there is in my opinion no more argument that hasn't been made.
  12. We would like you to upload this as soon as possible. We do tell the guy to fuck off towards the end, so pardon the language, but it was all a bit much IC and OOC. If he wanted to report us i believe he should have just done so. Hope it helps Huh... I thought he actually was harassing you, but now having seen the video, it's clear that he was simply trying to talk it out as to not report you and you were the two that escalated it. He wasn't verbally abusive to you once until you said "Fuck off, you racist piece of shit."
  13. I think you might want to re-read my responses, I'm going to stop at this point as I think this is getting out of hand and I do not want anyone to get heated. I will allow a staff member to make judgement at this point, as I think enough points have been made.
  14. At no point did I break RP, I acted rationally and as my character would act. In a 2v1 situation, I would not give away my position and allow you to initiate on me by revealing I was there even more obviously than I already had. From an OOC and IC standpoint, that is a bad idea. Nor did I lie, as nowhere in your POV video or in my hearing did I hear you specifically and clearly say "If you do not be quiet, we will kill you." As for the salt, I'm far from salty. Reports do not all stem from salt, in fact I do not care about gear or dying there at all -- this is an RP server and that is the last of my worries. I care about you understanding that you made a mistake, and in our chat on teamspeak, it's clear that you don't. I'd rather just wait for an admin to chime in. You tried to kill me, so i killed you, what is wrong with that? and if he didn't hear me telling him to shut up or i'd kill him, or that i'd put a bullet in him if his friends came in, then why, oh why did he start saying "I dare you mutha fucka, do it!" etc and so forth both when i said to him earlier in the video when i told him his friends would be killed/ he would be if they breach, and AGAIN when i tell him to shut up or be shot. So why lie? At the time when I responded, I was unaware that you had given him a direct order. The video was added later, and I was already long dead when it happened. My apologies for that accusation, as I'd assumed the timeline between me dying and him dying were closer together.