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  1. That sweet RP indeed, that sweet sweet RP savior Jesus, just realized how many of you commented. Thanks for all the support and all, hopefully going to see you all in game soon.
  2. Thanks everyone, I think my application got messed up somehow, going to redo it, hopefully going to see you all soon in game.
  3. So I applied for white listing about two weeks ago, and I was told it would take a little while for them to read over and white list me, and I also saw that recently that they have been getting a lot of white listing requests. I was also told that if I wasn't accepted that they would let me know right away, I'm a patient person and all but I've seen no sign of anything yet. Just kinda wanted to know if you guys are still out there or if i should just give up hope and forget about it?
  4. Hello to you all good sirs. Also question, how long does getting white listed usually take? and if I don't get white listed will it let me know?
  5. Looking to get white listed, looks super fun. Hope to see you all soon!