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  1. Willis

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    7/10 oh ya
  2. Willis

    Willis Works

    Started on some Signatures. Working on more!
  3. Willis

    Can you feel the PVP

  4. Willis

    [GAME] How old is the person above you?

  5. Willis

    S1 Topolniki KOS and RDM - 9/4/17 21:14 PM

    This was me and my friend. We had just been robbed and pursued the two thieves into this town. You guys were dressed just like the ones who had robbed us and had the same weapons. I apologize for Mis-identifying you and your friend and accept the consequences of doing so.
  6. Willis

    BeanZ WAR

  7. Willis

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had fun with @Darion and his gang today. Haven't laughed that much ina while dude!
  8. Willis

    Describe your latest RP with a GIF

  9. Willis

    Kovar's Market

    Can't wait to find you guys in game, I need work!
  10. Willis

    Settlements : What? Why? And How to deal with Griefers?

    +1 I like it
  11. Willis

    Guide to Playing a US Military Character [WiP]

    One thing, in the Air Force (At least on my base) E-4, Senior Airmen are supervisors and have troops under them. Not all are supervisors but usually, they are referred to as Senior Airman -insert last name here- not just airman. You should add "Stand by" into radio chatter. A lot of people also join for the college. Also on paper e-5 and up are not supposed to be friends with E1-E4 but we all still are and drink together every weekend, I guess this just depends on the unit culture. 90% of the E6 to E9's I've seen here are either bald or sporting the old high and tight, not sure why but this is actually a thing I've noticed. They also talk about their bad knee or back a lot. Each branch of the military is similar in some ways and vastly different in other ways. For example how units are divided up and what they are called are different, but tactics are usually the same. These differences may seem insignificant to civies but are important, especially for role play. That reminds me Civi is a good work you should add that is used commonly. Oh and Civi's as in "Go change into your civi's" Good guide though! can't wait to see more progress on it! +1
  12. Willis

    Willis Works

    Thank you!
  13. Willis

    RP Gambles

    What is the riskiest thing your character has successfully pulled off during RP?
  14. Willis

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    McDonald's is disgusting food
  15. Willis

    The problem with elitism and elitists on our servers

    I agree, and that is also how you develop your Rp skills. Deciding how your character will react to an ever changing and diverse environment. It's much more realistic and immersive!