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  1. My little Groups Origins (WIP)

    yea I'm changing that now, I didn't realize it would be black
  2. Gina sighs as she exits the small coastal town of Komarovo. Jogging out to the rusted tracks that run along the shore, she ruffles through her bag to assess the three small cans of food she plucked from the cabinet of the small, decrepit house. She slows to a walk and scans the shore further west, the skies bland and gray. She can hardly tell where the sky stops and the frigid waters of the ocean begins. A chilled wind blows across her face and she pulls her black beanie cap low around her ears as she hikes west to the next point she has marked on her damp and tattered map. Gina: What a miserable day she thinks to herself. Gina: As usual.. she sighs, then she catches a figure lying on the sand just ahead. She approaches cautiously, a heavy fog has settled and it’s hard to see far in the haze. As she draws closer she makes out the figure of a young man no older than 19 or 20 lying unconscious. She jogs up and kneels down checking his pulse. Gina: It’s weak, but he’s alive. She moves quickly to assess the damage to the young man’s head and face. She immediately starts to check the rest of his vitals. After she stabilizes him the best she can without any more risk to her or him being noticed, she then cleans his wounds to his head just enough to give a quick bandage until she can get him to a safe location. She quickly glances over her shoulder, looking for anyone who may be lurking. He is soaking wet, obviously dumped in the ocean after one hell of a beating. His skin is bleak and clammy from the cold water and wind has given him severe windburn. A large gash down the back of his head to his neck, then blood… there is just so much of it…so much, all over him… He begins to murmur quietly. Ryan: Em-Emily? His voice is gone, hoarse and cracking from lack of water. He falls back into unconsciousness. Gina: C’mon, we need to get you warmed up… and that head looked at. She states softly. Almost two weeks later Ryan Miller awakes in a daze, unaware of where he is or how he got there. He blinks momentarily, regaining his now blurry vision. As his eyes being to adjust to the room he takes in his surroundings. A small room, warm and somehow inviting. It's dawn, the sun's rays come dancing through a small window, catching the dust hanging in the air. The bed he’s lying in is warm and comfortable, the sheets are clean and smell pleasant. He panics, unaware of what has happened to him, he tries to sit upright. Ryan: Ahh! He is racked with white hot pain that shoots from the back of his head down his left shoulder to his lower back so fast that it takes his breath away and almost makes him pass out. Gina: Don’t you DARE tear your stitches Ryan! Lay back and sit still. It took me 6 hours to fix that cotton pickin head of yours! You need to learn to move slow young man. A woman's disembodied voice barks from outside the room. Gina swings the door open and enters the room. He looks at her, puzzled and unsure what to say. The two look at each other for a moment before she slowly walks to the edge of the bed, resting her hand on Ryan’s shoulder laying him back down into the bed. His vision is still a bit blurry and he's unable to make out what she looks like but he can hear the sternness in her voice. As if she could read his mind. Ryan: Wh-Who are you? He tentatively asks the woman. Gina: Gina, Gina Lewis. I found you on the shore- nearly dead, I brought you here. Your vision is fine by the way. That is the antibiotic I needed to put in your eye to keep them moist. Just blink really fast and hard and you will be able to see clearly. She exclaims, her tone soft. This reassures Ryan and he begins relax. Ryan: I’m Ryan… Miller, but you already knew that? How? He demands. Gina: Your name was written on the tag of your boxers. She exclaims. Ryan: M-My.. His face flushes red with embarrassment. Gina sits back in her stool and begins to laugh. Gina: Don’t worry, I used to work as a nurse before all this happened, nothing I haven’t seen hundreds of times before and in times like these it will not be the first or last time so get over it. Her tone turns from a humorous one to a serious one Gina: Seriously though, when I found you, you were frozen nearly to death, I had to get you into dry and clean clothes as soon as possible. I thought I was going to lose you for a few days there… But you somehow managed to pull through. You’re definitely a fighter Ryan.. The worry in her voice is apparent. He turns slightly in his bed. His voice sincere. Ryan: Thank you… For-saving me. I-I’m not sure what happened to me. He reaches over and places his hand onto hers, grimacing slightly in pain. It’s surprisingly warm and he takes hold of it. His grip is weak from his injuries but he manages a crooked smile. Ryan: But I do know that I owe you my life Gina, so thank you... For what you did for me. Fast forward 2 months Two men, father and son, make their way through the trees coming into view of their targeted town, Myshkino. Rain drops weep down from the tree branches above onto their shoulders. It’s just finished storming yet again. The sun is setting quickly in the west and their time is running short. Rick: Myshkino… another shit-hole with probably nothing for us. Josh: Well, the towns further north have proven fruitful so far. Wonder what's keeping everyone away. Rick, thinking how best to approach the town. Rick: Move around to that small cluster of bushes on the hill there to the west Josh… I’ll cover your movement from here. You should be able to see what we can’t from here… radio back if there is any movement. The duo has ran into several small groups of bandits and other ass-holes in the previous few weeks and Rick is tired of the bullshit, and wasting ammo on anything but the infected. Josh: Got it. As Josh gets into his position he begins inspecting the town closely for any movement. Seeing nothing he radios into his father. Josh: I got nothing, looks clear. I’ll meet you near the small yellow house to the south of town. Rick: Copy. Rick replies quickly still using caution as he makes his way down the treeline. The two meet behind the yellow house and begin to move up into the town, carefully yet with a purposeful speed. When a sudden and disquieting feeling sets onto Rick's nerves. Rick: I think we should just go, I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this place. Josh: We have to try and find some food… We are running dangerously low and you refuse to go anywhere near the fucking chickens. Besides you say that about every town we move into. Josh keeps moving unaware that Rick has slowed his pace, falling behind just in case. He knew how to trust his gut as it was rarely wrong. Rick is a mon that could read situations well, as well as people, a skill that has proven very favorable in their current predicament. Josh: What are you doing we are running out of daylight and-- He is cut short by the sound of a handgun slide racking back. Man: Well. Well. Well…. Look what we have here fellas, look like Jimmy wasn’t lying when he said he seen someone slinking into town all quiet like.. Who are you talking to sneaky man? A group of others laughs quietly and moves closer mad anticipation in their eyes. The man has a very unsettling tone to his voice, and it sounds as if he is almost mocking Josh. Rick, realizing what they’ve walked into, and that he hasn’t been spotted yet moves back to get a position on the strange men. Josh: My-Myself, it helps to think out loud sometimes. He thinks quickly trying to avoid drawing attention to his father. The man turns back and smiles at his men. Man: I guess it’s our lucky day boys. We haven’t had a live one to play with for a few weeks now. Josh tries to back away slowly Man; Ah-ta-ta. I wouldn’t do that if I were you boy.. You’re not going anywhere. Josh grins slightly upon seeing the glint from his father's scope behind the group of men. He getting older but damn he could still move quick. Josh: Yea, about that… Shots ring out, breaking the uneasy silence and three of the five men drop to the pavement without even getting a chance to react. The other two dive for any cover they can find, unaware of where the shots are coming from. Seizing his opportunity Josh bolts back around the back of the house and is gone. A few more shots batter the ground around the surviving bandits now huddling behind cover shouting and cursing at eachother, spraying their weapons off in every direction. Josh: Fuck, fuck, fuck! He exhales as he sprints back into the woods and around to Rick's position. The two meet, Josh almost running into Rick. Rick: Let’s uhhh… get the fuck outta here, like... yesterday. The two turn to run east and come face to face with Ryan and Gina. The four stare at eachother for a moment unable to move, they have all been caught off guard. Gina: Okay… move out this way with us you two… Gina states abruptly, noticing the blood coming from Josh's shoulder. Josh has yet to notice the grazing flesh wound he caught from one of the bandits during his retreat. Without a word Rick nods and the four rush east away from the town. As they moved further and further away the adrenaline began to wear off in Josh and he grabs his shoulder in pain. The four stop at an old feeding shak in the forest and Gina pulls out her medkit. Rick: Hold up, who are you two? Rick demands. Gina: You can ask questions later, right now I need to look at his shoulder… She states firmly not leaving room for questions, her face hardens, looking almost annoyed as she stares right through the man. Rick looks from her to Ryan who is for some reason humming to himself. and decides it may be in his and his son’s best interest not to argue with the woman. Ryan is scanning the forest behind them as Gina forces the jacket from Josh's shoulder causing him to wince from the pain. Gina: Oh ,you’ll be fine, just hold still for me like a big boy that you are. I really don't want to have to knock you out to keep you still. She says sarcastically patting his leg and handing him a leather patch kit This needs to be cleaned and ...maybe stitched, quickly and quietly please, bite into this leather sewing kit for me would ya… Truly, I’m really sorry for this. She pulls an alcohol tincture from her medkit and dumps it onto Josh's open wound. He cringes and grunts at the sting of the liquid as it pours down over the wound and down his arm, catching other knicks sustained during the recent encounter. Rick: Bet that hurts. Rick chuckles as he scans the forest with Ryan, half watching Gina and Josh. Gina finishes cleaning Josh's shoulder and wraps it with a clean bandage securing it tightly. Gina: For the most part it’s only superficial. You will need to put some honey over it and super glue, but you should be fine there- She pauses, realizing that she has no clue who these two strangers are. Rick: My name is Rick, this is my son Josh you just doctored up. Thank you for the help in getting out of there and for cleaning Josh's arm, we owe you. Josh: Yeah, it fucking hurts but it could have gotten worse, thank you. Gina smiles, ignoring the cursing, she takes off her sterilized gloves and extending her hand to shake Ricks. Gina; I’m Gina, and this is Willis. She notions towards Ryan who is still looking back towards Myshkino. He looks over to Rick and Josh. Ryan: Sup. Gina: A man of many worlds. She looks at Ryan, Eyebrow cocked. Ryan: I’m actually Ryan, not sure why she calls me Willis but I just go with it. He walks over shaking their hands before nudging Gina on her shoulder, leaning in and speaking quietly to her. Ryan: We should probably get moving, the sun is down and we still need to set up camp. Rick and Josh look at each other and nod. Rick: If, you all need help we would be more than happy to accompany you, you're the first nice people we’ve met in a while, and as I’ve said before we owe you. Rick recognizes good people when he sees them, he’s a very calculating man, that much is apparent. Ryan and Gina deliberate with each other and decide to agree to Rick's proposition. Ryan: Uhm, Heh- okay yeah, one night won't hurt. The four begin hiking east deeper into the damp forest. They hike for a bit longer, as they walk, the forest grows more dense, seemingly closing in around them when they finally decide to stop and set camp working quickly and surprisingly well together. Ryan and Rick walk the perimeter of their site trying to get to know who it was they were now camping with before they lay down for rest. When they finally do head to their makeshift beds, they fight the ensuing drowsiness for as long as they can. Ryan rowses the next morning rubbing his eyes, the events of last night seemingly a dream. He lays taking in the morning for a moment, the sun light is flickering through leaves on the trees as they rile against each other in a soft morning breeze that is sweeping down over the trees from the north. Upon hearing the unfamiliar voices of Rick and Josh conversing with Gina he snaps up in his bedding in a panic until last night's events finally registers with him. Gina: Oh good morning Willis! You're up early-well for you... He trudges over to the fire and slumps down onto a log with the others. Rick and Josh: Morning. The two say almost at the same time. Their tones friendly. Ryan: Good morning guys. Mmmm, food smells good. He smiles and grabs a cup of beans. The four finish their morning meal and begin to pack up their camp exchanging pleasant conversations about the past, before the outbreak. Rick: Well, thank you two again for the help and the camp last night. We woulda had a very uncomfortable night last night it it weren't for you. Ryan: Don’t mention it! Listen uh, Gina and I were gonna keep heading east if- if you all were heading that way… I mean Gina and I talk about it this morning and if we’re going the same way… safety in numbers and all right? Rick and Josh look at each other for a moment and nod. Josh: Sure, why the hell not? The now four survivors begin their trek east Fast forward 2 months Ryan and Gina and Josh lie still in their beds, resting as Rick sits perched towards the edge of their site, meticulously scanning the forest for any movement. The sun is about to peak the mountains to the east and the morning mist is settling low and hugging the ground. All of them jump up in a panic as three shots ring out nearby, followed by several more. Ryan: WHAT THE FUCK! Ryan shouts as he reaches for his weapon. Rick: We need to get eyes on that. He states calmly as he chambers a round into his Winchester. They quickly ready their weapons and make cautiously towards the gunfire. They move up to a treeline that borders a field and as they take cover in some rocks they see five men in the field. Four of them have surrounded one man and have their weapons drawn in on him Danny: I ain’t giving you shit. Bandit: You’ll hand over your fuckin weapon.. OR DIE! The group of bandits are clearly becoming irritated, yet this does not seem to bother the lone individual standing between them. He’s holding something in his hand, carefully concealing it from the group of men. Bandit: Drop your weapons NOW or we will fucking kill you where you stand! Danny: You.. You mean like you did that family a few miles back west? One of the younger bandits shifts back from his statement, as an uneasy feeling sets in on the group of bandits. Danny: Oh! Surprised? Yea I’ve been lookin for you guys, and here you are… fucking shit-bags. Bandit: DROP YOUR FUCKING WEAPONS RIGHT NOW! He yells as he charges his weapon and takes aim. Danny: Ohhh, poor choice of words… okay, I'm “dropping” my weapons… Judgment day motherfuckers! Danny pulls the pin on the grenade he had hidden in his hand and drops it as he leaps back into a small dip in the field. The bandits still processing what has happened jump away and start shooting wildly towards Danny who is still covering in the small hole. The grenade explodes filling two of the bandits with shrapnel killing them. Danny: Ohhh double kill! He bring his rifle around and empties his magazine into the closest bandit to him but before he could reload, the fourth and final bandit shoots him square in the chest with a handgun, knocking him back onto the ground. He lies there, still and silent as the bandit approaches his body and begins searching his pockets. Danny snaps back into consciousness with a quick burst of adrenaline and grabs the man by the throat. Danny: You’re some special kinda stupid arent ya? He grunts, as the two struggle and he empties his handgun into the bandit's chest and stomach. Danny, just barely able to get standing on his shaky feet by using the tree to his left to help him stand, he takes a few weak steps forward before collapsing again into unconsciousness. Gina bolts from the treeline instinctively to tend to the man before Ryan, Rick or Josh even have time to process what they’ve just seen. As soon as Gina is able to get enough pressure to his chest wound to keep him from bleeding out, she motions towards Ryan to help her move him out of this area and to a safer location. Gina: Why does it seem like all I do is fix you boys up? She mumbles to herself as she is fixing the last of the pressure patches on for travel. Ryan: “You Boy’s”... He isn’t one of us. Ryan grumbles She looks at him and just sighs. One day he will understand... Gina: Not yet. But he will be. He fits though. He is crazy just like the lot of you. I mean, really did you not see what the hades he just did there… the fool just about killed himself. I am not sure if he will stay around for the long haul but he seems to have a loyalty that we all have with each other. He does seems to have a few demons of his own, as do we all. He needs us and we need him.
  3. Jeans, anyone? [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    [align=center]*ptt*[/align] [align=center]People people people! This is serious![/align] [align=center]Rule number on of the wastelands ABC...[/align] [align=center]Always. Be. Cool.[/align] [align=center]*laughter*[/align] [align=center]Ehhhh may you find the jeans you seek soon[/align] [align=center]Stranger.[/align] [align=center]*static*[/align]
  4. To The Gorka Times [Open Frequency]

    [align=center]*"Mmm. He's still out and about?" Pushes PTT*[/align] [align=center]Had a run in with this ehhh "Keyan" fellow[/align] [align=center]...after explaining what he does when someone refuses to do an[/align] [align=center]Interview he offered me one...[/align] [align=center]Naturally I had to refuse! Would you believe he tried to [/align] [align=center]Have one of my friends bag and tie me!?[/align] [align=center]*he lets out a excited, manical laugh*[/align] [align=center]It didn't end well for him... Or his friend hiding in the bushes.[/align] [align=center]If you DO catch him make sure you pinch the back of his arms! He hates that.[/align] [align=center]Too bad I won't be there if you do catch him.[/align]
  5. Stranger Things (spoiler alert)

    Obviously the new monster is represented by the Thessalhydra, just as the Demogorgon in their first DnD campaign foreshadowed this seasons monster. Hopefully we will see patients 1-10 in season 2 and learn more about the upside down.
  6. Fight Club

    Why is everyone talking about fight club?! You're breaking Rule#1 of fight club! - lol, Good luck with this man!