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  1. yes, indeed. But I was simply giving ideas for the server. I was talking about the server general, and not about the game dayz alone. I was simply giving an idea for the server itself, having custom cars. It would be amazing.
  2. true, but IF possible, why not? and who knows, I might just have made up an great idea for later on..
  3. I simply made this post for everyone to read it and to tell me what you think about this idea, okay let me get started. Cars: As for what I have heard, this server has become really succesfull, over 200players on everyday, that is quiet impressive. So what I thought was, why not make custom made cars? for donaters ofc.. Make cars that actually are use able. wheels better then hummer, engine better then lambo, cars that everyone will remember( the ones that play dayz) this feature will make this server better then any other servers, Isnt it what you are aiming for? If only it is able to code such ideas into dayz, why not do it? the time will be worth it. -Thelegend, I stay by many names.