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  1. Taking forever for application to get reviewed.

    Guys Im not complaining.
  2. Taking forever for application to get reviewed.

    It's just crazy that I applied in december and got accepted over night... lol
  3. Joining

    Good luck making an application. Hope it gets accepted!
  4. Taking forever for application to get reviewed.

    Idk if they will by tomorrow, I have been waiting for, four days. Lol
  5. WTF I got trolled by a COW

    LOL you got played LMFAO
  6. Taking forever for application to get reviewed.

    I know man, I'm just so excited. And i'm impatient. I just get tired of getting pushed back in the Que.
  7. First person only.

    I feel like it would just add more rp in the game. And make it feel more like it's real. The game is great on it's own. But when you're in a gunfight and someone turns their FOV all the way up then looks over a wall to see where you are it takes out what would have happened if it was real life. I have a lot more suggestions but there is not much you can do when you can't really mod this game yet. But maybe bring back DayZ mod rp? At least until standalone has modding support?
  8. My first kills on DayZ RP

    Let's be honest though, EVERYONE shakes in gunfights in this f*cking game. LOL
  9. Yea I did when i was still whitelisted, I have a lot of experience on RP though. But I got unwhitelisted for not posting anything on the forum. I'm waiting currently to be whitelisted again, waiting for my application to be reviewed.
  10. I'm not complaining. But it is taking forever and I really wanna play. Last time my application got accepted in like 3 hours. This time it's taken four days. (I got deleted cause I forgot to type on the forums). LOL, it's probably cause my character bio was like 4000 words long. LMFAO.