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  1. They was a update where they hung in gruops and by lakes or water hope this helps you find some aswell as get you some big game.
  2. Mr Snow

    Anyone else have the same feeling?

    I enjoy been a hostage if the rp is good if you get robbed by someone whos just after your gear and dose'nt really talk to you then i hate been a hostage as now you have nothing but what they leave you with and not had a good rp experience I know its not about the gear but when theys no rp then it feels like thats all they after. I don't care about the gear but if they do i feel as if i have been robbed of a good experience and my time is wasted.
  3. Mr Snow

    Let it Snow?!?

    Whooop we have snow MR SNOW is happy.
  4. Mr Snow

    Character's Weapon of choice?

    I like to use different weapons but at this morment in time i am useing a shotgun and a .357 i think everyone should try all the weapons insted of have a ak,mp5 and m4's.
  5. If your wounds get infecte you can find creams or a plant that you can use i think it would add a little more to the game aswell as cream is hard to find so best way the sort it is to find a plant that will help but they should be a look alike that can make it worse like the berry thing but a little harder to know.
  6. Mr Snow

    Favorite weapon?

    I like the cross bow but not used it for a bit as it got old and now i think about it my have to get one for the fun of it.
  7. I think if you have a good back story to this group aswell as a what it is that the group aim to do i can't see why this would not make a good group.
  8. Mr Snow

    There are 2 kinds of people in this world

    Pepsi is the way to go in my eyes.
  9. See i live in the uk so you may not care what i have to say but as a gun nut i say the glock is a good pistol as it's easy to clean, cheap, and easy to handle but like a say i am from the uk so take from this as you will it's all about what you like and feel conftable shoting and as you are not CC this weapon size dose not matter.
  10. Mr Snow

    There are 2 kinds of people in this world

    Ha ha ha never though i would pop on dayrp and see this but i do have to say that it is true they is 2 types of people.
  11. The atc is a great worrior and for that shoud be left to it self as many have come to it's deadly floors to wet to walk on and many fall on there necks and die lessons where learn this day.
  12. Mr Snow

    Let it Snow?!?

    I don't know why everyone keeps saying they is snow in dayz soon i have been in dayz for along time now just don't get it.
  13. Mr Snow

    Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    I have 4 tattoo's but nothingworth showing like some of these i have 1 on both legs 1 on my arm which is bad and getting it coved and 1 on my bum which was a fun drunk night out.
  14. I wish to see more crafting in the game and base building not like epoch mod a little harder to get what you need so they not base everywhere which will make people band toghter to build and get the things needed.