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  1. is there any way to get my old application back so i can add the stuff i missed
  2. You would be pissed off too if the applications take 1 week just to be read. You can't see how much I wrote on my application. I completely understand everything do you know how hard it is to not miss one simple thing. They should just ask you questions if you miss small details so you don't have to wait 10 years for another reply. So don't tell me to calm down I'm not the only one this is happening too. Thank you.Have a nice night .
  3. Why the fuck do they deny your whitelist for missing 2 little things there should definitely be another way. I have already been denied twice. The first time I didn't know how strict they were now they completely reject it for 2 small things??!! "You have failed to or incorrectly explained the KoS rule about complying hostages. You have failed to or incorrectly explained the KoS rule about group KoS rights sharing. "
  4. ya thank you guys for the answers
  5. they really need to fix characters randomly getting deleted. all the hardwork to get gear and then one day you log in and everything is gone. its upsetting. Are they working on a fix yet?
  6. Has anyone had the problem where you are in game and all of a sudden the game freezes then closes and says it has stopped working? Is there a fix to this?
  7. Yes you will be moved lower in the queue time and its better to write a lot on your character backgrounds and what not.
  8. As you can see my username is vanille54321 am i able to change that? I would like it to be my standalone name.
  9. thanks for the help guys my queue has stayed the same since yesterday so it may take my application a couple of dayz :DD
  10. I turned in application how do i find out the results?
  11. Hey wassup dayz just turned in my application for the RP server can't wait to get in there and roll play it up :DD