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  1. I understand that it doesn't matter when you put up your whitelist application, but I have been waiting for like 5 days now and for a couple of days it says I have been put at number one on the queue and I still don't get reviewed. I apologise if I am nagging but I would realy like PRing in DayzRP
  2. Yeah the rain is annoying, but what I have noticed is that it is colder and there is a higher chance of rain some times. Like when i played DayZ half a year ago there was no condensation when my character was breathing so I presume its some sort of seasonal thing, and its probably autumn now or something.
  3. I would love of they and the shame of the Yugoslavian people The Yugo 45!
  4. Ahh thanks for that, I'll look into it.
  5. Thanks for that and yeah I have a question. How to you edit your profile on this forum?
  6. Well my name is Rene and I would just like to introduce myself. Professional Slav, Gamer, Role-player at your service . I do really hope I get accepted and get a chance to participate in this awesome community.