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  1. Whitelist question

    I understand that it doesn't matter when you put up your whitelist application, but I have been waiting for like 5 days now and for a couple of days it says I have been put at number one on the queue and I still don't get reviewed. I apologise if I am nagging but I would realy like PRing in DayzRP
  2. Darn Weather why wont it stop

    Yeah the rain is annoying, but what I have noticed is that it is colder and there is a higher chance of rain some times. Like when i played DayZ half a year ago there was no condensation when my character was breathing so I presume its some sort of seasonal thing, and its probably autumn now or something.
  3. I would love of they and the shame of the Yugoslavian people The Yugo 45!
  4. Hello Everyone

    Ahh thanks for that, I'll look into it.
  5. Hello Everyone

    Thanks for that and yeah I have a question. How to you edit your profile on this forum?
  6. Well my name is Rene and I would just like to introduce myself. Professional Slav, Gamer, Role-player at your service . I do really hope I get accepted and get a chance to participate in this awesome community.