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    Whats up dudes

    It is Buddy. What on the server for a bit yesterday. Didn't run into anyone but I've missed this game.
  2. Cameron was born inside of the hospital in Severograd. His mother, of Chernorussian decent lived in Ratnoe, his father was in the American Military. Cameron has lived in Chernarus his whole life. Having grown up without a father figure in his life he became very dependent on his mother for everything. At the age of 16 his mother passed away due to renal heart failure. Cameron then dropped out of school and got a job at the Severograd food market. 11 years later he is still working at the food mart as the outbreak started. Having to fight his way out of Severograd he started on his way home.

    Whats up dudes

    Well, I'm back. Not as much as I was before, but I'll be around on weekends and sucks for a few hours.


    Hmmm...Beta? Matt? ...Camer....nahh

    It's ya booooy! I'm back my dudes!

    o/ @Keira

    Well, its been a bit

    Don't get it twisted guys. I'm not back, just saying hi and checking up on things. Miss the lot of you.

    Well, its been a bit

    Interesting... Yeah been good nice to see some familiar faces still around

    Well, its been a bit

    How is everyone? Just dropped in to see how much has changed since I've been gone. Miss you guys. maybe one day.....Maybe.

    Dreading the day...

    Well, its been a great year and half for me here, but it is time I step away from here for good. Most of my close friends here know that I've been dealing for personal and financial issues for the past few months now. It has been an on going discussion between myself and my fiance that the computer has become one of our issues. So I've been actively trying to sell my computer. I have made numerous friends since I've been here and I'd like to address a few of them now: Frozen: Frozen, You have been the best friend I've made on here. Since the Exiled, you were there for me when things were at its worst and you ALWAYS asked how I was doing. I couldn't have asked for a better person to befriend. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. <3 Panic: You helped make DayZ fun for me. You were a HUGE part of my time here and I am greatful for everything that you did for me in and out for character. OG: Bro. You were a HUGE part of my enjoyment in RP. From our intellectual conversations, to our hilarious innuendos. Thank you for everything. Jack Bandit, Hassan, Keira, Aiko, Fafnir, Dom, Von Cat, and MANY others: Thank you all for each and every experience you provided me, The amount of enjoyment, the amount of amusement you all gave me made this past year very helpful during the dark times I was going though. I will miss each and every one of you that I met, interacted with, RP'ed with, and just fucked off with. I love you all and hope the rest of your lives are full of excitement. Who knows....Never say never...

    Ta Seda [Strict Recruitment]

    Welcome New Blood.

    The most retarded way you've broken your leg in DayZ?!

    I've fallen from towers and buildings and nothing. I'm running a crossed a bridge and break my leg and arm....tis DayZ.

    S3: KOS/RDM/NVFL Civilian barracks NW of Krasnostav 0400-0500 06-26-2016

    [video=youtube] I would like to point out, the tone of his voice does show remorse for the whole situation. 4:40ish - Claims that his reaction was all Panic 6:45 - He apologizes for this and he'll take whatever ban he is given.

    The Kingdom

    Good Luck with this. Looks very interesting.

    S3: KOS/RDM/NVFL Civilian barracks NW of Krasnostav 0400-0500 06-26-2016

    Ta Seda Members: Myself, Enigma, Dom, and Lucius. So We(Ta Seda) spent almost and hour waiting for Ender to fix his VOIP and once it was fixed the plan was he would enter the camp first and the rest of us would enter shortly after. As stated in the OP, Ender was talking with Lucky and talking about how much he loved his AK when Ian initiated on Lucky, but with in moments he shot Lucky in the head. After which he turned and saw the four of use and got 1-2 shots off, one hitting Dom in the leg. Immediately he is dropped by Enigma.

    Interview with Jm Von Cat

    Awesome read. Really liking these.