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  1. Okay, me and my friend will be coming on tomorrow as he can get over right now.
  2. I would come on teamspeak but im currently banned from the teamspeak for some reson
  3. Sorry caesar, just wondering whats going on?
  4. Eastenenvy and Easten Envy are two accounts my friend signed up round my house. He signed up two beacuse of problems he had. I think he got sorted by proving his date of birth on team speak.
  5. Mozicog was my original one. That then got pruned because i didn't comment on any threads/forums. I then made the account "Mozic" because the mozicog one got pruned. This one then got banned for the reason "perm-banned player-EastenEnvy" I then made the MattIIV one so i could contact a admin but realised im not allowed to make a ban appeal on an alt account.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://gyazo.com/ab9f65e9f369015ab538e612ddd2c7c1 Why the verdict is not fair: I dont feel this is fair as i am clueless to why i have been banned and dont feel its a fair for me to be banned with no idea to why. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would appreciate if i was able to play in the RP servers again as its the gameplay i enjoy most What could you have done better?: I couldn't have done anything better as i am clueless to what i have done wrong.
  7. How sorry? perm-banned player-EastenEnvy - Never
  8. I recently got banned for the following reason; Ban Reason: perm-banned player-EastenEnvy I have no idea why this results in me being banned and would like some help if possible? Ive also been banned from the Teamspeak server for some reason so i am unable to speak to staff.
  9. Matthew is a x army soldier with extremely bad memories. He has returned from war recently and has nowhere to stay. he is on a survival mission to stay alive however he is facing food shortages and illnesses. He comes across many skills whilst living in the wild but also faces some dangers. He is a tough man but has shell shock from past experiences. Living alone is a big worrie for him but he overcomes these problems. Matthew enjoys the freedom. he has very good crafting skills and has managed to build a temporary home. He was a foster child at a young age but his foster parent sadly died when he was at the age of 17. The death was traumatic for him at such a young age which causes him to be very emotional. Matthew enjoys meeting new people and talking about his past experiences within the war and about his childhood. He copes with most worring situations and is a very supportive person. He excels at many crafting activities and loves to adventure which he learnt alot about whilst being in the army.
  10. In my opinion i like military gear. With this you can comoflague much easier