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  1. Rokos

    S1 - RDM, No Initiation, Bad RP

    Your temp ban was removed in post #6. Again, keep an eye on the report in the event more questions are necessary. Noted, I'll try and keep an eye out. Don't trip if it takes me a good minute to respond though. I'm busy throughout most of the day with work during weekdays but I'll respond as quickly as I'm able.
  2. Rokos

    S1 - RDM, No Initiation, Bad RP

    Yet you won't post the unedited version of your video. I don't understand how you can go and make these accusations without any real proof. Anyway, it's up to the admins now. GM Shark, please advise. Edit: Also GM Shark, I'd like to know what's going on with my forum inactivity temp ban. Will I be able to play tonight or should I make other plans?
  3. Rokos

    S1 - RDM, No Initiation, Bad RP

    Unless I'm severely mistaken, we stayed around for a good minute waiting to see if you would wake up. I tried to open the hood and get in the passenger seat in an attempt to force you out of the vehicle so we could provide medical assistance and hold you hostage. We tried to RP with you as soon as you attempted to run Dallas over but you drove away, despite our commands to stop. You should post the rest of the video.
  4. Rokos

    S1 - RDM, No Initiation, Bad RP

    I don't know what you're referring to about the whole loot thing. It definitely looked like you attempted to run him over from my perspective so I yelled at you to stop several times and my commands went unheard, so we engaged. Yes it's true that we did not engage via text, which we should have done as per the rules. Again, I apologize for our oversight but you, as a DayZ player, should understand that sometimes in the heat of the moment, it can be very easy to forget about such things, especially taking into consideration the fact that it's been around two months since we've been able to play. Either way, this is our perspective. Dallas should be throwing in his two cents some time today when he is able. Also, it should be noted that all of this is hearsay, as there is no proof of any wrongdoing on our part to be found in this report or in his video.
  5. Rokos

    S1 - RDM, No Initiation, Bad RP

    My forum activity has been lacking because I have an extremely demanding career in real life and I've been very busy lately, although I've recently come across some time to play so please lift that temp ban. Admittedly, it has been a long time since either me or Dallas have played so I'd like to apologize for our forgetting about the text initiation rule when engaging a player in a vehicle. From Dallas's perspective, he believed you had attempted to run him over when you were passing the heli crash site so we told you to stop with the intentions of having an interrogation of sorts. You didn't stop so you were shot. We didn't have any desire to take your stuff or the vehicle so we left you alone once we realized you were unconscious and we couldn't pull you out of the truck to provide medical assistance. The rest of the story is pretty self explanatory. You came to us accusing us of KOS, you shot my friend when we denied it, so I killed you. Seems like a textbook misunderstanding to me and I do not believe it warrants punishment. Best regards, Scott Edit: We waited around for several minutes trying to see if you would wake up but it didn't look like it was happening any time soon so, as we didn't have much time to play last night IRL, we proceeded on our intended journey to Vybor.
  6. Server stability is important, yes. But would it hurt to test the feature one one of the servers like Yokai said? After looking around, most other servers have it turned on with the current patch and it seems to be working well enough. Just a thought. I won't trip either way.
  7. Maybe, but I'm fairly new to the community and I didn't see another thread about it. I like the idea even with the points brought up about food. It'd give me a reason to actually go out and hunt for my food.
  8. Just looking for some community input on if you all would like to see persistence added to these servers. Personally, I'd love to be able to set up a little tent base somewhere which would give me something more to work towards. Why would you like to see it added? Why wouldn't you like to see it added? Thanks in advance for all of your feedback!
  9. Maybe you just have bad luck (or maybe I just have great luck) but this kind of thing hasn't happened to me yet. I've held up plenty of people and nobody has KoS'd me during one of those times. Once, when my friend and I were robbing someone (because he had previously stolen our truck) a larger group came up from behind and told us to drop our weapons. We promptly told them why we were robbing the guy and they left us to conduct our business.
  10. Rokos

    DO NOT!

    I haven't experienced this bug yet and I loot firestations almost every time I see one. However, I HAVE seen people getting their boots (sometimes other clothes) ruined when swimming for apparently no reason.
  11. Makarov swag..... In all seriousness, it's gotta be the mosin with a long range scope. I like to watch from afar and provide sniping support, personally.
  12. Rokos

    First-Person-Only in Standalone Poll (One server, not all)

    I have to vote against this. I understand why you'd like it to be 1st person only but I think it'd take too much away to not be able to see my character. I feel like being able to see what I'm wearing and such adds to the immersion, at least for me.
  13. That's fucking hilarious. Here's to hoping they fix that issue soon.
  14. Not to sound like a broken record but the application que is huge. Having been a former admin/manager for another large dayZ community, I know all too well that admins and staff have a metric fuckton of work to do as well as live their out of game lives. Give them time brother. They'll get to you as soon as they can. Also, they're not lining their pockets with the donation thing. Keeping the servers, website, teamspeak, and such up and running takes money. A lot of money. If they didn't get donations, it'd all be out of pocket. You absolutely have to provide incentives to donate otherwise these services wouldn't be available. People that donate just out of the kindness of their hearts are few and far between.