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  1. dayz need all kind of clothings.. i would like it if they add underwear -Kappa-
  2. these kind of things happens time to time.. you know..alpha..
  3. Zoot

    Zombie Horde

    adding something like this in SA would be good but they should do for some certain spots, i mean, if a horde reaches the shore, i can't imagine the bambi massacre
  4. Hello! have fun and read them rules again and again
  5. do i have to inform the forums? put it in stories section or something? Yeah, there's nothing stopping you creating a new character whenever you feel like it, that doesn't mean you have to kill the previous on eeverytime though. Plenty of people have alternate characters on the go. If you like you can post a new character backstory in Lore and Stories section, but it isn't essential, just to flesh out your character and let peope know who he/she is. You seem happy with the answers provided so I'll go ahead and mark this as solved. /solving ty for stopping by mr. Teasdale hope to see you in cherno!
  6. well.. fabulously famous.. 10/10 also leam neeson. 20/10
  7. Zoot

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    well.. i got a cup of tea. if the zombie is brit. i think i will survive than..
  8. lol i can feel you i got whitelisted before few days ago. you want help russian accent my friend? maybe i can help you with that. i am not russian but i always talk english (russian accent) i dont know how and why but my english is pretty russian accented the most important thing is talk slowly and say every word in a bulky and manly way. and there's few letters like P make it sound more like B and H make it sound like H + Y (YHelp). this is all i can remember! reach me when ever you want further helps comrade. and don't forget to talk bad english. most of the russians don't know fluent english
  9. thank you! well i have a creative mind about stories and so. i will keep making new characters every time i die. each one will be more interesting then other.hopefully. cya in cherno and don't piss boris off
  10. So i died today in a car accident Antonio is dead.. i didn't even RP him well because i barely met people. Here's the new character! *INTERESTING UPDATE* (so i was writing this story..the game is still open and i didn't click respawn,i heard people talking in the game *i died near small town*,they were talking about "omg is he dead or sleeping?" "this guy is dead,how did he crash like this?" "oh poor man" "so everybody get what is useful and after that burry this poor man" "who's gonna do it" "uuuummm" "eeeerrmm" "Ok i will do it" "Antonio..i will burry you) Good job guys Good job.. this was the best RP with that character..even if he's dead Agent Boris Nikulin. Agent Boris Nikulin or Ex Agent Boris Nikulin was a professional killer, and experienced CIA agent, he was sent to Russia when the agency had information about USSR building new biological weapons. Boris was a careful man,he was a well trained agent mastered every military profession when he was in USA. after he went to russia,he slowly began to use his skills of manipulation and recruitment of russians to make a spying network.he got informations about the weapon that it's in Chernarussia.. He prepared and traveled to Chernarussia,rented a small apartment in Zelenogorsk,to spy on the military base 2km far from the city,but some of the KGP guys saw and suspected him.. Later that night,KGP rushed in his room took him to the military base and suspended him,even they didn't find anything that leads if he is an agent or not, they kept him..days and weeks then years..he did never break.. but his mental status did..after all the torture. [attachment=1896] after several years,people got sick and crazy,Chernarussia was in chaos, he took advantage of it,the night of first day of the zombie-outbreak, he had a chance to break out, he made noises in his cell and called the guardian,guardian opened the door, and suddenly wit a surprise attack,Boris jumped on the guardian,took his secondary weapon and emptied the magazine in his guts. [attachment=1895] The guards was few so he did manage to escape without being seen. [attachment=1894] Boris is surviving till this day, He has no bad habits of killing and stealing, but he has a bad temper.
  11. do i have to inform the forums? put it in stories section or something? Nope, best to just update it in the User CP page of your In-Game name. Edit: Under "Edit Profile" k thnx i wanna do it anyway. i have creative mind and i just created a lunatic character wish me luck to RP it well coz he is insane lol.
  12. do i have to inform the forums? put it in stories section or something?