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  1. Hop

    Bad video games with Whip

    when bae catches you slippin
  2. Hop

    Bad video games with Whip

    I live and die by the code of the Fisherman.
  3. Hop


    your not wrong
  4. Hop


    I'll stand wit u striddle
  5. Hop


    Im final say on these people lets be real
  6. Hop

    Weave Silk Art Gallery

    *A veteran master of the arts appears* It is titled "Ocean Man" http://r.weavesilk.com/?v=4&id=wht1mmbesxt
  7. Hop


    Oh shit take it easy lad, Will miss those late night ts sessions. o7 lad
  8. Hop

    Christmas Gifs!

  9. Hop

    Birthday / Anniversary / Promotion / Donor / 1000th post

    Congrats to Maplemooses on GM
  10. Hop

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Finna busting with a meatball sub, Boolin with the meatball gang @Pat
  11. Hop

    Real life picture Thread

    Real Muthafuckin fashion hours, You trying to impress a sweet hunnie and finna get your nut on? Hit your boy Diamond up
  12. Hop


    Mind if we wild out? We finna tear up that karaoke whether its some Backstreet Boys or some real trap shit boolin with some real ones. @Jimmy! @Strider @Whip
  13. Hop

    An actual successful side project :)

    I'd still treat it lightly until a sufficient amount of time has passed, Same shit happened with desolation. The server was fully populated for the first couple of weeks it was released until it crashed and burned for various reasons, a shame really it was fun as fuck but lets hope the best for LiF (✿◠‿◠).
  14. Hop


    (✿◠‿◠) Share love and Happiness @Terra @D.VA
  15. Hop

    [Game] Rate the cover photo

    Korean hunnies 10/10