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  1. Yea this was an earlier version nice film reference by the way
  2. Hey guys im very new and am looking forward to role play with you all and to experience what is Dayzrp i though id make this to tell you a little bit about myself im 16 i love Dayz with a passion i go to college and study I.T and Business i started gaming when i was as young as 9 with some of the very old resident evil games i love role playing and i really look forward to experiencing some new diffrent encounters rather than being shot on sight if you reading this and your interested to know my back story well here it is i like to go a bit all out so i apologize for the size but again i hope to see you soon lads! My name is Nathan Hartley, friends call me Nate for short I used to live in the UK until the apocalypse. My story takes place 2 days before the apocalypse. there I was coming home late from work. The baby sitter was taking care of charlie my 7 year old boy i sat down at the TV with both of them and apologized for my late arrival. the babysitter understood, had a cup of coffee at my place and she was on her way out the door. it was 9:30 pm, my son was asleep on the couch so I picked him up and tucked him into bed. minutes later I put my pajamas on and tucked into bed myself, watched a little TV and fell asleep. The next day I woke up and made breakfast for myself and charlie whilst I was making breakfast Charlie clicked through the TV channels and stopped when he was at the news. The news said something about scientists treating an unknown skin condition we both sat there eating not paying much attention to the TV. later on in the afternoon we both went out and i was teaching charlie how to play rounders in the park. it just felt like an average day. after 3 hours of fun for charlie we got in the car and drove home. when we got home it was just your average evening you know making dinner watching the TV, family time you could say well what used to be it... when we went to bed it was about 11:30 i heard a dog barking and loud bangs coming from my front door i cautiously walked to the door and grabbed the Lugar from the downstairs cupboard at this point when i was reaching for my gun the door burst open and i was knocked out by the stock of a gun during my time unconscious i could hear my name, it was charlie crying for me to get up. i didn't have the strength. what seemed to me like weeks was only 9 hours i woke up with severe head trauma and me being surrounded by doctors treating my wound i got up and shouted for my son and i was pinned down by security until my injury was fixed after i had my stitches put onto the top left side of my skull from where the back of the gun cracked my head open. as i walked out of the door with a security guard escorting me i was wondering what was going on i asked the guard questions and he said speak with head of command and shut the door in my face. felling dizzy and worried sick where my son was i found a person who directed me to the head of command. or the leader. he explained where my son was and where we are all going and what is going on he re assured me that my son is fine but how could i trust that when i was hit in the face and kidnapped. He said my so is being held in a safe haven by Russian military in a place could Chernarus he said that i will get the next evacuation plain to that safe haven in Chernarus to be with my son. he said that if something were to happen your goner so don't come back otherwise you will be shot he said we don't allow outsiders no matter what even if there dying we take care of the people who we can be sure are fine. i said ok because it felt like a life or death situation i just wanted to see my son that's all i could think about. things got messed up from 0 to 10 in a matter of hours. a security guard shown me my sleeping quarters and brought me to a hut where he said i will be sleeping in. i sat there and waited thinking about what Charlie is doing or thinking if he is still OK or even if this is a dream. i woke up at 5 in the morning by guard who said get up your rides here he pulled me up and grabbed me by my arm and put me on this plain wit these people who look like they have lost more than me right now. as we were taking off there was a baby in the back crying for his mum and a 13 year old boy holding him crying himself. i just though that this is it end of time. were all finished. at this time i managed to get some shut eye wondering if i will ever wake up. 3 hours later there was turbulence we were landing and the wind swept the pain up and we tried to rebound back to the airfield but we crashed in deed water i was knocked unconscious on impact and i washed up on the shores of Chernarus starving with nothing to eat. salty corpses surrounded me from the plain wreck i had to eat something i dragged one of the bodies over into the woods where i began the basic steps to making a fire i placed the arm of the corpse onto the fire not caring about how bad it looks i began eat crying from the taste and how shameful i feel for doing something so inhuman. i looked up at the sky and saw the sun going down wondering where charlie is. i have been scavenging for any supplies and that i need to survive from small towns and gathering any weapons i can from the houses i come across 3 months later i am losing my mind i haven't come across a single living person in sight the only thing pushing me forward is finding that safe haven despite what the commander said in the previous safe zone.