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  1. [Game] What superpower does the person above you have?

    The power of Bioluminessence
  2. [GAME] The Answer is a Question

    You don't think it's funny?
  3. Its a fine balance using your voice... Generally I tend to use my own but haven't a heavy British accent can be a pitfall somtimes
  4. [Music] Post your favorite game soundtracks !

    [video=youtube] Come on guys you know it's all about Mass Effect...
  5. So, they call me Benny

    Thanks guys, good to be welcomed so warmly.
  6. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    8/10 I find it oddly disturbing that the tongue is not colored, yet I remain fascinated.
  7. G'day!

    Over and out is the absolute bane of my life. "answer me! Bye."
  8. G'day!

    Do expand... I'm a sucker for people using incorrect terminology on VHF waves. it kills me.
  9. So, they call me Benny

    Thanks! Its always a bit awkward jumping into an established community but I'll try my best to not make too many bad jokes. Actually I can't promise that, I love bad jokes.
  10. Post your battle stations

    Complete with my stash of sweets next to the router!
  11. As the tittle says, my friends call me Benny, and I'm happy to class you lot as friends, for now at least. In case it's of interest here's my characters back story that I used on the application, if you're happy to ignore the bad writing style then I'm happy for you to be nosey!