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  1. okay nope, thank you and I was not pruned i was just wondering.
  2. Can someone go into more detail on how you can get banned for being inactive. Thanks in advance.
  3. they match correctly. i think it was a glitch on the server because a bunch of people got kicked with me. i am playing now and will see if i get kicked again.
  4. I didn't just join rp i have been playing for like a week this problem just occurred.
  5. i join s2 or s4 and after a few minutes of playing I am kicked for not being whitelisted? I am whitlisted though when i check on the whitelist page.
  6. are there any chances of having a hardcore server for dayzrp?
  7. i 110% agree with you on that one
  8. head to green mountain or the prison if you are looking for people.
  9. awesome video dude defiantly anticipating a part 2!
  10. Sounds like a great time! wish i would've been there!
  11. about 4 - 6 days not too sure. Just have to give it time and be patient bro.
  12. mabye a U.S military uniform that only spawns at the US crashsites
  13. okay yeah that would actually seem a more fun way of doing so
  14. no it still works. You just cant put say a NE map and W map together they would have to be a W map and a E map to combine. or a NE map and NW map to combine. or SE map and SW map to combine.