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  1. inactive ban

    okay nope, thank you and I was not pruned i was just wondering.
  2. inactive ban

    Can someone go into more detail on how you can get banned for being inactive. Thanks in advance.
  3. kicked for not whitelisted

    they match correctly. i think it was a glitch on the server because a bunch of people got kicked with me. i am playing now and will see if i get kicked again.
  4. kicked for not whitelisted

    I didn't just join rp i have been playing for like a week this problem just occurred.
  5. kicked for not whitelisted

    i join s2 or s4 and after a few minutes of playing I am kicked for not being whitelisted? I am whitlisted though when i check on the whitelist page.
  6. hardcore server

    are there any chances of having a hardcore server for dayzrp?
  7. Gear-To-RP Ratio

    i 110% agree with you on that one
  8. First time on DayZRP

    head to green mountain or the prison if you are looking for people.
  9. 10 v 10 .. and us 3...

    awesome video dude defiantly anticipating a part 2!
  10. Sounds like a great time! wish i would've been there!
  11. How long you waited to be whitelisted?

    about 4 - 6 days not too sure. Just have to give it time and be patient bro.
  12. mabye a U.S military uniform that only spawns at the US crashsites
  13. Hostile/cannibal groups

    okay yeah that would actually seem a more fun way of doing so
  14. Map pieces

    no it still works. You just cant put say a NE map and W map together they would have to be a W map and a E map to combine. or a NE map and NW map to combine. or SE map and SW map to combine.
  15. Hostile/cannibal groups

    Yo what up darian