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  1. manvsmedium


    This is really awesome of you to offer, Rick. I'll be in touch with you about perhaps creating something for me. We can talk about how much etc. Brilliant!
  2. Haha - There's always someone who posts an expectation a little below what you should typically expect. Not poking, just being light hearted about it (i.e. Four to six hours), that's just bragging at being an OP app writer Answering the question: It's all rather subjective. I believe the most solid answer is, the more effort you put into the application the closer you will get to 1st in line. A safe bet is to anticipate a 24 hour wait before your application is approved. Now that's not taking into consideration the weekends (Typically, only Donors have their apps reviewed on Fri eve - Sunday). For my application I hit 1/441, I believe this to be attributed to the fact I almost maxed out the character count for all the application questions. Take that with a pinch of salt. It's not to say if you do the same then you can expect a similar result; obviously, without knowing the algorithm for what pushes you up in line, it's all speculation. The approval folks obviously have their work cut for them and are frankly doing a great job at even keeping up with the server/forum popularity (retracting tongue from proverbial backside). There's not just applications, there's bans, correspondence, disputes and all the other administrative aspects to handle. In a nutshell be patient. All in all, take your time with your application, sit back and enjoy the anticipation of being accepted. If you know you made the effort to read the rules and covered all the required areas, when answering your questions, you'll be accepted in no time at all. The time you wait is a mere drop in the bucket in regards to the abundance of days, weeks, years or enjoyment you'll experience within the DayZRP server. Thanks for taking the time to read this guys See you in another post!
  3. Hello there! New to the world of DayZRP *cough cough* Chernarus. I'm a long time DayZ fanatic and certainly looking forward to this new ideal of RP'ing. Truth be told, I'm just sick of the moronic mentality, "Ooooh, I got a gun, lets shoot the first thing that moves..." Or those silly children that coaxed their mum or dad into buying them Dayz and otherwise having the intellect of a grape when playing... No longer will I need to look back and know the person mindless running behind me is literally going to hang on and on and on until I finally decide to stop for a drink (or something else) only to have them try to punch me or otherwise troll the heck out of my attempted enjoyable experience. Here's to an enjoyable time and my future of fresh hours or great times with awesome people! Cheers to everyone! Look out for me... Let's have a chat