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  1. Absolutely amazing RP today with the Jackals, can't wait for more
  2. Mason Crane

    I suppose I'll have to figure out what has changed in-game, all of my friends are however dead so I'm on my own for now.
  3. Mason Crane

    Thanks guys
  4. Fantastic RP with Vasily and his group, you guys were my perfect opportunity to ease back into RP after being away for 2 months. Thanks for taking me into the group
  5. Mr. Jack Fisher, and Sandy.
  6. Mason Crane

    Shhhh everyone will find out soon
  7. Mason Crane

    Ahh Yusuf I have to disagree, I saw you get tortured on a live stream and that RP was amazing. I also heard that your toes were broken
  8. Mason Crane

    Hey don't forget when you were cut by the zombie and I "carried" you most of the way. Cant wait to RP with you again, it was top notch
  9. RIP Jack Fisher

    lol, wel at least anton is still alive Ahh thank god, not everyone is dead...
  10. Mason Crane

    Heh I would love to, it was loads of fun.
  11. Mason Crane

    Well I'm back...took a small break but here I am once again. Not sure how many people want to still kill Mason but I guess we will find out in-game. No longer leading or part of the UN so we will see what kind of character Mason has become after all of you at least torturing me once, oh boy cant wait.
  12. RIP Jack Fisher

    Fuck, you killed him as soon as Mason is coming back...
  13. ARK: Survival Evolved

    A game like this could very easily be role played out, I am very excited for this game.
  14. Gore

    This is what I want to see in Dayz, I want to feel terrified of the apocalypse again