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  1. Direct Chat and Zombies

    I really like that idea. I really never looked at direct like that, but it makes sense.
  2. Pepe's screenshots!

    Nice shots.
  3. OOC Guide

    Great guide, I think it tough for some new people getting into RP to realize what OOC is and how to use it properly. I especially liked the part about the name thing. That kills me all the time in RP situations.
  4. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Nice white teeth
  5. I agree the more you RP they mor easier certain things come to you.
  6. Hey !

    Same thing here coming from Arma 3 RP to this. Hope to see you in game soon.
  7. Cant wait to play!

    It's nice to see couples gaming together. Good luck on your WL app.
  8. Introduction

    I am new to the site here, and the server but wanted to just give a quick intro about myself to people around. I'm 29YO M from the US and I am a veteran DayZ players of both the mod, and the SA. I recently just came back to the SA from an RP server that I was playing Arma 3 on. I am looking forward to hopefully getting whitelisted and being accepted into the server. I applied here to take a new track with DayZ and to get some RP out of it. I am hoping that it makes the game more enjoyable that has been in the past, and it that I can get to interact with more people rather than catching a bullet in the back of the head right away.