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  1. I tried to follow the compass Phil had given me to the south west. I had walked for some time before I realized that the sun's position in the sky did not agree with the compass. I had been walking north west all this time. Dejected, I decided to make the most of my situation, and find some place high to get a birds eye view. To the north I could see a very large city. It must be Novodmitrovsk. I could see a large political building of some kind with a tall steeple. I set out. Given the size of the city, I expected to see SOMEONE. At first it looked like just more death. As I jogged down the street the only movement was from months-old newspapers tumbling through the streets, or a suddlen flurry of activity as a murder of crows were scattered from their feast of carrion. I reached a large square in front of my target building. As I climbed the stairs I had a funny thought. I was never this in shape before the outbreak. I couldnt hold the grin back. The view from the top was amazing and terrible at the same time. The expansive view was matched in both beauty and ruin. There were no signs of human life in any direction. Just then, a shot rang out below me.
  2. Its worth noting that making a donation to help pay for everything will help with your queue priority. It doesnt guarantee approval, but it speeds up getting reviewed. Good luck
  3. I realized that I would need some supplies before fleeing the city. The streets were quiet now, almost peaceful. I paused at the doorway of the first few houses I visited, unable to shake the feeling that I was somewhere I was not supposed to be. I took solace in the thought that any items remaining must have been cast aside by their owners, and they would not be missed if I put them to use. I stopped for a moment. The serenity of the empty city was broken by a mechanical rumble. Was that a truck? I moved towards the sound, and it seemed to move towards me. Sure enough, a single truck rumbled down the road along the coast. Before I knew what I was doing, I was running to flag it down. Wait! I cried, running as fast as I could. The truck stopped, and a man got out. I stumbled to a stop. The man had an eerily calm look to him. He was dressed in a black military-looking vest with some kind of intimidating rifle over his shoulder. He spoke slowly, and deliberately. I began to regret my decision to confront him. His name was Phil. He told me about how he found this truck in a city to the north, and he could not believe his luck. I asked him about other survivors. He told me that he had seen people killing cattle in the hills recently, and that there were good people out there to meet. However, he also warned me to be careful with who I trusted, as there were plenty out there who would rob me simply for the sport of it, or worse. I admitted I did not know the area well, and Phil gave me a compass before heading on his way. I found a pack, some clothes, and an axe in good shape. These, along with the knife I had made knapping a stone to sharp edge, would get me most of the way. I found a tree with supple and flexible limbs, and crafted a bow with some strong twine as I had learned in my survival courses. Its funny now, thinking about how I took those for "fun" at the time. I sharpened some sticks, and fletched them into crude arrows. It would not be long before their effectiveness was put to the test. As I finished gathering feathers for my arrows, I heard a man say "Hello!". Startled, I hit my head on the chicken coop as I turned to see who it was. The man looked not unlike myself. Mismatched clothes, a bow over his shoulder, but a friendly face. His name was Muldoon. He took me to his shelter in town and we shared some steaks from a cow he had killed. The taste of freshly cooked meat was almost enough to make me forget my situation for a moment. Almost. That night, I got separated from Muldoon. After finding everything I needed to cook my own food, I decided to venture out of Berezino and see who else I could run into. Maybe if I found a group, someone there may have run into my wife.
  4. Surprised at the sound of another human voice, I grab the rado *zzzzz click* Mr. Plysnovic? I have heard you! Looking at this map I found, I am some distance from you. I can try to move in that direction, but it sounds like there is much unknown and worse, much danger between us. I will listen again in the next town. *transmission ends*
  5. The electromagnetic field of the earth has shifted, and we are all doomed!
  6. jprime84

    My Dayz Items Wish List.

    Would love a smaller cooking container. Like a frying pan that takes up 2 slots, and can cook only 4 items at once. Cook pots are so big.
  7. Um, hello? *muffled* Does this thing even work? Hello? If anyone can hear this, my name is Josef, and I am calling from the town of.... the sign says... Cernaya Polana. I have not seen another living soul in four days after I became separated from a man named Muldoon in Berenzino overnight. I tried to follow a compass to the southwest from Berenzino, but as the sun set I realized it must be broken as it has been lying to me unless the sun has begun to set in the south.... Now, I don't know where I am. *sigh* I will wait by this radio for a response for 2 hours for a response, and then I will move on to... somewhere. Stay safe. *crzzzzzk static*
  8. "Hurry it along" is not fast enough if you have a toddler who has just vomited in his crib! Obviously I will RP myself out if at all possible though. This is /Solved at this point
  9. Thats good to hear. I spent some time reading the formal complaints, and I was imagining myself getting reported for combat logging or bad RP or acting OOC at some point. If I understand you as long as I can communicate my situation to the other players, no harm no foul?
  10. Surely I am not the only player with a young child here. I have not run into any issues yet, but I can foresee a situation where I am playing and in a good RP session where something catastrophic happens that requires me to immediately get up and deal with it. This wouldnt happen very often, as usually I only play when my son is napping or has already gone to bed. However, there are occasional late night emergencies due to sickness or nightmares or whatnot. How is best to handle this with minimal impact on RP, and avoiding getting reported for rule breaking? I know I can use // to OOC chat. Is this generally acceptable to deal with this sort of thing as long as it doesnt become commonplace?
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    Sorry for the incorrect section. Thanks for the responses, makes sense. An RDM differs from a KOS as a KOS implies that no contact was made.
  12. jprime84


    I have searched the Rules and the FAQ for what this acronym is and so far no luck. Can someone inform me? Thanks!
  13. This makes a lot of sense. An altercation is one thing but a large group firefight would seem almost impossible to negotiate the rules in the moment. Real world combat does have collateral damage. Thanks for the writeup. I am new so doing everything I can to get the best understanding of the rules possible.
  14. What is NVFL? The sniper is confusing to me. He is well outside of the initiation range, but he is still more or less part of the exchange as he is watching it and has a vested interest in it. I guess its okay for him to intervene and start shooting because he had been with one of the groups before it all went down, right? And he witnessed the first killing first hand?