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  1. Hi guys I just got the game today and looking forward to it and had this problem black screen hear audio I don't know if you have this issue after a update but if you have the black screen and hear audio try this disable any app that can overlay mine was Gforce exp and steam lol then go to steam properties find steam apps , game in common files and run from there hope this helps as i found no real help just check DX11 and stuff up to date and that was Hope to see few of you in game Peace
  2. Mr Stagger Lee

    S1, Troll RP, KoS/RDM. North-West Airfield

    here the vid In my eyes they was just being a dicks in there eyes maybe was fun but it went on for a while I have to say I was sitting down with two guys waiting for the other two but I/we could not here what you three was talking about as we were in first contact with ted area Ted then moved on and you followed him for morphine i now know as you were to far away for us to hear you guys A while later I/we then moved closer tried to get you guys to move on with us then you attacked him with a axe in his defence he initiated as I seen vid but you not give him, 1. time 2. I others thought you was playing about but I dont know the 4 who I bumped into dont know if they were on TS or not 3. Ted not even understand your request as he was giving you directions I tried to bandage you and failed got shot at and died not long after look like I was looting you I guess so goes DayZ
  3. Hey Matt welcome to DayZRP I have to say the RP come with time Im still learning myself but be yourself for a while I do Im an engineer in real life so always crafting and I roam this wasted land as a wasted Trader with Issues. So do something you feel cumfie with, I have a pad ready at hand to take notes on who I see or jot down ideas I play solo atm I even have a a 12 side dice to for fun on routes to take or am I going to pick that item up an so on, There are a lot of folk on here who not RP to well to Im one of them there a few forums on here to with ideas you may like
  4. woke up as dean hall thought odd I play a black guy
  5. Mr Stagger Lee

    Mickey's return.

    A nice read Hope to bump into you one day
  6. Mr Stagger Lee

    Dont judge (Gikkel finds weird shit)

    I wonder how many actually phoned up its like the Samaritans for gun nut hoes
  7. Hey man welcome to community an gl with your whitelist. Me I was in que at 487 for a week by weekend I was in 300 few day after I faild on KOS rule, but reapply and was accepted with my KOS understanding on same day. Thanks to some awesome staff member I was a non doner to but that not make things go faster or being whitelisted
  8. Mr Stagger Lee

    Let's see who is the tallest person here in the community!

    Im a short ass by look of things 5.8
  9. Christ that was a read and a half want more now dark as night loved it 11/10
  10. A curse with a loophole But how can he use the Spaghetti if he cant see them or just Ignore this note
  11. Im an Engineer IRL and still no use for the wrench n pliers
  12. Mr Stagger Lee

    Any real criminals?

    Im a OG now as almost 40