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  1. Brilliant to see CLF again, the times during the CLF-RSM Haven collaboration days was probably the most fun i've had on the server, good luck with this!
  2. Since an early age, Kanan had an interest for everything motorized and had a set of wheels. Having a tough upbringing in several rough neighborhoods around Sweden, he grew interested in cars and became set on being one of the best within the motorsport world. The circumstances of his youth insued he had seen his fair share of violence and crime and also took part in it personally, he grew a profiency with the drug trade and the use of firearms to an extent. At some point he found the criminal activities he partook in to be leading to a dead end and he decided to pursue his dream for real, and started racing cars within the underground scene. He gained fame through the street racing community and he soon caught the eye of several people with ties to the Swedish motorsport industry. Various youtube videos had displayed his raw talent and they saw the potential he had within him and they decided that the criminal nature of his past and erratic behaviour was something that they would be willing to risk and compromise in order to accomodate him into the scene. A tug of war ensued and at last he had reached a milestone in the journey that he had started. The team that soon signed him saw a wide level of success and that in turn earned recognition for the aspiring driver. An obstacle in the form of a mandatory military service appeared and he soon joined with the recruits of the Swedish military for service. Years later he had finished his military training and was living his dream to some extent with constant racing events and interest from abroad. Several teams within international leagues wanted his services due to his success and he found himself flying around the world in order to meet representatives. A team with ownership based in Russia was one of the interested organizations and although it was of little interest to Kanan, he decided to show respect and hear them out. A turbulent flight meant the plane had to make an emergency landing and wait out the weather in Chernarus, a country previously and to some extent currently plagued by violence and conflict, and currently had a problem with a virus outbreak which had reappeared. The team arranged for accomodations in the capital city of Chernogorsk, and he settled in at the largest and fanciest hotel he could find in town. It was a bad time to be in the country, as the Caedesviridae virus which had a resurgence and soon the country was placed into quarantine, which ensured Kanan was stuck within the country. Weeks and later months passed and the country plunged deeper into chaos. Kanan had realized that the cities were no longer safe to be in and fled into the countryside, further north into the country. With meager supplies and very limited knowledge of the location he had been trapped in for some time, he soon found the house of a former hunter who had decided to end his life in the barn next to the house. Graves in the field beside the farmstead gave an indication of what had occured and he decided to reside in the house for now, as he saw no better way of surviving at that time. Supplies left by the former inhabitant(s) were not enough for more than a week, if rationed maybe two. As they depleted, Kanan decided to further explore the country and to try and gather anything necessary in order to survive in the current chaos and try to hold out in order to get out.
  3. I used to play during the early ARMA 2 mod days. I was a part of the Raven Shield Mercenaries under the RP name Wade Wilson. We had so much good roleplay going on with the Raven's Nest for example, and later a CLF-R.S.M collaboration called Haven. After Haven was abandoned we started the Raven's Nest for a while again and i had so much fun during these times. I was also part of various groups after this before life came in the way and i stopped playing. I disliked the standalone in its early stages due to the lack of content. After seeing the improvements made i want to give it a try now in hopes of having the kind of quality roleplay i used to have here. I doubt many people will remember me because i wasn't the most prominent guy on the forums but maybe some will recognize me. Anyway, just wanted to greet everyone on the server with a hello and i hope to see you somewhere in Chernarus.
  4. Guid reset again please, i misswrote one number.... :// //Nilin: Done
  5. Need a GUID and SteamID reset please. //Vector, Done
  6. There is a plugin which allows direct com. It works really well. i completely see your point above, i'm simply trying to enlighten you how fun the idea could be with the community we have.
  7. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-roleplay-on-the-minecraft-server
  8. zeRaphz


    http://www.dayzrp.com/t-roleplay-on-the-minecraft-server Not to be repetetive but i'm gonna put this here, if you want to increase popularity, here's the chance. Add a good theme (zombie survival for example) and put the rp out there and people will love it i'm sure. Minecraft has some insane rp capabilities. Give it a shot and if people find it good then put the word out there that you need MC devs and you can expand the community further, there are those who will work for free.
  9. bumping to see what the community would think about something like this, look at the videos over this post.
  10. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-XY4r1B5PE I'm gonna try to find some footage of the RP server i played on, it was really something, though the community was a disaster. [video=youtube] I guess i'm just feeling a bit nostalgic, but something like this would really fit this community.
  11. i've been meaning to hop on. There is actually a direct communications plugin.
  12. hey, haven't actually been on the MC server yet but is there roleplay? and if not, do some people think there should be? I remember some years ago when i first started roleplaying in Minecraft, i was playing on the The Vault Rp, a roleplaying server with Fallout theme, meaning post-apocalypse. There was a texture pack that made the map look like fallout and it is to this day one of my favorite roleplaying experiences. There was plenty of plugins, that the developers (very amateur ones) developed where there was one that stood out: Guns, with textures, bullets, etc. With semi-automatic, automatic and bolt action firing modes. So the sky is really the limit when it comes to themes. If something like this would happen on the server, you would need a build team to build places to rp in accordingly to the world etc. Just a little suggestion/question, as i know i would love something like this coming to effect.
  13. As a long time Spidey fan i was pretty sure Spider-Verse would be interesting, but i was dissapointed as i thought it was really dull IMO.
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