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  1. I used to play during the early ARMA 2 mod days. I was a part of the Raven Shield Mercenaries under the RP name Wade Wilson. We had so much good roleplay going on with the Raven's Nest for example, and later a CLF-R.S.M collaboration called Haven. After Haven was abandoned we started the Raven's Nest for a while again and i had so much fun during these times. I was also part of various groups after this before life came in the way and i stopped playing. I disliked the standalone in its early stages due to the lack of content. After seeing the improvements made i want to give it a try now in hopes of having the kind of quality roleplay i used to have here. I doubt many people will remember me because i wasn't the most prominent guy on the forums but maybe some will recognize me. Anyway, just wanted to greet everyone on the server with a hello and i hope to see you somewhere in Chernarus.
  2. Ever since Andre he was a child, he was a a fighter. Not cruel, not violent. Just a fighter. He always had a internal compass of right and wrong but he always had an angle, a motive. He knew what he wanted and he would make it so, and there would be no stopping him. Finding his brother would be no different. Wade Wilson was one of the marines that were deployed in Elektrozavodsk and when Andre was certain he had lost everything to the infected at home, he was not sure about his brother, who always knew how to handle himself in any situation. He was a funny person, always had a joke up his sleeve but still the best example of the word ruthless in human form. He was the reason Andre had spent years trying to become a better version of hime, Boxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts. He spent numerous hours a day at the gun range for the sole purpose of overcoming his big brother. Displaying peak level physique, awareness and gun knowledge, he was as close as a soldier you could become without actually being enlisted. Andre collected essential survival gear and prepared for the worst. He had no idea what was waiting him, he did not know Chernarus existed until he found out that was where Wade was to be deployed. He made his way there by plane, boat and numerous hours on foot. Arriving in Elektrozavodsk he was very careful and used every ounce of stealth he had in him. There was no shortage of infected but Andre knew how to handle himself. Searching through the town he found no trace of US Marine presence, infected or otherwise. He found that the only probable option was that they hade moved inland. After scavenging for anything useful for his trek north, he took to moving through the treelines to avoid being spotted. Despite not encountering another person he knew better than to make himself a target. Finding old campfires and the like, he knew he was on the trail of people, maybe his brother, maybe not. 3 days later and he had moved from several towns, military checkpoints and forests. No sign of his brother. But finding a castle during an evening, he decided to have a look because of the stragetic position it had was something a marine would consider using. Walking towards it you could smell death. The stench of corpses. Walking inside there was bodies lying everywhere and more notably, Marine uniforms. He feared and also realized the worst, he found his brother lying against the wall. Dead, turned, killed. Andre did not cry. He did not scream. He took a deep breath and just sat down next to him. There he sat for an hour, thinking about his life. What was left in life for him now? Looking over his brother's cold body he noticed that he had been shot at in the chest, but later just once in the head. What this made him realize is that it was no zombie that killed Wade, it was a man. And once more he found a purpose, because he had to find the person responsible. No matter what. He reached for his pockets and searched them through, he took the unlit cigar he found in there, the lighter and also ripped off the badge off his shoulder. The insignia was of a Raven. The shield had the form of a shield. He pocketed the items, and soon left the area to find a quiet place to camp, for recovering and planning. The next day he was ready to go out. It was time for justice. At this point he was done hiding, done with the subterfuge. He went looking. He had heard shots, from a pistol. Walking towards them might have seemed like a bad thing, but Andre was a man with renewed sense of purpose and little to nothing left in his life except the revenge he sought. Tracking the shots down to a barn on the outskirts of a small town, he moved through a treeline to get a look at what he was about to encounter. The commotion was caused by a group of 3, each wearing a balaclava and one wearing an ripped sleeve of a marine uniform as a headband. Another person might not have noticed this, but Andre did. Fate had jokes. Andre creeped up on the barn and took a quick vault over the window, and hid behind some hay. hearing footsteps he prepared, and once the man was in sight he quickly grabbed him and choked him out. Picking up the man's gun, he lunged out and took several shots towards the other enemy in sight, hitting 2, but it was enough. The other man had put his gun away and Andre sprinted towards him and tackled him. He questioned the man about the castle and the marines, in which he spokea about a three sided firefight between groups, and the marines and their equipment being the cause. They were the only people remaining out of their group, and now there was only 2. Andre, not being sure if the man was to be held accountable. He opted for a quick hook to the jaw and knocked him out. He took the ripped sleeve and burnt it with the lighter. Understanding what had happened, Andre went back to the castle and buried his brother. Andre grabbed a necklace which had belonged to their father. It was meant for him and as such, was to be buried with him. Having made his peace and saying goodbye to his brother in the proper way, Andre stood in a Deer Stand and smoked the cigar. Now he felt empty once more. In a country where he knew nothing. He had nothing to go back to. He decided to stay. He felt Chernarus was as good a place as any to be at the moment. He took a leap down from the deer stand. He took a last inhale of the cigar and dropped it down on the ground, putting it out with his boot. Walking away, he is seen going toward a town, on his shoulder there is a shield formed badge with a Raven. The text on the badge is faded. Preparing for everything, Andre set out to find something. He wasn't sure what, but he would soon find out.
  3. zeRaphz

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Guid reset again please, i misswrote one number.... :// //Nilin: Done
  4. zeRaphz

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need a GUID and SteamID reset please. //Vector, Done
  5. zeRaphz

    [EMPIRE] The Broken Empire -Recruitment open-

    looks good (:
  6. There is a plugin which allows direct com. It works really well. i completely see your point above, i'm simply trying to enlighten you how fun the idea could be with the community we have.
  7. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-roleplay-on-the-minecraft-server
  8. zeRaphz


    http://www.dayzrp.com/t-roleplay-on-the-minecraft-server Not to be repetetive but i'm gonna put this here, if you want to increase popularity, here's the chance. Add a good theme (zombie survival for example) and put the rp out there and people will love it i'm sure. Minecraft has some insane rp capabilities. Give it a shot and if people find it good then put the word out there that you need MC devs and you can expand the community further, there are those who will work for free.
  9. bumping to see what the community would think about something like this, look at the videos over this post.
  10. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-XY4r1B5PE I'm gonna try to find some footage of the RP server i played on, it was really something, though the community was a disaster. [video=youtube] I guess i'm just feeling a bit nostalgic, but something like this would really fit this community.
  11. i've been meaning to hop on. There is actually a direct communications plugin.
  12. hey, haven't actually been on the MC server yet but is there roleplay? and if not, do some people think there should be? I remember some years ago when i first started roleplaying in Minecraft, i was playing on the The Vault Rp, a roleplaying server with Fallout theme, meaning post-apocalypse. There was a texture pack that made the map look like fallout and it is to this day one of my favorite roleplaying experiences. There was plenty of plugins, that the developers (very amateur ones) developed where there was one that stood out: Guns, with textures, bullets, etc. With semi-automatic, automatic and bolt action firing modes. So the sky is really the limit when it comes to themes. If something like this would happen on the server, you would need a build team to build places to rp in accordingly to the world etc. Just a little suggestion/question, as i know i would love something like this coming to effect.
  13. As a long time Spidey fan i was pretty sure Spider-Verse would be interesting, but i was dissapointed as i thought it was really dull IMO.
  14. zeRaphz

    Official CS:GO Thread

    By playing CS for at least 10 years ? If you don't want to invest time in the game to get better then you shouldn't want to rank up, the thing you need to think about is that a rank is just a rank, thinking about ranking up all the time will not benefit you. When you are ready to 1v5 the scrublords that are in your rank, then it is time to rank up. Ranking up when you are not ready to do so will make you even more mad as they will totally wreck you, trust me, i know. And i'll have you know that not all professionals have been playing since 1.6/Source. /rant
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