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  1. Hey everyone. I did i little bit of research for trying to avoid the bs trolling/hacking/griefing/KoS'ing of pretty much most high pop public servers and found this sight. What really struck me as this place being something special is the emphasis on RP. I never really got into mmorpg's because of the lack of rp. One i did play alot of was BioWare's Neverwinter Night's. My favorite server was a zombie apocalypse hardcore survival world. Anyone here been to Siranda by chance? I spent seven years on that server alone both as a player and eventually an admin. It was a great time there and this place struck that chord of nostalgia in my memory. I submitted my app for the white-list, found my passphrase, wrote a mostly open back story and am now in queue for review. Crossing my fingers hoping i can enjoy the good times with you guys ~Vereor Nox
  2. I've been in a similar situation looking for help in a city. Wound up being tortured by bandits, fed gross stuff, beaten with a zucchini (at least i hope that's what it was). Good story though, format is a bit off for formal writing, but it's a journal so it makes sence. I enjoyed it! And yes, The legend DOES die. +5 chaos zweihanders are oh so easy to parry for a card carrying darkwraith such as my self.