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  1. A crackling over the nearly demolished radio catches Jonas's attention as he prepares to search for a working radio. Startled, he crouches down and picks at the remains. **zzzt* "All-"*zt*"-ooo?" *ztttt* **zzzt* "Tes-Testin" **zzzt* *zzt* "-s de button fo" *zzzttt* "-dio?" *zzzt** *zzt* "Oh, ey Masta'. You cam-" *zzzt* "-ack. I 'erd some voice on dis brok-" *zt* "-dio. Dey all soun like d-" *zzt* "-socks in dey mouts, but I pretty sure" *zzzztttt* "-ese natives ah praising y'sah, as best dey can." *zzt* "Maybe dey makin' a cake fo y'sah. I could go fo som'o at abou'na" **zzttt* Jonas stumbles in the dark and the last thing heard over the radio is a loud *CRRRNCHH*
  2. salamander

    The Inmates

    Good video man! I bet I could edit one better however
  3. I am a salamander! I'm looking forward to playing with you all on the servers. Now to come up with a fun character....