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  1. Because I am from Montréal , Quebec !!! The only french province of Canada !!!! Are you kidding me now ???? Since I write in english on "an english only website" Does not mean I'm forced to be english in my all day life. This really makes no sence what you're trying to accuse me on that reply. P.S: Take a read at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quebec and then tell me again its not normal that there's some french on my picture. My gmail is in french and youtube contacted me in english.
  2. If you visit the link in the email it brings you to https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801947?hl=en (impersonation) So someone here said I was impersonating them !! wich is not true since my account was is using same username as here.... only way of getting banned for this is if someone reported me saying im using their voices without permission..
  3. Mods have all the screenshots of my account being banned (terminated) from using their services. I got nothing else to say. I feel like this you dont care much about this report by only trying to send back acusations at us. So now i'll be letting the mods and staffs handle this report.
  4. Why would i terminate my own account to get into all this trouble at the end ??? (Anyways cant since i dont work for google) Ànd to hide what since my group did nothing wrong... nd id like to know why everytime we say ssomething and ask you something you try to throw back the accusations at us for no reason ?
  5. Well someone reported it since my account got banned because of this video. (Violation of someone's right and code of conduct) but the video was unlisted and only posted here so it seems to come from here. And its not from a guest account since you need to be registered on dayzrp to see the report forums. Not only my youtube account got closed , they closed everything even my gmail. The whole google account. It sucks since my steam is steam guarded and my paypal is associated with the gmail. So i cant even change email since i cannot confirm the changes via old account. So i will need to take a day off of work monday to waste my day to call them. All this because of a video posted on A report thread.
  6. Re-uploading the video on a new youtube account and will send Directly to the admins and staff as requested. Video is the Video from my POV on the 4th reply of the thread but is not available since I received numerous Reports on the video so my account as been closed. Seems like people are trying to hide the proofs ! Will be sending the video to Conor and Owen as requested. If other staff wants the link please let me know and I'll send via Private message.
  7. t0ks1ck


    #HYPE Good job on the thread bruce !!!
  8. I'd like to mention that the only thing I said was "vasily as a broken legs" so its not metagaming. In no way saying this could of affected your gameplay. Now can you guys stop trying to avoid this report. We feel like your guys are just trying to argue without giving us the reasons for the bad RP/No care/ and the feeling of Gear Over RP I think our group took our time to decsribe everything with a lot of details and we would enjoy the same thing from your group. Thank you
  9. So your friend tells us he did leave something to help vasily, and you say you guys didnt since people came to help ?? This dont make any sense because none of you says the same version and you guys still had 30 minutes to fix him up but didnt and got told "We didnt shoot you so we dont help you" you left me with 3 fruits and 2 ruined fruits wich I cant eat. I was dying of starvation and dehydratation and when I ask to eat one of you said "Get on the floor" I almost dyed there hope you know it. I was red in both !!! Lets say my friend dont find sticks in your bag it still doesnt mean you left some at the firestation.
  10. First I want to say that the only person who got fed at the begining is me because I kept on telling you that I needed to eat so this is the reason yu fed me, But I dont understand why you didnt feed my friends because we where all full of cans of food and drinks in our bag pack before you robbed us. So you could of fed my friends which you guys failed to do so but like I said we where full on food so I dont understand why you guys didnt feed my friends. And for the sticks and rags you never dropped them, We clearly see in my video that when the african guys came in you left running scared of being killed so no you didnt do so only thing that was on the ground was my friends bags and the ruined stuff out of your dead friend. The RP was not fun at all I dont care being robbed since I usualy like the Roleplay supplied with it. But this was the worst of the RP i been in too. Looking at my screen for 30 minutes held up , tied up and only seeing you not take care and only loot our bags and asking us if we are in a group. No fun at all.
  11. This is the recording of Me , Vasily and Ray getting robbed ! the video is 30 minutes long it starts right before the initiation et stops when we get out of the situation. I was left dying of starvation with only a couple fruits and some of them where ruined. They didnt care for my in-game brother vasily by not wanting to help his legs since they are not the one that shot him but he was their hostage so they should of helped him out. the RP was pretty bad the only thing we got told is being asked if we are in a group. They did not supply us with a reason for us being robbed and initiated on. We clearly see them only looting our bags and inventory and even went to the point of looting the only bandages I had. Watch in 1080p for a better Video and sound quality. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdlyhCMWbO8
  12. Uploading the video at the moment !! Will edit when youtube proccessed it !! In game: Joseph Krasnav
  13. t0ks1ck

    S1, Baiting, BadRP (Picking Fight Over Hat)...

    Like I said I was really getting the feeling that they were trying to bait us to initiate on them. They had a sniper covering for them so they wanted us to initiate. In the end of the first video that was posted by t0ks1ck at 12:10 someone of your group is saying that it is being bad roleplay to follow us around without initiating, even some of yourselves think it was bad roleplay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7PTIam_uf0 We where not baiting your group, and the reason we had someone covering us is it would of been dumb to all get ourselfes cornered at the same place. And why would we all be there ? There would of been no point all being there since you guys where avoiding rp by not answering and just walking away so this is why only 1 of us went to talk to you at the pond. And the reason we where following is because we where about to initiate but didnt want to do it on the road (not bad rp) to get a good spot. When you guys got in the house we where about to initiate but you done it before by saying we are gonna get killed so then we started shooting. As for what as been said in video it was saying it would be bad rp if we would of followed you for much much more than this but it is not since we only waited for a covered place.
  14. t0ks1ck

    S1, Baiting, BadRP (Picking Fight Over Hat)...

    Here is the part of what I recorded from the conversation and walk at gas station (we hear them calling us motherfuck*rs and ray a women) Watch in 1080P for better quality!!! [video=youtube]https://youtu.be/L7PTIam_uf0