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  1. Reports is the funniest section "Additionally the only abuse of game mechanics is the screenshots that you have posted with the tents clipping / going through fences" yeah abusing game mechanics due to tent placement. never mind the history of third person spraying through cover by dusty. yeah we are the bad guys. really. people need to grow up.

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    2. Flash


      dang man it sounds like you're a little upset. 

    3. nisbo


      flash, im so dehydrated due to my salt i genuinely may die. 

      Thou sereiously i appreciate the concern, just enjoying the freedom to speak the truth.

    4. Cid


      Right, we're just going to stop this right here.  Perhaps making status updates about people and specifically about reports isn't exactly a good idea.  If you have problems with a particular person or group, just take it up with them in PM's - respectfully might I add - rather than potentially start drama.

      I'm going to lock this and hope I don't see another one of these pop up.  Please.