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  1. nisbo

    Increase the amount of Zombros in towns and cities

    if more zombies then i think they should be slower so you can outrun them, like walking dead zombies
  2. nisbo

    Sauce's highlights of his time In Chernarus

    Was that an RKO?
  3. nisbo

    GPS and Markers

    Im in half a mind since you cant use a map and orienteering compass properly to get bearings to run, though it could be abused. then again with using for sniping then you could use a compass and map to get a distance so IDK unless the devs can make a working map and compass system so that you can do the stuff you can IRL then id be cool with it
  4. nisbo

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    Is this another entry for the Charnarus space program?
  5. I never liked dusty tbh, but this does seem to be B.S and poor rp on the side of the killers. IF they maybe thought about RP instead of PVP they would have been able to actually act out the situation and give some RP to the guy, maybe take his hand off or something. the kill wasn't RP in my opinion and if thats the standard of RP then im thoroughly disapointed
  6. nisbo

    Review group recruits

    Well character backstory does not include character progression, so staff couldn't know that this psychotic murderer had actually regained himself found Jesus and vowed to help people for the remainder of his life, hence why a murderous cannibal is joining a medial group.
  7. nisbo

    Group requirements revised

    I agree with others -1 from me this whole leader things causes more harm than any good it could do
  8. Felix was born in Miroslavl', his family where however not indigenous to the area. His family up to that point had been inhabitants of South Zagoria, where his grandparents resided for all his childhood. The reason for the move was done to a promotion his father (Izak) got, changing his work from a managerial position on the shipping docks of Chyornaya Bay. This lead to moving to Miroslavl' and the time to have a child. In 2007 Felix was sent to a UK boarding school due to his parents distrust for the political climate in Chernarus, he stayed in that school till the age of 18 when he returned home to a more stable country but less stable family life, he resented his parents sending him away and never forgave them for it. During his time in the UK he discarded his accent shedding it from his tongue as a way to get back at his parents giving little care for his heritage not caring for the people who seemed to never want him. He took up university in Novigrad and only saw his parents on holidays and social functions. Though his father would take him on hunting trips into the black mountains occasionally, even though he still hated him for sending him away Felix found he loved to camp and hunt. He never really understood the real reasons his parents sent him away, he probably never will and his father was content with that preferring his son be safe than to be in danger. His grandmother fell ill during July of 2017 which made him and his parents travel to South Zagoria in case the worst happened, after a little under a week his father travelled back to Miroslavl' to deal with some issues at work while the rest stayed in Dubky. This was the last time they were all together as not long after the situation in the region that everyone thought was nothing to worry about go worse, his grandmother passed away the same day the phone lines died. The last time he talked to his father was when there were people flooding into Miroslavl'.
  9. nisbo

    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    With the ease of which clothing gets damaged from zombies and the like being able to use duct tape to fix and look like how your character should is a good thing in my book (which is the book of Mann PRAISE BE)
  10. "4.3 You shouldn't use defender or attacker rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations. Think about if using them to kill another character is viable in the current situation considering role play and In Character information. Kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if they were not obtained at all." I was thinking over the rules that apply to NVFL and that affects how invalid kill could force a rulebreak. Easier to explain in rough examples that are purely thought exercises in the course of the rules and i would appreciate them to not be taken as strawmen but instead looked at through the rules in question. Situation 1. Man is running around a town when he is fired upon for no apparent reason, he runs inside a house and is followed by the shooter who attempt to kill him. He kills the shooter. (The man is guity of a invalid kill and by the rules should be charged of RDM, if the man does not attempt to fight and survive he does not value his characters life and is guilty of NVFL.) Situation 2. Man is with a group of people and another group of equal size come up, one of his "friends" kills someone in the other group (lets say due to Def rights used correctly) this spurs a firefight and man kills someone in the other group. (Situation 1 synopsis again + outwith that line of thinking does a valid use of def rights on a single person of a group give a valid initiation to either side) The underlying question within this is what side does the staff fall on when a situation occurs that can be seen to be a rulebreak either way, and should someone who is not responsible for the actions of others be punished for that.
  11. It would be nice if a lot of the people in the "community" would grow up and stop acting like children, If people could just stop getting so pissy about anything that happens in game the server would be a better place, + would also be more tolerable if the cringey gangster rap wannabe were gone too
  12. nisbo

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    cause they will get flamed for any criticism on a group, you say a groups rp was bad they just like awwwwww u salty brah ez. though in a much more passive agressive way.
  13. nisbo

    [Game] Catch someone looking at their own profile!

    @Drake @sh4wzy
  14. nisbo

    [Game] Catch someone looking at their own profile!

  15. nisbo

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Dont like constantly being in firefights? Just go out and have a forefight elsewhere
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