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  1. reaching pretty hard there, trying to justify priotitising loot over rp Roleplay = mabye the person i steal from will want to kill me if someone tells them it was me
  2. Must be a lot of roleplay involved breaking down a base wall and stealing whatever u find in it when noones around
  3. The people who dont want this just care about taking gear from a base with noone around.
  4. Its pretty much pavlovs dog. When the same people and copy of groups have done stuff for so long of course people will avoid them.
  5. OOC resentment/hate is a strong as its always been and most likely always will be due to what another user said a few posts ago lots of people make the same characters again and again. Whenever I look at groups its easy to pick out users names and tell weather the groups hostile or not. The issue with stale RP is for the long time players who are just used to seeing the trends wondering what the "gangster" group will be called this time around.
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