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  1. Just come back after a long break and...

    Hello and welcome back! This is not the Welcomes and Farewell thread, neither is it the questions thread. (Where are the mods these days)
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  2. Chow

    Hmm, if i remember correctly there was somewhat 100-120 people who promised me this place would die.
    I guess their prophecy were wrong..

  3. Undue Punishment

  4. Undue Punishment

    Do you honestly think we bother to enter your post's to downvote them? No fucking way.. It seems this is happening more to me than you, so i don't even know why the hell you're bringing the Downvote feature up at all.
  5. Undue Punishment

    Well to start off with this should have been pointed out with a PM to an admin not a Profile update and a big picture which says FAKE BEANZ. Also not a good idea to post a wall of someone elses beanz history. You failed your explenation. And as far as eye can see the issuing of the beanz are justified in their own different ways. If you like a post you have the right to ''beanz'' it, and thats what me a Dax did. Even if it ment doing it every day. ''Disclaimer'' We had no intention of spamming anyone, and the ''feud'' between the two ''groups'' of people only happened because you started pointing it out. How it mattered to anyone i have no idea. So the only real thing we have here is two groups of people receiving beanz from eachother severeal times a day from several people and someone found it smart to point it out. The ''punishments'' (if you even can call it that) were well deserved to the people who got it. Thats atleast my opinion on it. Take it as you wish. I also appreciate the downvotes, means it gets to you.
  6. Chow

    Beans as far as the eye can see.


  7. Stuck at Atlar radio station

    This happened just now? Take a small break, the server re-syncs every hour. You can log back in and walk right out. If that does not help you can wait until a restart. When everything synchronizes and loot re-spawns. If you don't fancy waiting, do like said above. Remove the ethernet cable while sprinting towards the door, or ask a admin/gm to kick you from the server.
  8. whitelist

    jeez, some people are impatient..
  9. Trying to get unblacklisted

    Hey If you have gotten yourselves blacklisted because multiple accounts you're pretty much out i would think. So..
  10. DayZ server down ?

    Yes, gaming deluxe is having some issues. They will be back Soon™
  11. Whats happening to the ts

    Soon™ Dax were faster...
  12. Im looking to join the 101

    This is not the place to ask questions like this. Get ingame and RP ffs... Or post in Looking for groups thread. Nobody should ensure your characters safety OOC..
  13. Yes, meeting have begun.
  14. The point is to know what is Ok and what isnt. Something that always have been looked upon as a bad thing is all of a sudden allowed by a member of Staff? neu. Also when you introduce yourselves into a thread like you did your opinion becomes of no value. No one really cares about what you have to say at this point, so as said before, please leave.
  15. This thread is about getting a line.. Who's allowed what, and who is not. Just like Eagle i had a picture of a long dead dictator that did some terrible shit. I only used it because Asian and Cool graphics. Some people did not like that avatar so i was asked to change it out. Now a couple of months later Eagle have a avatar of yet another person who did some terrible shit, but hes allowed it. Where is the line.. Not that i really care about a picture of Stalin, or Hitler for that fact..
  16. I cant have Mao, you cant have Stalin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ How hard can it really be tho, dont use possibly offensive avatars
  17. Whilelist problem

    Dont post whitelist questions anywhere. Also it is written in the rules!
  18. A rant.

    Alot of important points in this Andrey, and i agree with alot of it. Mistakes are made and more correction and fixes should be done. But the chicken tendie were not the reason for him being banned. It was the fact that he'd racked up enough points so he crossed 30. And i know that you know that. So the ban were not unjustified. And a Dick hinted chicken tendie is not something necessary to post, and it might seem NSFW for some. And if for some, it's for everyone. Although i also think that the ban was somewhat unreasonable when the Staff team knew it would push him over to 30 points.. A warning would do.. But are people seriously calling you and Castiel names? If so that is low.. even for a online community. Allthough it have to mention, some of you went pretty hard out on some of the staff members. For example Speedster, it's not going to help him reading posts from 3-4 people basically talking shit about what he'd done. Even if it where zero to none. And you Andrey, Castiel and Hebi have to look at the fact that you three guys left Staff, to then start giving negative feedback to previous Co-staff members almost instantly, and then call it 'helping' the community. Instead of doing it from within, which would have a bigger chance of success. I could agree on the blacklist removal if it were a reducer instead. Half the time, nobody is going to wait half a year only to cheat on DayZRP. And it would be some income. If someone cheated in another game again, the timer would reset. Or not eligible for reduction..
  19. New Premium model

    If you wanna help out you can donate yes. But i doubt there would be the same amount of donations without any perks being given back. And the subscription is the same thing as buying the €10 package several times. It will build you up to the same ranks aswell.
  20. New Premium model

    But it basically means nothing, only a badge to show you are entitled to different perks on the forum and on Teamspeak. Just waiting for a couple of higher ranks.. €250, €300, €350, €400, €450 and so on. Await new shit
  21. VAC ban 446 days old on Steam Account

    Your account is new, and the vac ban is over a Year old, you have not been blacklisted so i guess you can move straight onto the whitelist.
  22. Whitelist Rejection

    As everyone else have said, you do need all questions correct. And after the questions, there is more to be filled in. Good luck
  23. Screenshot of the month

    If you want it to return, make it return. Make a thread, let people submit their screenshots, and select the winner based on the votes. This does not have to be a formal, staff controlled thing. It was and still is something the staff don't have time for and should not be bothered with.