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  1. The Deal With It Attitude

    One could think of this site as a country, the ammounts of respect, fairness and rights people claim from it!
  2. Teamspeak and Discord

    If i were deciding i would have move to discord ages ago. But hey, Thank god im not
  3. Hallow

    I guess i'm sorta back now. Gonna try my way around IG, hope to see some familiar faces.
  4. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    He states they were all banned, i want to know when that happened I know about the Chicken Tendie
  5. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    What? When did this happen?
  6. Jonathan Banks

    Jonathan Banks, car interested from a young age. Growing up he nurtured his interest and skills with mecanics, tearing apart old lawnmowers and buying mopeds for him to work on. This drove him to get a education in mechanics, he got an apprenticeship, got his license as a official mechanic. This was kept him busy for some time, but he wanted more challenges. He applied for the military, as a tank mechanic in the military camp of Bardufoss, 3 years past and he was a licensed tank engineer. He shortly after applied for a position at Rena Leir, where after 6 short months he was promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant. He got his specialities in order and applied for the unique position as mechanic for the operaitives in FSK.
  7. Farewell

    I dont know you, but i find it hillarious that someone will leave a server they ''enjoyed'' over an outcome on a report. Take care!
    • WesternRP
    • Chow

    Hello Chow

    1. Chow


      Hello Western

    2. WesternRP


      Its been a while

    3. Chow


      Yes, yes it has. I'm not yet sure if I'm returning either.
      I found some memorabilia in the archives wich made me come back for a peek.

    4. WesternRP


      Things have changed since last time you were here lots.

    5. Chow


      I can imagine, I'll take a peek at the forums and see what's going on there. Mabye i take a moment IG aswell. Or mabye just watch a stream.

    6. WesternRP


      Yeah, come in ts some time

    • Dom
    • Chow

    Hello old friend.

    1. Chow


      Hello Dom, what is going around here? Worth staying around for some time?

    2. Dom


      Depends how optimistic you are, it’s very different now, I hover around the forums and jump ig every now and then but I can’t say I enjoy it. I also can’t say I agree with a lot of the recent rule changes and suggestions however I’m sure when beta comes out things will pick up.

    3. Chow


      Hmm, more like if beta comes.

    4. Dom



  8. Problems installing new CPU

    My guess is you went from a Skylake processor or older? If it fits it must be the same socket so i'm gueesing 1151. Probably like El Presidente is saying, the wrong chipset. Check out ur old CPU through XTU, if you have a 6th gen CPU your motherboard wont support the new 7th gen Z270 chipset. Also just now realised this is 9 days old, why aint his resolved yet?
  9. Teamspeak - Other Games

    Do you need a channel like that to play? Is'nt Room 1-20 usable for this? Or any of the other game channels? Not like you get banned for playing a different game in one of thos channels.
    • -Chow-
    • Chow

    Are you my brother? 



    1. Chow


      Most definetly not..

  10. Just come back after a long break and...

    Hello and welcome back! This is not the Welcomes and Farewell thread, neither is it the questions thread. (Where are the mods these days)
    • Chow
    • Stagsview