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  1. Highly depends on your character. But do like most, carry 1 or 2 cans and a bottle of water. You don't need 500 rounds off ammo, and 4 nades and CQB, Mid range and long range rifles. If you're hungry you usually have a friend or two to leach from? Stock up and continue
  2. 5 years...? fuck me

    1. Zanaan


      How things have changed since we started Chow.

    2. Chow


      Indeed it has ^^

  3. Wait, so the constant freezing to death is over? It's spring now?
  4. Who belittle's my name and gets me called into reports?! Let me be inactive in peace . .

  5. Chibi

    10/10 on the avatar. ?

  6. Dont have a all time Top 5, but a Top 1 for me. 1. Cerna Liska 1. Blackwood Milita 1. Reapers
  7. Chow


    Might just be me being stupid, can't figure out how to remove a linked discord account to my DayZRP account. Old account not in use. Can staff remove?
  8. Chow


    I were just wondering why i werent highest rank, as it looked like it were a 100€ rank, which i knew i were before. System changes have been made, which i get. Not gonna spend another 100, and i dont really care about those ranks. Thanks for answers ?
  9. Chow


    Then I'm with you : ) Thanks
  10. Chow


    So diamond is 200€ then?
  11. Chow


    Yeah, but werent i the 100€ rank? I've then been demoted to the 80 or 60 or whatever since it got a shiny new name? When in all honesty i should be like a super diamond plated gold platinum or something. Point is, i were 100€ rank, now im not. Why?
  12. Chow


    Hello, not that this matter at all but were wondering nonetheless. I see im set as Sapphire in the premium perks, the diamond is a 100€ perk, and i'm at 444€ Is this a bug (feature) or will i have to spend yet another 100€ on this site to get the diamond. Not that I ever will. Sincerely Chow
  13. Eliška Diemen honorable man, but a true patriot. He loved hes country and it's country men. Eliška was born in 1961, in a Country battered and struck by World War 2 and the Soviet Union. Hes parents where farmers, and lived of the land in a little house North East of Mogilevka, they where hard working, the country was harsh, and poor. When he grew old enough, he worked at the farm, and when hes parents died he took over the crops. The poor country and the poor people could not afford to buy crops, and everyone grew their own, as a community or by themselves. At the age of 27 desperation struck Eliška, he needed money, the little he had went to buy vodka, and food came from poorly handled crops. He had to boil soup of rotten crops, and when he was lucky enough to find a hare in the snares he boiled soup of the meat for several days.
  14. Chow

    SCUM RP ?

    No, i don't mean the people here are scum. But should we roll over to Scum for a better player base? More forwardmoving game/game developer? What do ya think?
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