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  1. Eliška Diemen honorable man, but a true patriot. He loved hes country and it's country men. Eliška was born in 1961, in a Country battered and struck by World War 2 and the Soviet Union. Hes parents where farmers, and lived of the land in a little house North East of Mogilevka, they where hard working, the country was harsh, and poor. When he grew old enough, he worked at the farm, and when hes parents died he took over the crops. The poor country and the poor people could not afford to buy crops, and everyone grew their own, as a community or by themselves. At the age of 27 desperation struck Eliška, he needed money, the little he had went to buy vodka, and food came from poorly handled crops. He had to boil soup of rotten crops, and when he was lucky enough to find a hare in the snares he boiled soup of the meat for several days.
  2. Chow

    SCUM RP ?

    No, i don't mean the people here are scum. But should we roll over to Scum for a better player base? More forwardmoving game/game developer? What do ya think?
  3. Chow

    Bring back Hall of Shame

    Cause beeing on the hall of shame is sooo great..
  4. Chow


    Cpt. Sausage. How you doin?
  5. Chow

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    LOL, i dont RP
  6. Chow

    Nordic Battlegroup

    Yeah this will succeed, a bunch of swedes GL HF
  7. Chow

    Big streamers trying out DayZ

    In before Bohemia releases new patch, they usually try and hype things before a patch to bring up the playerbase agian...
  8. Chow

    Crashing whenever cars are turned on or driving around me

    Hello Finn. The bad_module_info crash window occurs due to an incopatability with some of your hardware's installed drivers. This crash is common to occur when Win 10 is installed, i don't know if this is something you've recently done? The crash is common in games like PUBG, CS:GO, Fortnite and DayZ. Try and install fresh drivers on your hardware, and then attempt to restart the game. If this does not work and you've verified that the drivers are installed go ahead and re-install the game. If none of the above solves the problem, most people reset their computer, fresh installs BIOS, and all drivers, then re-installs the game. It's a hefty one if you end up with the last mentioned, but it's the last resort before having to spend money on new hardware.
  9. Chow

    Supporter rank - Premium

    Donate 15 more and ure a contributor. You dont loose your rank, it just disappeared for people who did not have it.
  10. Chow


    Previously when you had to write the application premium users got to cut the que. Now you have to wait less when you fail.
  11. Chow

    VIP / Legend?

    Staff members usually gets MVP when they have contributed a long time. Only a handfull of Ex-Admins and Gm's got VIP. And the ones with Legend have been Admin several times and have hugely contributed to this places continued existence. Popular streamers or content creators receive VIP
  12. Chow

    Snow Pictures in your area :D?

    Front bumper, crash bar, head lamp +++
  13. Chow

    Good Bye DayZ RP community.

    You literally dont need a picture of yourself, you need a Valid ID showing its a valid ID. With the BIRTHDATE visible, and a note underneath saying DayZRP. 6 digits, DayZRP written on a note and the ability to see that it is a legit id. No personal information other than the birthdate visible. Which hes allready shared. Feb, 19, 2001 Now if thats to scary to share he is born in 2003 until proven otherwise.
  14. Chow

    Snow Pictures in your area :D?

    €90 later and its fixed, no issues I hit a power pole doing skids
  15. Chow

    Snow Pictures in your area :D?

    Poor car? It's a BMW, its shit anyways