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  1. Same old story, Different lore

  2. Ahh yes, The good old switcheroo. No rebuttal so ill mimic. Well played.
  3. I never said anything about not liking your opinion, I'm stating the way your portraying yourself for a GM is showing that its fueled by OOC salt. Just stop. We get it, your upset you were kicked from CDF. We get it, you can make a group that makes sense to take on the CDF. We get it, your not ok with CDF and VDV working together. But it makes sense im afraid.
  4. Why all so salty? Cant you take it to pms? Not being funny, But for a GM you should know better than to slander in a groups thread. Theirs feedback, Which your first paragraph was. Now its turning into an argument. Just stop. Not everyone has to be correct.
  5. VDV Quarantine zone?

    ZBOR did it, Got shit on. FFL did it, got shit on. VDV do it, Get shit on. Whos next? I beg for it to be the UN again OOC, They know they can't control all of it. IC, They have a story thats being told. Either turn the page onto your own part, or pick up a pen and start to write along.
  6. What the lore doesn't tell you, I survived.
  7. The UN permadeath issue.

    Don't have to explain yourself, When people can take 9 million bullets and still be uninjured, one bullet wont kill you.
  8. Same old faces, Some things never change. 

    1. Kevin

      OK Hand on Microsoft Windows 10

      Nice content

  9. Robbing people! At this current time.

    Don't want to get shot, Don't rob people for their gear. Simple as really. Don't do the crime if you can't accept the repercussions.
  10. We All Need To Chill Out

    Hold on a moment, Id rather you not say the CDF are taking your clothing and anything else to help. We are not savages. But you certainly don't need that mass murdering device called an assault rifle.
  11. Bring back Dynamic Groups

    Because effectively, Hes punishing the people who used the rules right in the first place. And basically giving groups who did this more of an advantage now.
  12. Lore Wipe - New way of thinking!

    99% of the people who say they would shoot someone in real life would be dead in the first week of an actual outbreak. People like to be brave over the internet. I miss the time when hostile RP was hostile RP, not just initiations then brand that as hostile RP. Like comon. The mentality of dont point a gun if you dont want to die is what has dragged this community down, same as the whole oh but we didnt bait because we initiatied. Its little shitty things like that that i hope are fucked right off with this lorewipe. Or it will be null and void. #BringbackFearRP #BringbackproperHostileRP #Itsnotaboutkdr
  13. Dead Server

    Hasn't failed, Its alpha, theirs bugs. I wish people who never even attempted or wanted to play wouldn't complain all the time. But, shock, Its the common normality in the community. A select few constantly criticizing anything. People enjoy it, doesn't need a gang to try and bully things into their own way. Look at the map, everyone complained about that and it got changed. Conveniently these people who complained about the map still didn't play. Anything to try and argue eh. Let the people who want to play, Play. If you don't want the project, tough. It's not your choice. Leave the stupid negativity out of things.
  14. LoreMaster Progress Thread

    Its more the staleness of the RP, not the quality from everyone. Their are lots of various people who provide great RP, but in general its the generic repetitive stuff. Hopefully with this LW we wont have to reside around the triangle, we can have multiple hotspots for RP and lots of new stories to unfold. I agree, alot of people arent playing due to the LW, but, it can only improve as i say from it. Even if its a shitshow, its something to build on.
  15. LoreMaster Progress Thread

    If you had anything to do with it, Were fucked. Let it just ride out, If its shit, Its on rolle. Lets not pitchfork before the fire. Anything is an improvement on the current state of RP and the non-existent lore that isn't followed.