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  1. That was more just an idea of how it could roll out, Obviously we dont want to script things out but you get the idea of what i mean by it developing with the lore, the safe zones moving and adapting. Being dynamic as such. A safe zone one week could be a bandit hotspot the next due to an IC reason. I like the idea of safe zones, just not the way suggested.
  2. It is on topic, Its my opinion on why this is being frowned on by a select portion of the community. Nothing to do with the safe zone being a bad idea for people who want to have their peaceful role-play. More than 50% of the server tends to be some form of hostile role-player. Is this not enough people to role-play with or is it the pacifists that are specifically targeted? I gave a more elaborate point but that was overlooked. Bandits can get their preferred style of role-play with anybody they meet. Camp-fire rpers cannot. Not everyone has hours to spend in-game, and when you don't get the rp you want in the time you spend here over the hours you do manage to get, you loose interest. Do you want the community to be filled with just bandit rpers? Or do you want to get a wide diverse and varied style across all boards. Because at the moment, its just that, people having to segregate themselves due to the constant basis of pointless robberies or captures. Gone are the days when hostile rp could be two groups giving beef without having to resort into a initiation that always leads to a gunfight due to us meant to be role-playing. Not re-spawning. No-one has a fear of death due to the fact you can do exactly as i stated, re-spawn and get your friends to carry your gear to you. And then nothing ever happened. You die 100 times and act as-if nothing happened. It selfish to not allow other people to role-play how they desire. Just because one side is always having fun, doesn't mean the other is. I'm part of this bandit community so I don't see how i could be throwing shade at any part when the part i see as being the problem at the moment, is something i'm classed as being a part of. Maybe you don't like my bluntness, But it is how it is. The safe zone is a good idea for the reasons stated above, it gives people the chance to experience the role-play they come for and to enjoy their time here. It needs to be fleshed out sure, But to say it is going to kill bandit role-play and create a pve enviroment is throwing shade at a part of the community itself. The problem is people cant accept other peoples roleplay desires. Do we want to keep people in the community or push them away?
  3. The problem is, Bandits are upset they cant go around in their group of 15+ and rob people who are on their own and then report them for nvfl or badrp when they try to fight back, using the same excuse as, robberies are legit. When its just to re-gear dead friends who died in a firefight, and you want them to firefight again with you faster. Nothing to do with it killing the community, not when the community is pretty much dead because people are tired of this groups being baity, ruleplaying, pvpers. My way, Id of banned em all months ago.
  4. I was thinking the safe zone would be something along the lines of a CDF evac point, or UN at myshkino setting up medical aid. Something within the lore, not like, a safe zone away from everyone. Hopefully with enough interest to the factions, CDF, UN, Russian, it will be good to have "Safe zones" that each of these factions have. And fit within the lore, I.E the start, everyone works together, searching for survivors, family, supplies as food is running low ect. Then the development of the storys with the factions move the safe zone on. I.E CDF and Russians have a conflict with each other due to obvious reasons. UN get pushed away as the bringer of the disease and they get persecuted so people wont go to their camps, Russians and CDF will have Russians and Chernarussians in their respective camps with other neutral survivors. As they loose hope the groups start to have conflict within, CDF brings out some NAPA nationalists and their is a divide, the camp then looses most of its security and leaves it vulnerable for the russians to attack the CDF due to IC conflicts blah blah blah. A safe zone on an island to me wouldn't work, but if areas are used and the factions and the community accept the lore and try and play a realistic role and develop over the month or so it takes to realize everything is fucked and then we see bandits setting up roadblocks ect ect. Safe zones should adapt and change with the RP, having a set location for it will draw too much attention away from the rest of the map. We need options to get people moving around the map, not sticking to the triangle or skality.
  5. Everyone complaining about not being able to enjoy your hostile RP. Maybe you now know how the peaceful RPers feel not being able to do their RP now then? I very rarely see these peaceful rpers complain. Always the hostile rpers who think are being restricted, when it is their own imagination that is doing that. Step outside your box and do something different for once instead of the usual shit. When your a peaceful rper and you get robbed 7 of the 7 days your online, and not able to do your peaceful rp because your constantly being tortured for the hour or two your able to actually play. You loose your drive to play, thus resulting in less numbers, and eventually the server just being a massive pvp fuckefest, asif it isnt already. Where you get bandit groups who prioritise ruleplay over roleplay, and ts over ic. Because the only people left are these hostile rpers. Who as we all know, tend not to comply if they have a slight chance, thus resulting in their never being any rp and just pvp. Want to kill the server? Keep complaining about people who dont want to deal with constantly being shit talked by some random group because they have numbers, or initiated on for gear, and then given the minimal amount of rp to make it a ruleworthy robbery. Dont like it, Deal with it as they have had to for the past however long. All i see is selfish people who want the community run their way or throw a dummy out. Never take consideration for other peoples enjoyment, only their own.
  6. As you can clearly see. Rolle fucked shit up. Do we expect anything less?
  7. Everyone going on about robbing, Or killing, Or safe zones. Just for once be prepared to RP, The whole point of the lore wipe is to freshen the server up. Not so we can just be super edgy bandit lords 1 day in. Lets not try and ruin it by wanting to just pvp and kill things from day one please thankyou. If you want to do that, just dont play for a few months and go on public. Oh, And i really hope rolle and co are going to be enforcing bad rp for these types of people. Otherwise, the lore wipe is pointless if we just want to be bandits from day one.
  8. The way i see the safe zone working is like, not a safe zone as such but eg. CDF Civilian encampment for the first month or something of the new lore, going out finding civilians, bringing them to camp, setting up safe haven ect. Until we develop the story, and then we realize its a full scale infection, the world is shit, blah blah, then people start loosing faith in the humanity and loose hope, thus resorting in bandits and murderers and the conflicts of warring communities ect. I think it will be a nice fresh start and alot of people will enjoy it more than they think they will. Lets not overthink things, see how it plays out, and im sure if it doesn't work as intended, it will be removed as quickly as it has been enrolled.
  9. High, Or not to high

  10. I tend to //Do i succeed? for alot of my actions, wether that be frisking, gagging, searching, anything. Most people will accept as its in the heart of RP, and the ones who dont, are usually the people who you just avoid like the plauge. They tend to be in it for one or two things only.
  11. If your sick, and infected, your not going to recuperate the blood or shock levels to regain consciousness. Its like a coma as such. Either that or ze bug as strawberry said. Wait it for about 15 usually anything after that is a bug and i would say you be viable to kill yourself and respawn.
  12. Let me just poke my friends so we can all think of what to say together, and then abuse you together. I cant do it by myself. 

  13. Let me just report you for gear rp, Coz you took my gear, That I need

    1. Boston


      Contrary to popular belief, Gear is a legitimate reason for robbery. ;)

    2. Jetwells


      But its my gear

  14. Completely ignore them and run straight past without saying a word. Tis the best.