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  1. Im glad you didn't see the whole interaction as a bad thing and that you enjoyed what little decent RP there was. But at the end of the day if your mic was working I don't think any of this would of happened. Although Zac still shouldn't of shot you. haha, when I said I know what your doing I knew you where recording. when you said whats going on? made it fairly obvious that you want us to justify what we where doing. t thought this might happen
  2. The events listed in this report on occurred after the point at which I started recording. You implying that I have either edited the recording or purposefully started recording late into the encounter has no standing or relevance to this report. From my POV I replied to him asked him what his name was, albeit without my mic function working correctly, received no reply and then said that I was going to go on my way, which I did. The main reason that your character is named is because they with grouped with Zac, I didn't claim that you weren't kind or anything of the sort just that you were present. The video shows the rest of the confrontation. At the point of posting this report I didn't know who shot me without warning. As you have stated, I wasn't given warning that I would be shot, which is RDM. The bad RP is because there was no real reasoning of why I was being robbed and no real RP around the whole situation. There was extended periods of silence which is why I tried to pull some RP out of the situation but it didn't seem to materialise. Yes, my character is "tissy" because he was just shot in the back after running to Zac's aid and is now being robbed. So in conclusion: No initiation. Shot in the back without warning. Robbed with poor RP reasoning. So are you saying I haven't done anything wrong then? and could you give me an example of how you tried to pull some RP out of the situation? Thanks
  3. Please explain in more detail your POV of the events that had happened. My POV is not important here, I have done nothing wrong. You need to see my friends footage, I will get him to post the footage on here asap. But for the record: My friend sees a guy and mutes ts. They talk or something I don't really know. I'm not sure if he got a response from him or not. I run over about a minute or so after they stopped. Jim starts running away for no apparent reason. My friend tells him to stop several times. He keeps running so Zac shoots. (he should have said stop or I'll shoot yes) Jim gets in a tissy. I take a little food and some shotgun rounds. Jim is still in a tissy, even though I had little gear and could have taken his whole rucksack, I was kind to him considering how ungrateful he was being. And it was a misunderstanding as far as I can see. We let him go and tell him not to follow us.
  4. 1) what did I do wrong here? I didn't even touch you? I took a little bit of food and shotgun rounds. 2) what a convenient time to start recording, I know the Zac was recording so please wait for him to post that to get a good view on what actually happend here.