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  1. Dax

    Ban Appeal for flaming

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair because the offence in question does not directly, or indirectly violate any rule whatsoever. A fact clearly confirmed by a team of staff after reviewing the post. We were contacted after the incident and told to not repeat this kind of meme and we both acknowledged it, why it was reassessed when the issue was already effectively dealt with I cannot fathom. The meme wasn't directed at anybody within DayZRP. The only reason it wasn't specified who it was aimed at was due to the plurality of people that it can be applied to. The situations that were clear in our minds at the time include the following. Those that committed the French terror attacks: http://www.vox.com/world/2017/4/21/15384538/champs-elysees-terrorism Bashar al-Assad due to the chemical attacks he has unleashed: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2017/04/assad-chemical-attack-rebels-170420094244949.html As well as the widespread knowledge that Kim Jong Un's policies directly contribute to a literal police state where his people suffer daily. So yes, I do not apologise for my statement. I only apologise for getting political on a gaming forum, it was done here specifically because the people I was speaking to at the time at DayZRP members and can see the content. Caesar's reply was being sarcastic, it is true. But it is a sarcasm borne out of the continuing apathy that is shown by countries worldwide to continuing and devastating global issues. His point was exactly what was given, the attitude displayed by essentially everyone to these circumstances is reminiscent of "no fucks given". Cue the appearance of people who were not involved trying to tell us what to do on our own profiles and Caesar got a little cranky. He made it clear that he was not going to change his opinion because it offends some people. The top it all off, Andrey decides it is appropriate to bring up religion. Both Caesar & I are atheists so when Andrey decided to try to push dogmatic religious silliness in our direction we reacted poorly to it. Caesar than began to compare the silliness of religion to a jesus cat meme. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The only thing I want to ask is, what rule exactly have we broken? Jamie does not mention. Finally to support my claim that it was not aimed at a DayZRP member is the actual wording of the post. There are people in this world, NOT DAYZRP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed and an explanation of why certain individuals have been allowed free reign to directly insult Caesar & I whereas I have been told that my comment, not at all aimed at anyone is point worthy. Example A: http://www.dayzrp.com/profile/214-caesar/?status=18579&type=status In this situation Caesar posted a popcorn gif, which has been used many times over. Declan decides it is appropriate to start shit and call his memes "stale". Why this was necessary I cannot fathom. While Caesar was annoyed he quite literally shrugged off the bullshit provided. Example B: http://www.dayzrp.com/profile/214-caesar/?status=18551&type=status In this case this is a public attempt of Caesar's to show that he intended to move past the "offending" meme. It was a comical attempt as the explosions in the background allude to the constant flame we have received recently. You can tell it is light hearted by the replies. Example C: http://www.dayzrp.com/profile/5933-ender/?status=18560&type=status Another example of where Caesar attempted to descalate the situation after being verbally warned. At the time I hadn't posted anything but it shows a shared opinion that we both agreed with entirely. The actual points were unwarranted when the PM had already served its purpose. Frankly the points quite literally have achieved nothing, if anything if the flame against us continue without moderation than we have no reason to control ourselves going forward. We intend to, but it is up to the moderators and in this case the admins to apply the rules against those DIRECTLY flaming us. What could you have done better?: I understand that telling people to fall into a coma is a bad thing, however, I stand by the fact that there are plenty of people in this world that it applies to.
  2. Dax

    There are no rules?

    likewise Oliv its broke the offer of single muslims in my area is however rather appealing.........
  3. Dax

    Whats happening to the ts

  4. Dax

    Whats happening to the ts

    After some investigation we now know that its a GamingDeluxe problem, It is affecting all GD services not just DayZRP's.
  5. Dax

    The DayZRP Quote Wall

    The man, The Legend and all round good sport
  6. Dax

    The DayZRP Quote Wall

    Feel free to post your choice quotes from our lovely community memebers, here is one to start you off. Please do not post private conversations, or anything incriminating or it will be removed, @Dax, @FrostyCat, and @Jack Bandit are in the newcomers channel just chatting when.... @FrostyCat - "Are you Black, Jack ? Cause you dont sound it"
  7. Dax

    Ban appeal Mike Pixma

    Hi Mike The Admin team has reviewed your case and we have decided to remove the blacklist that was imposed on your steam account. We are only left wondering why you linked a nearly 10 year old steam account that you claim to have forgotten about in your appeal. You will now be able to proceed through the whitelist process as normal. Your last application was denied also on the basis that the US military had sent no soldiers to Chernarus to combat the infection, Please reread the lore in order to better understand this and if you are unsure then please do come to TS where we will be able to assist you. Good Luck Dax and the Admin team. Verdict by @Dax & @Caesar
  8. Dax

    Whitelist appeal

    Hi LamaCz We have reviewed your previous whitelist attempts and can see that you failed all 5 by varying degrees. Whislt we understand that you are not a native english speaker and that this can make it hard to read/understand the rules. We are a global community and as such have members from many different countries and continents, a good proportion of whom do not speak english as a first language however, they have all managed. In regards to the Teamspeak ban we have been unable to find a record of the ban on our system as you do not appear to have a TS UUID connected to your forum account. Admins do not just ban people for trolling for absoloutely no reason at all. With the above stated we will not be giving you another attempt at the whitelist as 5 tries is entirely sufficient especially with the help offered via FAQ, Guides, and TS helpdesk. Whilst we do give a 6th to some the ban for trolling on TS has swayed us otherwise. Good Luck going forward Dax and the Admin Team signed by @Dax & @Caesar
  9. Dax

    Guy eating popcorn unnecessary post in a discussion thread ~ BAN APPEAL

    Verdict: @Andrey [Unnecessary Post]: Appeal denied. Explanation: After reviewing the verdict and the points we have come to a conclusion. Your post was in fact in violation of the below rule: 1.4 All forum posts must keep a high standard and add a constructive and meaningful opinion that contributes to the thread at hand. Examples of non-constructive and non-contributing replies are simple and meaningless expressions like "lol", jokes, memes, banter or replies containing only pictures, gifs or other unrelated media. Off topic forum is exempt from this rule. As you can read above, the rule expressly prohibits any content that does not add anything constructive to the thread. Posting a GIF response is by definition a non constructive post and the reviewing team does not accept the explanation provided. We make no judgements at this time about your intent, however, you actions directly contravene the rules, the rule itself even expressly gives gif replies as an example. While the thread may have been heated the way you handled yourself was not appropriate, in fact it could very well have had the opposite effect to what you stated was your intention. Please in the future report any rule breaks and if you must ask for calm in a constructive and polite method. Finally, after fully reviewing your appeal we thank you for bringing other relevant posts to our intention. It has since been dealt with in the appropriate way as can be seen. I will not comment on the actual punishment given as that is up to the recipient to divulge. However, we will state this. An issue presents itself in this appeal. We might remind you that appeals are to be taken seriously. Pursuant to this the question "what could you have done better?" is to be taken seriously. Responding to that suggesting you should have joined in with the flame shows a concerning attitude. We hope for everyone's sake that is not in fact serious. Outcome: @Andrey [Unnecessary Post]: Points remain. Verdict by @Dax & @Caesar
  10. Dax

    1st of April

    It is genuine, Pat on the back is not allowed it still has to be constructive though. It was changed as genuine positive feedback was being seen as pats on the back and hence the adjustment.
  11. Dax

    Beanz canceling warning points.

    well damn u got me red handed below is a pic of the leeks
  12. Dax


    Hi @Eagle The Admin team have reviewed your appeal and we have decided to uphold the original points. This is not the kind of response i would expect from a staff member much less a GM. Outcome: Appeal Denied
  13. Dax

    S1-Bad RP NVFL Baiting RDM-Bash 0319/2017-20:00 PM

    @TheFreeze i asked you to upload the full video not a small clip, your original video that you claimed was black screen was approximately 6 mins 30 secs long, where is the other 5 minutes ?
  14. Dax

    S1-Bad RP NVFL Baiting RDM-Bash 0319/2017-20:00 PM

    @TheFreeze as you decided to inform my staff colleagues earlier that you consider your PoV tainted by your friends and wish to make a verbal statement in TS i should let you know that it isnt the process we have in place to deal with this. As for your video evidence please upload the full unedited footage if your worried about personal information you can send the link to the private video to the admin team only and not have it publicly displayed. There are no exceptions to why you cannot upload the evidence we require.
  15. Dax

    Kooz (Alaska) - Permanent Ban Appeal

    Hi Alaska After reviewing the old case we have decided to remove your blacklist but we will be giving 15 points. Outcome: Appeal accepted + 15 warning pts