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  1. I don't do it so much now, but i used to ALWAYS wear a gas mask. When someone asked me why I would just ask them "Have you ever hit a zombie with an ax?" It would protect from splatter far better than a bandanna or balaclava which would just get soaked. The other reason I have is an IC event, in which i got shot in the head. Got shot and after a few minutes I woke up, low blood, but i wasn't bleeding, and the only thing ruined was my gasmask. So i roleplayed out that the filter caught the bullet and saved my life.
  2. The issue with that comes to the fact that there is simple no way to guard a spot around the clock, and the trolls will just sneak in as soon as the so called guards log and wreck EVERYTHING. Like they do EVERY SINGLE TIME. Too many people don't give a shit about rp and only want to destroy everyone else's fun.
  3. I would love to see this happen, but it would take a good deal of work to sort out a working ruleset to protect them. The problem with trying to set something like this up without the rules backing you is that the pvp players don't enjoy rp that isn't THEIR rp. So even if you have 15 guards they will attack it, if they get beaten they will wait for everyone to log off and they will attack it just to destroy everything and ruin everyone's rp. Without rule backing a place like this CANNOT survive more than a week.
  4. *Ami clicks her radio after listening to the message.* "Godspeed fam... If you ever find yourself down in Miroslavl... drop by the farm, last I was there was some good folks setting up. I'll miss you hun, take care of yourself. Don't want to lose another member of my first family." *She sighs and releases the button, staring at her backpack.*
  5. Here for my OGF Zeke, and Chief...ummm KINDA? sorta? One of my ogf? But a dammed good roleplayer either way.
  6. If THIS is run of the mill then perhaps you shouldnt be a bandit. Not only is doing nothing but telling your hostage to shut up bad rp, but doing nothing but calling them names the whole time is easily trollish rp. Unless ere ands good ic grounds for them to be treating you this way. (And no BEING a bandit is NOT good IC reason.) Sorry you didn't get vid of it hun. Given your history of posts like this, i won't comment. You should read things more carefully tho, cuz I didn't say I do that. Lmao It doesn't really matter if you do it, you clearly approve of it, and that is part of the problem. If you'd like, i could take shots at your "history of posts too." Keep it on topic.
  7. If THIS is run of the mill then perhaps you shouldnt be a bandit. Not only is doing nothing but telling your hostage to shut up bad rp, but doing nothing but calling them names the whole time is easily trollish rp. Unless ere ands good ic grounds for them to be treating you this way. (And no BEING a bandit is NOT good IC reason.) Sorry you didn't get vid of it hun.
  8. I think part of it might be the character itself. I understand this is not a majority of the case but for example. My main char Ami, has been taken hostage more times than I can count. Combined with the shit that has happened to her since she has been alive in game like 2 years now, she really isn't afraid of people pointing guns and shit at her for the most part. While playing my alts on the other hand, they don't have that experience that turned her to stone, so they (and myself tbh) get far more panicked and scared when the rifles start pointing.
  9. So making a character based on the group you join is metagaming... I think maybe I made that unclear. I personally find it to be metagamed yes, when someone makes a char for the sole purpose of rolling with a specific group. I mean that is quite literally the definition right there. "Using ooc knowledge for IC gain." You knew this group was villains so you rolled a villain so he would be accepted. However I don't personally see a problem with that as long as the character has been thought out more than "My char is part of group X" The part that bothers me is when either there has been no thought put into the character beyond the above example, or when an existing character makes an unbelievable 180 in personality just to do so when it clearly opposes everything established about said character.
  10. One of the main issues I've run into with hero/villain characters most recently, is many of them seem to be based of metagaming honestly. Many people I've seen will roll up a hero or a villain just to be able to join a specific group, to or play with a specific player they are ooc friends with. It's one of the things that really kills immersion for me and makes me rank a character as poorly thought out. I can understand wanting to play with a friend granted, but when you are not really building a character for that specific purpose, and not fleshing them out to make it believable, or WORSE when your character just makes a sudden 180 on their established personality, just because they are bored with current roleplay, with either NO or MINIMAL reason for it (especially something set up OOC'LY) then it just completely flies in the face of playing your role.
  11. Hey Ami! gosh its been a while since i've seen you around IG, we should fix that!! if i might offer a (hopefully) helpful suggestion! since there are already a great deal of already established camps around chernasaurous across both servers.. perhaps you could attempt to strike up an arrangement with another group with a place of their own with mutual benefits? they could offer assisted security for your goods.. and they could get first picks on all of your latest supplies? and since youre a trader and would be getting high amounts of traffic, perhaps there is a pre-existing group that enjoys high traffic in their camp and would be willing to work with you? just a thought to mull over! im really sorry to hear about your camp troubles, it's just incredibly sad that there are those who would do such a thing for the sake of spite. anyways.. i hope this helps! c: Sadly i haven't really met any groups lately. The times that I am on are so late most everyone is usually asleep. Otherwise i think it would be great to have a steady trade route with an actual group. If nothing else it would be a steady source of RP.
  12. I fully understand, this is easily one of the least immature communities I've been apart of for any game. I'm not saying it will outright make me quit so easily, but it certainly continues adding straws to the camel's back. As for the commenting on that specific group, i honestly didn't know they existed until they posted here and I asked one of my friends who they were.
  13. While I tend to agree thing is its supposed to be RP so as realistic as possible right? If you just dumped his shit on the ground it would be there when he got back. Raccoons aren't gonna carry off a bunch of gear over night. Well considering that there are no racoons in Chernarus, it would be foxes 100% Agree if I find a random camp in the woods full of shit that I can't carry then I would burn it or ruin it to the extent that no one can use it again. So basically the 3 of you just admitted you are trolls who WOULD in fact GRIEF any camp you found. DESPITE it being against server rules? That is good to know... Also if you wanna get "REALISTIC" on this? I would shoot you the second I could see you, which is against the server rules, and also if you DID just drop all the shit you found it wouldn't vanish randomly during the day. So don't even TRY to argue the realistic thing to do here.
  14. Isn't it against server rules to booby trap tents and such?
  15. Well see that would even be preferred. At least if they had like captured you and then took your shit and destroyed it, there would be rp involved in it.
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