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  1. "Campfire" forum area for IC stories/topics/questions

    Meeting people in game is a lot better. Just a dumb idea I had. Thanks for the replies though
  2. Favourite Town

    That's the first town I thought of! I always end up there.
  3. I'm really new so disregard if this has been brought up before or it's a poophead idea. A forum subcategory on this website for IC interaction, like radio chatter, but a little different. Called "Campfire" or something along that line, It would consist of posts as if all the people interacting in said post were congregating around a campfire after a long day, and to break the silence someone brings up a topic, like "What brought you lot to X town"(All people with characters currently or recently in X town could answer what chain of events brought them there), urban legends/spooky stories based on lore and in game events, the always popular "whats the most fucked up thing you've seen?", "What do you miss most about society?", "Has anyone traveled to X?", "Whats you're favourite stabby implement?" Although I guess you wouldn't wanna be sharing a campfire with that last guy. I had lots of good examples but now I'm nervous that I'm actually posting about it so I forgot. I'm sure most people don't want the forums cluttered with too many sub categories, and I agree, but I thought I'd throw my idea out there anyway instead of continuing to be a creepy lurker.
  4. So what brought you here?

    To have a more interesting experience than just being shot on sight. In Dayz I have the most fun meeting people, chatting and exploring, these things always get me killed on regular servers.