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  1. thanks for the suggestion Do you have any suggestions on what DayzRP should involve?
  2. ahh use did? a shame i was not whitelisted to play it, but i guess people have different preferences.
  3. Should a dayzRP first person only server be created. This would impact a lot on vision, as you would have to approach round corner, peak your head over walls, or around bushed, just to see your target, or a group you are tracking, to maybe join, or see what they are up too. What do you think about this? If you have any others ideas to share, place leave comments!
  4. hello! My name is jackson (jack for short) but you can call me which ever one you like! I am new to the DayzRP website and i just wanted to say, that i will be looking forward to playing with you all (thats if my whitelist gets accepted at all). If you have any useful tips, or groups i could possibly team up with when i start the life of my character: Shi Chen. Please feel free to comment! Thank you for reading!