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  1. Yes i do , thanks guys
  2. hey guys , I was wondering if anyone knows a good videoediting program where im able to add the mic sound or cut it , for free or a good price i know sony vegas but dont really have the 400 euros for that! Thanks
  3. Well he was all in blue , blue mountain backpack blue jacket blue damaged pants and blue UN helmet , im not sure about his accent but he sounded dutch
  4. hey guys so i was wondering if you have same problem , just after the update i joined and after couple of minutes the fps drops to like 5 fps and it stays like that, i tried to log out and in again and restarted my pc but still same problem its goes fine for 2 min and then 5 fps again
  5. cant you find it in the logs around the time i got killed ? Also im not pissed about the gear i lost but a playerlike this just ruins the great passion of DayzRP
  6. Server and location: S3 just outside of zelenegorsk 24-02-2015, 19:35 <- around this time Daytime or Night-time: Day time Your in game name: john alex Names of allies involved: Name/Description of suspect/s: blue jacket blue pants Suspects weapon/s: mp5 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: i was just runing throu zelenegorsk towards povlovo and i met the guy he said stop runing so i stopped to say hi and asked if he needed anything and then he says drop everything or you get shot you got 2 seconds i couldnt even hear him very clearly ,and 2 seconds later he emptied the magazine on me he was glitching with his gun when it looks like he taking it out over and over are you kidding me?? drop everything you got 2 seconds? how could you even think of that way to rob someone???? this really got me pissed , people like this should really not be on Dayzrp servers.
  7. HOWSS

    priority que

    it already changed tho, i have edited the thread so no worries.
  8. HOWSS

    priority que

    yeah i did , thanks for the reply man!
  9. hey guys , so i was 29 in que for the whitelist and i just donated but still the same 29, does it take some time to change or ? EDIT : it just changed , you can delete this thread.
  10. Hey guys , my name is HOWSS , i applied couple of hours ago to get whitelisted and really cant wait to play on the server! , i hope its going to be today.. anyways i hope you guys are having fun , i will see you in chernarus, greets
  11. magnum is the best in my opnion!