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  1. Jon Thomas is an American hunter from a town called brockport New York. When jon was on a hunting expedition with 3 other friends in the western part of chernarus, the outbreak hit. The four friends and hunters had made the plans to go on a wolf hunting trip in the end of june until the beginning of August 2017. They had set up camp in the woods just south-west of a town called Lopatino. Jon and his buddies named Matt, Justin, and Kyle had just returned to camp from hunting in the west when they could hear automatic gun shots in the distance and shortly after they noticed smoke billowing into the sky coming from the North-Eastern direction which was directly where Lopatino was located. The four of them quickly decided to see if it was an emergency and if so then help out as much as they could. When they finally got sight on the town Jon Pulled out his binoculars to see if he could see what the fire was. Jon quickly noticed a few military vehicles with one of them on fire hence the smoke they noticed earlier. They immediately knew that this was no normal emergency if the military was involved and losing at that. Jon took his AR-15 which was his wolf hunting rifle into his hands and started running toward the houses, smoke, and automatic gun fire. His friends shouted at him to stop and get out of there but Jon deep down knew that he would never forgive himself if he did not help when he could have. He yelled "Just go back to camp i will meet you there!!!". When Jon finally stumbled upon the Military he could see civilians covered in blood and running towards the gunfire. He stopped and paused for a second before one of the bloodied people spotted him and started chasing him. He pulled up his rifle and aimed down the sights. He screamed "STOP OR I WILL SHOOT...........PLEASE STOP!!!". The woman covered in blood would not stop. She was quickly approaching and Jon's hands were trembling holding the rifle. The woman got about ten yards away before letting out two consecutive shots to the womans chest. She fell to the ground still squirming and quickly rose to her feet and then Jon let out one last shot to her head. No more squirming, no more moving, Jon was in disbelief over what had just happened, but he did not have much time to think about it because an entire horde of the crazy and disguisting looking people had heard the gun shots and were now charging straight at him. Jon took off running back toward the camp because he knew he could not take on this many by himself. He is a 28 year old man and was still in great shape, He ran into the woods before camp and hid in a bush. He looked back and peeked out toward where he was running from and waited for the horde to come over the hill. He waited 20 minutes and nothing came. He left the bush and walked back into camp. Everything of importance like food and ammunition was gone but the tents and sleeping bags remain still. Then Jon noticed a pile of blood in front of Matt's tent. It was fresh. Jon's mission was now to find out what happened and where is friends were....
  2. ok i just got on and was told by deluxe about this situation. i just want to say that i never stole anything from anybody. the only things i got from bigwigz was a glock with silencer and flashlight and loaded magazine and a stack of 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition. how could i have stolen anything from your bag when it was in your hands? it must have been some kind of bug or something if i wanted to steal from you i would have held your character up and takin it. i did not take it but i paid for it any way twice by getting killed by you and your group. my pov was me and deluxe ran into a russian man in kabanino (name unknown) and while talking to him bigwigz walked up with his backpack in his hands offering to trade. i asked him what he had and asked for 9mm ammunition. i already had some loaded magazines in my inventory i just wanted some extra 9mm. i traded him a p1 with a magazine for a glock with a flashlight,suppressor, and mag. i also traded i think food or something for a stack of 10 9mm rounds. i saw him type " //1 sec someone is taking stuff from my bag" but i did not reply because i assumed it was some kind of glitch or something i did not think it was a big deal. if he would have asked me if i had takin it i would have gladly shown him what i had. correct me if im wrong but i did not think a player could even steal something from a backpack in another players hands.
  3. jonnyNolte

    PSA: Loot cycling

    have they fixed heli crashes on persistent server? Just curious
  4. jonnyNolte

    My experience so far.

    i hope i get in! i want to have experiences like this. sounds like a blast
  5. jonnyNolte

    Favorite weapon?

    i love the m4 but i can never find them anymore. it seems like every time i find a crash site a hacker is waiting there for me. a big part in why i want to join DayZRP
  6. i think it is pretty amazing how much the admins do considering the amount of whitelist apps they get
  7. jonnyNolte

    Quinn Bauer's Story (SEASON 1)

    Thanks so much guys!! I really appreciate that !! I miss Dayz super fun adventures hahaha love those videos are you working on more videos? i would love to see some more of Quinn Bauer! it gives me my fix until my application gets processed lol
  8. Just wanted to say hello to everybody. Im very excited about the possibility of playing on DayZRP servers! Hope i get whitelisted lol
  9. jonnyNolte

    Quinn Bauer's Story (SEASON 1)

    great videos man! i really enjoyed them!
  10. yes this helps alot thanks man! i watched some of your videos btw and they are great man lol
  11. when i try to donate to DayZRP it says that i cant use my debit card to do so. is it because i live in the U.S. and its not euros. or do i have to create a paypal account?