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  1. Toysoldier

    Favorite weapon?

    Before yesterday I would have said the SKS/M4/magnum. But after I found an MP5 and 4 mags on the prison island that is my new favourite. Its sexy, hidden and lethal. Ammo is not that hard to find either. Had one of my greatest shootouts in the game with it on a public server.
  2. Toysoldier

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    In DayZ I am have often been mistaken for being Vectorbunny..
  3. Hoping I will get whitelisted, spent around 2 hours I think on the story and I have been waiting for 1 week now. Alot of getting moved up and down in the queue. But I know that it is worth the wait if I am accepted.
  4. Toysoldier

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I am 202 meters tall, and very good in basketball. but I refuse to play because I dont like sleevless shirts.. EDIT: 202 cm
  5. Definetley the Magnum. Its not hard to find, ammo is common, no need for a magasine that is harder to find then the gun that uses it. Its easy to use and stops even the most geared badguy out there. Go ahead, make my day! Punk!
  6. Toysoldier


    Imagine all the RP value this prison is gonna give. Looks like a mix of Alcatraz and Shawshank. I can just imagine Bandits and Peacekeepers fighting for control of that island.