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    2016 Media of the Year nominations

    Nominee: Riggsee Reason: Definitely the best RP streamer out there in my opinion. He streams regularly and always fun to watch. Plus the only thing I ever really see him stream is DayZRP. Evidence: Twitch
  2. KalebD

    2016 Community Awards Discussion - Updated with Results!

    Good luck everyone
  3. KalebD

    To the living

    Tex bursts out into laughter listening to the transmission, then presses down the PTT trying to contain his laughter Yeah hello! This is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, hear you 5 by 5. We have patched your request over to HQ. ETA on response about 1 hour. How copy? I repeat how copy? Tex releases the PTT and starts to roll on the floor laughing, screaming what a fucking retard!
  4. KalebD

    What the fuck... (Open Frequency)

    Tex laughs before pushing down the PTT Really?.. You're going to... Ugh. Saying this over the radio. Big balls on you buddy. I'm so sorry.. I'll stop shit talking on the radio I swear.. Before releasing the PTT he mutters stupid fucking kid. He releases the PTT
  5. KalebD

    S1:KoS at NWAF - 11-12-2016 approx:17:00

    Daryl Williams POV: We were running around the airfield patrolling when my friend Jesse Carter calls me up on the radio saying two guys are coming to the airfield. Being a horsemen I planned to initiate on them. I have JC roll with them so we can get info on where they are Etc. We were at the well in south barracks when they come around the corner and go to grab a drink. I RP with them while they drink asking them why they were on the airfield and such. Once they finish drinking we drop the initiation, and from my POV I see the guy carrying the Mosin fire a shot towards Jade Romero, so we all light them up. From what I saw they were not complying. If you need any other questions answered let me know!
  6. KalebD

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  7. KalebD

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I enjoyed getting to play my Pikey character with my boy @Jackieboy and not one person was able to understand a damn word we were saying, but me and him understood each other perfectly. It was to the point where the people who were rolling with us in TS were screaming "What are you saying?!" It was a fun time.
  8. KalebD

    Experience that Made you Stay

    Not really RP that made me stay, but a super fun night. That was when me and a few of the horsemen went to camp 101 took a couple hostages and basically had the entire server hunting us down. Spent most of the night running around the northern part of the map trying to get away with my battle buddy @Undead
  9. KalebD

    Jelly and De Jam (open Frequencie)

    Tex sits on the airfield scanning it while listening to the radio, he listens to Kirov. He smiles and then starts transmitting. Listen bud. I've ran into Jelly multiple times, told her who I was and she didn't do a damn thing. She's always by herself. You want to know what I think? I think all these friends she has are in her fucking head. He laughs. He lights up a cigarette and readjusts his hat They are not that scary of people. Hell all I can say about Jam is he likes pain, especially when we beat the fuck out of him. Jelly, I just hope you're putting the radio up the correct ear sweetheart. He busts out into laughter, cutting in an out. I'm sorry couldn't resist. Anyway I have more important shit to do. He stops transmitting and puts his cigarette out on the tile floor, before closing his eyes briefly before getting a radio call about an intruder.
  10. KalebD

    Arma 3 Co-op operations?

    I would love to see this happen. It would be so much fun.
  11. KalebD

    How can i sound more confident ig?

    Honestly I would say to not be afraid of what you're going to say. If you cant think of something to say right away then give it a second. Maybe getting into your character more would help as well. Like for example when I rp I play a southern dude from Georgia and while I am from the south(Florida) I have, to an extent get into character by thinking of some southern stuff I've heard or seen in movies. Like typical southern things to say Etc.
  12. KalebD

    Where is Everyone From?

  13. KalebD

    Public Relations team update

    Looks good guys. Hope everything goes smoothly.
  14. KalebD

    Jelly and De Jam (open Frequencie)

    Tex sits in the bar enjoying a nice beer listening to the radio static when he hears the names Jelly and Jam. He grabs his bottle and throws it against the wall shouting Fuck I have to clean that up now. He throws a rag on the table and begins transmitting. Hmm... Jelly and fucking Jam! The fucking dynamic duo. I can't seem to get rid of her. Haven't seen much of Jam ever since, well they know. Thanks for heeding our advice Jelly in terms of fucking off and leaving us alone. Just makes me wonder how many times you've been around me just waiting for your moment. He laughs. I'm sure you would love to get your hands on us. Wouldn't you sweetheart? Tex stops transmitting and begins cleaning the wall.
  15. KalebD

    DayZ RP Streamers (Revised)

  16. KalebD

    To Tex, Jesse, and Braxton [Private Freq]

    Tex is busy cleaning his gun from the day before, and hears Cash's voice. A little angered and concerned he begins transmitting Cash? What the fuck happened?! Where the fuck have you been?! The only other person I've fucking seen has been Jesse. Fuck man! We need to talk. A lot of shit has happened. Don't disappear again you motherfucker. See you soon man. Tex stops transmitting and slams his fist against a shed and begins cleaning his gun again
  17. KalebD

    "Cash" [Private Frequency]

    Tex is having a cigarette when he hears Rogue's voice. He lets out a long exhale and begins transmitting Hey sweetheart. The bar is in Grishino. Contact me on my frequency when you get close. Is everything okay sweetheart? Speak soon yeah. Tex stops transmitting shakes his head and continues smoking his cigarette
  18. KalebD

    A message to CJ [Open Freq]

    Tex gets fed up hearing everyone big dick over the radio and starts to transmit Well if it's true that CJ is dead. Good fucking riddance. Now to the people that want me dead. Good fucking luck. I'll see ya boys real soon now ya' hear? Turns off his radio and lays his head against the wall
  19. KalebD

    A message to CJ [Open Freq]

    Tex starts to think and then presses down the PTT Ahh. I think I got ya man. Don't worry everything will be fine. Tex releases the PTT
  20. KalebD

    A message to CJ [Open Freq]

    Tex laughs and thinks to himself "Man this fuck is annoying" before transmitting Huh let me think... Armbands. Oh that's right the disco rave ones. Hmm, weird I haven't made a single fucking armband. Guess you gotta find me and beat the shit out of me. I'm so scared. Do me a favor stop using the word shank, you sound seriously autistic. He chuckles. Good luck finding them, guess you should have big dicked up near devils castle the other night, you might have actually gotten their location from me.... Second thought nah you wouldn't have. Good luck finding them though! Tex stops transmitting Tex stops and thinks for a second before transmitting Ehh seems like it doesn't really matter anyways huh? Plus I'm not responsible for what happens when I get fucking drunk man. You can relate to that right? Plus I'm not even around y'all anymore, so what fucking issues am I causing man? Tex stops transmitting
  21. KalebD

    A message to CJ [Open Freq]

    Tex wakes up in his special bar, quite bored and waiting for someone to return to him. He decides to have a little fun. He begins transmitting. Hey CJ coughs little bitch! Oh shit my bad man. Something in my throat. He clears his throat Anyway, you still mad at little old me? What'd I ever do to you man?! I'm a nice little saint honest to God. He moves away from the radio searching in his pockets for a cigarette, he finds one and lights it up. Hey man listen, you want to hear a funny ass joke? I'm going to assume you said yes. Here goes. You finding me He busts out into laughter No wait! wait! He tries to recompose himself No. What's funnier is you thinking you can do shit to hurt me. You ain't gonna kill me that wouldn't be fun for you. All you can try and do is beat the fuck out of me and make me your little bitch, Am I right? Of course I fucking am! He flicks the ash from his cigarette, looking at the embers burning. He becomes a bit more stern Let's fucking recap shall we. You ain't going to do shit! Even if you catch me, which I highly doubt you will judging by how much of a fucking numb nuts you are. Even if you catch me. I'm not going to break. I ain't going to be calling you daddy or whatever it is you're into. Think my point has been made, you ain't shit but someone who thinks they're a big man. He puts out his cigarette and starts to become filled with rage Now listen if I hear anything about you hurting Alex or Emily or any of the fireflies, I swear to God, I will find you and I will chop your fucking hands off and make you watch me feed it to the infected fucks! Then I'm going to take my nice baseball bat, which by the way. Has your name on it. Not important. I will take my baseball bat and use it to knock your fucking head clean off your fucking shoulders! Do you understand?! He grabs a bottle and throws it as hard as he can against the wall DON'T FUCKING TRY ME YOU BRAIN DEAD MOTHERFUCKER!
  22. KalebD

    Thank's for the stuff boys! [Open Freq]

    Tex wakes up in his bar hearing Jesse's name he's intrigued to respond. Man fuck that guy. Hey whoever the fuck wants to kill him. You need some help? I want that bastard dead as a door nail. Tex releases the PTT
  23. KalebD

    We send our regards FireFlies. [Open Freq]

    Tex is sitting in the bar looking at Emily and Alex, Feeling as though he may have fucked up he decides to talk to CJ Hey CJ. Hope you're not to hurt. I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about my dude. However seeing as how you like to make threats on me and people I care about constantly, even though I have never really seen them up held big man. Or seen you face to face for that matter. He releases the PTT and pulls out a cigarette and lights taking a long inhale, looking back again at Emily and Alex before transmitting again Good luck motherfucker. I can't wait to bash your fucking skull in. Tex pulls out his bat and knife and etches CJ onto it. He downs his drank and then goes out side and starts batting practice
  24. KalebD

    Whats the point anymore? [Open Freq]

    Tex tries to wipe the blood off of his shirt and pants, thinking back to last night. He hears the voices and decides to chime in Well get fucking used to it. The old world ain't never coming back. You either survive this or dig your own fucking grave. Sounds like you've already made your choice so stop fucking bellyaching. Sorry for being rude. Tex releases his PTT
  25. KalebD

    The Horsemen Media Thread

    That was fucking hilarious, had a great time with y'all last night.
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